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Parts: Integration testing your asp .net core app with an in memory database (this) Integration testing your asp .net core app dealing with anti request forgery csrf formdata and cookies Revisions: 14th august 2016 – updated for .net core 1.0 29th april 2016 – first version covering RC1 Recently I am working with .Net (C#). And we’re working in .Net Core, which is awesome. (new stuff, wooh yeah!). I wanted to set up integration testing and it was tough to find resources to make it all happen. Which is pretty obvious considering how new some… Read Article →

At the end of 2011 I started organizing a coderetreat. It started on twitter around October. I’ve also posted about it in my last mini blog. The original event can be found here. If anyone was interested, they could sign up (max 25 people) for free. All you needed to do was bring your best humor and if possible a laptop with your preferred dev environment set up. (Its not hard to organize one, check here if you’re interested) If you want to know more about what a coderetreat is, click here. Even better: join… Read Article →

Recently I had the oppertunity to explain some students about what unit testing was. I started off with the question of “What does unit testing mean?”. They gave different types of answers. One of them talked about the smallest piece of code. And even though he is ‘right’. I asked him to apply this knowledge to his current code where he said “But I don’t want to test my get/set methods, that is useless!”. And so, our definition of ‘unit testing’ became unclear again. So what is a unit test? According to this article on… Read Article →

Someone mentioned a mocking framework called Mockito some time ago to me. I am familiar with mocking frameworks, as I work with EasyMock quite a lot. I really like EasyMock, but I am curious about Mockito. I thought of trying it out a bit and write down my experiences along with a comparison with EasyMock. This is by all means not a very in-depth comparison, but I did find out some interesting things. In order to test out the mocking frameworks I have set up some code in place to test. The code to be… Read Article →

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