a long time ago sentences

a long time now. See authoritative translations of A long time ago in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. a short time ago. A long time ago, there was a bridge there. However, over the years the two have differed in popularity. Namaste, Dear members. Click here to see a translation instead. The second sentence would sound more natural as "It has been a long time." Synonym for It was a long time ago. Sentence examples for a long time ago from inspiring English sources. When you use each one depends on the context of the conversation and where it goes in a sentence. added by nava, October 7, 2014 at 4:01 PM #3544422. linked by nava, October 7, 2014 at 4:01 PM #3544426. How to use a long time ago in a sentence. They made me wait for a long time. She lay awake for a long time, thinking of her future. exact 4. related RELATED a considerable time ago. Please see this sentence and tell me whether one or either of them could be used. 60 / 5k. and what is the difference(if there is any) between the two phrases. It would be wrong to say "It was a long time ago since I saw him." I was made to wait for a long time. For example, you would say "It has been a long time since I saw him." The New York Times. 1- _______ , there lived a king named Siddhartha in India. A- long ago B- A long time ago Thanks in advance. Then both sentences mean the same thing. 1 " A long time ago ". Living in the same home for a long time gives children a sense of security. A long time ago definition is - far in the past : not at all recently. :) a long time time ago. 3. Your sentence was not added because the following already exists. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! The New York Times. Translate A long time ago. use "for a long time " in a sentence He kept me waiting for a long time. We do not have example sentences for a long time ago.Please check your spelling or try searching for similar words or phrases. Synonyms for a long time ago include long ago, ages ago, many years ago, many years back, some time ago, in the old days, years ago, yonks ago, long since and before the rinderpest. 2 "Oh, this happened a long time ago ". “It is a long time since I saw you” and “it has been a long time since I saw you” are both perfectly correct. I've been searching for my way for a long time.

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