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Abu Garcia’s REVO SX Low Profile Bait Cast Reel. Good to know that Abu Garcia emphasizes even the minutest aspect of their reel. ​Thanks to the oversized gears, the retrieve ratio is supremely impressive. The reel, despite being light in weight, turns out to be really strong. But in the mid-budget section, this can easily be your go-to reel. But the current generation has been upgraded to the Infini braking system. The presence of 9 stainless steel ball bearings along with one roller bearing working in tandem with the Ti coated line reduces not only friction but also provides a smooth experience. However, we personally feel that the MagTrax system was doing a good enough job, and perhaps an upgradation would have been more suitable to other weak areas. Imagine what can you achieve with it! We are not saying that more ball bearings mean a better reel.

The components have been thoroughly tested by Abu Garcia, and there are, ​The previous generations of the Revo SX reel came with a basic MagTrax braking system. ​Today it is not easy to get away with sub-par casting reels, and perhaps Abu Garcia understands that very well. Not that it was delivering substandard fishing gear in the past, but their. Let us tell you straight away that Abu Garcia Revo SX is a fine mid-budget reel. I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the Abu Garcia Revo SX, and if you did I would encourage you to give it a like and share it.

Using a dredging bait too never posed a problem. As expected, it performed reasonably well. Further, a carbon and metal construction allows rough usage without the fear of wrecking the reel and rendering it useless. The top-of-the-line Max reel from Abu Garcia, the Abu Garcia Pro Max Casting Reel Delivering first-rate performance in an exceptionally smooth package. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Also, the contoured, PVC knobs in place of the traditional I-style knobs were a pleasant surprise. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile, Fishing Reel. Loaded with high performance features specifically engineered for casting larger baits and fighting hard pulling fish, the Abu Garcia Maxtoro Casting Reel is built for heavy-duty applications. We are sure Abu Garcia would bring us something that would be equally efficient for big fishes too. Anything around a medium-sized fish seemed to be an easy catch for us.

The Abu Garcia Revo SX features don’t just stop there, the Infini II spool design allows it to handle very extreme loads which is great news for us anglers, it also greatly improves the castability. Using a dredging bait too never posed a problem. It is lightweight and still remains very strong which is great for any angler. Utilizing a number of signature technologies and a reinforced construction, the Abu Garcia REVO Beast Rocket Casting Reel delivers the perfect blend of strength and speed. The side plates are made of Carbon, and the reel has an aluminum alloy frame. Delivering premium performance at a price that can't be beat, the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur STX Casting Reels feature a 5.9:1 gear ratio, 6-pin Centrifugal Brake System and a hefty Multi Disc Drag. If you found this post useful, please let others know about it by sharing it. Giving anglers the upper hand on big, fast moving fish, the Abu Garcia REVO Toro Rocket Casting Reel combines brawny design with blazing fast speed that makes it easy to fish big baits at high speeds. They should be of good quality too. Beginner level anglers make do with 2-3 ball bearings whereas the intermediate or advanced anglers who try to catch bigger fishes require 5-6 as it gets the job done.
Engineered with an extreme focus on performance, the Abu Garcia REVO AL-F Casting Reel combines the compact performance of the MGX with the versatility of a heavy-duty reel, giving anglers one reel that does it all. But here, you get the best of both worlds. Precisely engineered from top to bottom, the Abu Garcia REVO SX Rocket Casting Reel is the most powerful, durable, high-performance SX reel to date. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. The Revo SX can easily cast jigs of upto 3/8th of an ounce. Hauling in marsh redfish. Powered by a blazing fast 9.0:1 gear ratio, the Abu Garcia REVO SX Rocket Casting Reel picks up line at 37” per turn, allowing anglers to fish fast and efficiently.Leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies, the Abu Garcia REVO SX Rocket Casting Reel features an improved DuraClutch design, along with an upgraded Infini brake system that results in smooth engagement and effortless casting performance. Coming with some really high-end features like the Infini brake system, brass gears, and a Power Matrix Drag, the reel somehow still manages to be in a tempting price range. Always known for its power, performance, and durability, the lightweight SX now brings the added precision of Abu… Built with an increased emphasis on tournament performance, the Abu Garcia REVO SX Gen 4 Casting Reel features a host of cutting-edge technologies that give competitive anglers the edge over big bass. Abu Garcia says the fourth-generation Revo SX delivers the most durable and powerful high performance yet. The gear ratio rating is 6.4:1, but in reality, it feels better than that. Precisely engineered from top to bottom, the Abu Garcia REVO SX Rocket Casting Reel is the most powerful, durable, high-performance SX reel to date.Powered by a blazing fast 9.0:1 gear ratio, the Abu Garcia REVO SX … ​The setup gives more power in the hands of an angler. The reels boast of some really high durability and quality due to the same reason. If you are looking for a fishing reel the Abu Garcia REVO SX might be just what you need. Abu Garcia Revo SX Product Review. One of the most popular low-profile baitcasters in bass fishing, the Abu Garcia® Revo® SX Baitcast Reel enters its 4th generation with cutting-edge upgrades that deliver advanced performance for the serious angler. Delivering serious toughness and ultra smooth functioning, precision and power meet Swedish design with new Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Beast Round Reel. This version has both magnetic and centrifugal breaks. The components have been thoroughly tested by Abu Garcia, and there are no ugly gaps or protrusions as the side plates are really well-aligned with the frame.

Delivering a winning blend of performance and price, the Abu Garcia Silver Max Casting Reel offers the toughness and features you need to be successful on the water. This jump in weight is because of the changed gear material. Thus, while hooking big fishes, expect to get a consistently smooth drag pressure.

This product qualifies for a TW Casting Reel Cover for only $2.99 - $3.99! Whenever we went out in really windy conditions, the Revo SX not only dispensed line smoothly but also cast at great distances with extreme accuracy. The refinements over the generations in the Revo SX models have been strong and shown some significant improvements.Thus, if you are looking for a reel high in performance and a great deal as value for money, go and get the Revo SX right now. ​​Needless to say, these variable factors can make a reel a top-notch product in one category but make it a complete failure in the other. Retail Hours: (Walk In Traffic) Temporarily Closed, Curbside Pickup: Tue - Sat: 10am - 3pm PST Sun - Mon: Closed *Pick up location - Tennis Warehouse Unit 110, Phone Hours: Monday - Friday 6am - 6pm PT Sat - Sun 10:00am - 3:00pm PT.
Engineered with a focus on power, the Abu Garcia REVO Toro Beast Casting Reel utilizes a number of signature Abu Garcia technologies to give anglers the upper-hand on hard-pulling fish. Good to know that Abu Garcia emphasizes even the minutest aspect of their reel.

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