9 foot catfish caught at pickwick dam

He said the biggest fish he has ever seen from Pickwick was around 15 pounds, but that 90 percent of the channels caught by recreational anglers would be in the 1½- to 3-pound range, which are just right for eating. He uses the same spinning and light baitcast tackle he uses for small blues but forgoes cut bait for commercially made dip baits to catch channels. There are not that many, I think there are two or three down through there that are programmed on the Navionics chip, but anywhere you’ve got a deeper hole or a pocket, you definitely want to hit those places.”. Even the Tenn-Tom Waterway on the east side of the state night seem more of catfish destination than any reservoir. Fisherman Reels In Record-Breaking 9-Foot Catfish, Jimmy And Rosalynn Carter Break Their Own Record As Longest-Married Presidential Couple, Tim McGraw Shows Off Prized Fish, But His Fans Only See His Abs, One ‘Brady Bunch’ Episode Featured This Sultry Star Who Was Banned From Italian TV. Benjamin said when he first felt his hook caught on something he figured it was a tree root. For an example, look no further than the 9-foot catfish caught by Benjamin Gründer. Commercial fishermen, Buck Woods at the motor; the man is holding a 40 lb. People travel to River Po all the time to fish for the legendary catfish in the river and people often catch these massive creatures but never have they caught one as long as this one. B. Backus lands a 24 lb. Phillip Gentry is a freelance outdoor writer and photographer who says that if it swims, walks, hops, flies or crawls he’s usually not too far behind. “Once they shut that water off, you can go up there with hand-sized bluegill, which is legal in Alabama, or a big gizzard shad,” he said. “Channels are going to be shallower and they like rock,” he said. It stretched a whopping 8.8 feet long and had massive fins that were bigger than Benjamin’s hand. At the time Gründer caught it, there were no scales available and Gründer intended on throwing the catfish back into the river, which he did do. The catfish Gründer reeled in came to about 8.8 feet in length. The last, but not least, of the big three catfish species available at Pickwick is the flathead. Let’s face it, when considering the far and wide range of popular ponds, lakes, and big impoundments that call Mississippi home, the casual angler probably wouldn’t look at the deep, clear waters of Lake Pickwick and think of catfish. “On a good night, I’ll catch five or six from 5 to 8 pounds, but on occasion you’ll run across a good one.”. Coming in at 8.8 feet, the catfish weighed an estimated 284 pounds. “I fish them on a Carolina rig suspended under a big slip cork. The fisherman reeled this colossus in at River Po, Italy. And it’s body overall appeared bigger than his very boat. This proves you don’t have to be chasing sharks with Chief Brody to need a bigger boat. At the age of 37, Gründer made history with this massive catch. Was a 736-Pound Catfish Caught in the Mississippi River? He waits until night fall, usually after 11 p.m. when the dam operations have shut down for the night. I always try to troll downstream because, if you’ve got current, the fish are facing upstream. channel catfish at Pickwick Dam. With this experience, he likely knew how other ambitious fishermen held River Po, Italy in high regard. Before that, though, he and friends posed with the massive catch, and the sense of scale really emphasizes how gigantic this catfish was. His pattern for smaller blue catfish, those destined for the frying pan, is a similar location but instead of concentrating on the bottom of the river ledge, he focuses on the top. Fisherman Reels In 9-Foot, Record-Breaking Catfish, 4 1/2-Foot Alligator Removed From Florida School Playground, Vince Gill, Lorrie Morgan, Dierks Bentley & Terri Clark Sing “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” At Opry, New Venison-Flavored Whiskey Hits The Market Nov 14th, Andy’s First Love Interest On “The Andy Griffith Show” Asked To Be Written Off, John Legend Gets Tattoo Honoring Late Son Jack, Father & Son Attacked By Bear, Kill It In Self Defense, Venomous Snake Hiding In Outdoor Toys Bites Tennessee Toddler. Become the most informed Sportsman you know, with a membership to the Mississippi Sportsman Magazine and MS-Sportsman.com. Weight estimates put it at around 284 pounds, though, again, that is an estimate. Welcome to the New and Used Classifieds from our Dealers, Teen goes expert on a giant Adams County 12-point, Former LSU football player preaches hunter safety after accident, Cool weather means great trout, redfish action. He also uses smaller cuts of herring, shad or the gut wad of the bait. But, even in July, they’re going to be in 3 to 9 or 10 feet of water.”. Barton said that while Pickwick Lake may not be the first place one would look for catfish, the 43,100 acres houses all three major species of catfish and the month of July is prime time to go catch any of these. Gründer, though, caught the biggest fish there – and around the world, setting a new record. Copyright 1998 - 2020 Mississippi Sportsman, Inc. All rights reserved. Catfishing in the state of Mississippi is mostly associated with the Mighty Mississippi River on the west side of the state. “For big fish, I’m going to fish the area from State Line Island to the dam and I’m going to be concentrating on the bottom of the ledge that lines the main river and the river channel itself,” said Barton. The historic catfish in question had fins bigger than Gründer’s head. Because of increased boat traffic and generally sunny conditions found during the summer, Barton is going to focus most of his big catfish activity during the early daylight hours and the last few hours before sunset. Barton said right after power operations cease, flatheads come out to mop up fresh dead or maimed fish, and he will cast his rig right up to the face of the dam and let it wash back to him. Often, when thinking about underwater wonders, the ocean comes to mind. Barton also likes bait shrimp that’s gone over (spoiled) just a tad. Looking at the size of those fins, that’s entirely believable. For an example, look no further than the 9-foot catfish caught by Benjamin Gründer. At the age of 37, Gründer made history with this massive catch. Well, allow local Pickwick fishing guide Brian Barton to be the one to let the cat out of the bag, or rather drag it over the side of his custom-designed War Eagle 2170 Blackhawk catfish boat. To find flatheads, Barton heads to the headwaters of Pickwick behind Wilson dam on the Alabama side of the lake or the tailrace of Pickwick which is considered part of Kentucky Lake and in the state of Tennessee. Benjamin Gründer, a 37-year-old professional fisherman from River Po in Italy, hooked one of the largest freshwater fish on the planet, a 9-foot-long catfish setting a new world record. Benjamin Gründer, 37, is described as a professional fisherman. Receive weekly updates with the hottest new videos, festival updates, and fashion trends! “Those little fellows are usually on top of the ledge right on the channel or just off the edge of it where it drops. The fisherman reeled this colossus in at River Po, Italy. The water on the face of the dam is roughly 30 feet and I set the cork to about 22 to 24 foot deep.”. blue channel catfish, caught at Pickwick Dam. Channel catfish. “Put that on the little sponge treble hooks you can buy at the bait shops. However, after his fishing pole started moving around, he realized he had a big fish on the line. History changed that day; plenty of sizable fish call Po River, Italy home, but none had appeared quite as big as the one Benjamin Gründer caught. Although he occasionally catches channels mixed with smaller blues, he said channels head into much shallower water this time of year. He has a Gulf Coast connection and said channel cats seem to prefer shrimp to fresh cut shad or herring. “The best places to fish are around bluff lines or rip rap, somewhere you’ve got some rock with a pretty good drop. RELATED: Guinness World Records- Tallest Dog. Benjamin Gründer, a 37-year-old professional fisherman from River Po in Italy, hooked one of the largest freshwater fish on the planet, a 9-foot-long catfish setting a new world record. Already, the place boasts a reputation for having massive catfish. That stuff is deadly on channel catfish.”. Then I’ll turn around and run that recorded contour because the big cats like to hold along those edges.”. Gründer had to fight for 45 minutes to reel the catfish in, realizing quickly that his line had not, as he originally believed, just caught on a tree root. Barton’s trolling rig is a modified version of the popular Santee drift rig, except he uses 3- or 4-ounce pencil weights he pours himself and a T swivel in place of the standard 3-way. And, with his knowledge and skill, he managed to reel in the biggest and best there was…that we know of so far. For comparison, here is a 9-foot wels catfish caught by Italian angler Dino Ferrari early last year. It was at this moment he realized he had caught a record-breaking catfish. Once he posted the pictures on Facebook, the word got out about his catch and major news sources started spreading the story. With a face only a mother catfish or a tournament fisherman could love, flatheads are not as prevalent on Pickwick as blues or channels, but Barton said finding and catching them is not that difficult. Posted by Benjamin Gründer on Saturday, April 7, 2018. But freshwater creatures can be as impressive as their saltwater peers. Benjamin and his friends posed for pictures showing how gigantic it was before they released it back into the river. Barton encourages anglers who target the big fish to catch them quickly and release them healthy, as warm water temperatures can take its toll on a big blue cat that is pulled from deep water during an extended fight. 2,67 / peso 127 kg )- … His posting on Facebook quickly gained media attention and all sorts of outlets wanted to showcase the accomplishment. “I use the Secret 7 Stink Bait if I can find it,” he said. He struggled for over 45 minutes trying to reel in the monster and when it finally reached the surface of the water it was impressively longer than his boat. Barton trolls for trophy blue cats and relies on his programmable trolling motor to lead the way. Posted by Benjamin Gründer on Sunday, February 25, 2018. He temps big cats with large sections of fresh cut skipjack herring when available and cut gizzard shad or other panfish when he can’t get the river herring.

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