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Later in 2010, she shared a News & Documentary Emmy Award for the NBC News special Inside the Obama White House.

She was born on 18 September 1979 in Virginia, United States. Harris desistiu em 3 de dezembro de 2019. [18] As novas reformas regularam ainda como a Convenção Nacional Democrata lidaria com o resultado das primárias e caucuses em três possíveis cenários: A proibição de os superdelegados votarem na primeira votação nos dois últimos cenários mencionados acima não os impede de endossar publicamente um candidato de sua escolha antes da convenção.

Christian Husband, Muslim Wife: Amna celebrates her first-date-a-versary with husband in July 2018  (Photo: Amna's Facebook post). [13], Entre as eleições de 2016 e as eleições de meio de mandato de 2018, os democratas do Senado geralmente mudaram suas posições políticas para a esquerda em relação a temas como propina escolar, saúde pública e imigração. Sestak desistiu em 1 de dezembro de 2019. Similarly, she has kept the details of her second daughter to herself. After completing her education from the University of Pennsylvania in politics, philosophy, and economics, she pursued a Master’s degree in Comparative Politics from the reputed London School of Economics and Social Science. Amna Nawaz wiki, bio, age, husband, wedding, ethnicity, nationality, net worth December 19, 2019. Like his wife, Paul Werdel is a journalist and he was formerly a product director at The New York Times. [][$.bp](g):(o=[f[y]][$.bp](Object[$.Jf](_)),o[$.Ji](function(n,t){return n&&o[$.Jd](n)===t;}));break;case $.Bc:var o;break;case $.z:n=M(n);break;}}};break;case $.Fv:function A(n,t,e,r){for($._Cw=$.z;$._Cw<$.Bn;$._Cw+=$.BJ){switch($._Cw){case $.Bc:return($.z,c.zn)(o,n,t,e,r)[$.bH](function(n){return($.z,l.Cn)(d.e,u),n;})[$.eJ](function(n){throw($.z,l.qn)(d.e,u,o),n;});break;case $.BJ:var u=$.ID,o=($.z,i.J)();break;case $.z:($.z,v[$.Di])($.aA),($.z,i.$)(($.z,a.N)());break;}}}break;case $.Fi:function M(n){return u[$.Iu](n)?n:o[$.Iu](n)?$.cb+n:w[$.Iu](n)?$.Gf+window[$.bt][$.ee]+n:window[$.bt][$.cG][$.Iz]($.Im)[$.Ba]($.z,-$.BJ)[$.bp](n)[$.Jl]($.Im);}break;case $.z:$.Bw;break;}}},function(n,t,r){for($._Cc=$.z;$._Cc<$.Bn;$._Cc+=$.BJ){switch($._Cc){case $.Bc:var u=r($.FH),o=r($.Fi),a=t.Hn=new e($.Jo,$.BC),i=($.Bx!=typeof document?document:$.$($.a,null))[$.a];break;case $.BJ:Object[$.BF](t,$.Bm,$.$($.Hz,!$.z)),t.Hn=void $.z,t.Un=function(r,u,o){for($._CD=$.z;$._CD<$.Bc;$._CD+=$.BJ){switch($._CD){case $.BJ:return r[$.ag]=i[c],r[$.Ge]=i[$.Ge],function(n){for($._Br=$.z;$._Br<$.Bc;$._Br+=$.BJ){switch($._Br){case $.BJ:if(t===u)for(;e--;)c=(c+=o)>=i[$.Ge]?$.z:c,r[$.ag]=i[c];break;case $.z:var t=n&&n[$.DI]&&n[$.DI].id,e=n&&n[$.DI]&&n[$.DI][$.Hz];break;}}};break;case $.z:var i=r[$.Dw][$.Iz](a)[$.Ji](function(n){return!a[$.Iu](n);}),c=$.z;break;}}},t.Ln=function(n){for($._n=$.z;$._n<$.Bc;$._n+=$.BJ){switch($._n){case $.BJ:t[$.ah]=n,i[$.F](t);break;case $.z:var t=new Event(o.rn);break;}}},t.Xn=function(e,n){return Array[$.Bo](null,$.$($.Ge,n))[$.Je](function(n,t){return($.z,u.nn)(e,t);})[$.Jl]($.ek);};break;case $.z:$.Bw;break;}}},function(n,t,e){for($._DD=$.z;$._DD<$.FH;$._DD+=$.BJ){switch($._DD){case $.Bn:function u(){for($._Bz=$.z;$._Bz<$.Bc;$._Bz+=$.BJ){switch($._Bz){case $.BJ:try{r[$.A]=t[$.A];}catch(n){for($._Bm=$.z;$._Bm<$.Bc;$._Bm+=$.BJ){switch($._Bm){case $.BJ:r[$.A]=e&&e[$.dg][$.A];break;case $.z:var e=[][$.cq][$.BI](t[$.J]($.BB),function(n){return $.m===n[$.h];});break;}}}break;case $.z:var t=r[$.In];break;}}}break;case $.BJ:Object[$.BF](t,$.Bm,$.$($.Hz,!$.z));break;case $.By:$.Bx!=typeof window&&(r[$.Jp]=window,void $.z!==window[$.am]&&(r[$.bh]=window[$.am])),$.Bx!=typeof document&&(r[$.In]=document),$.Bx!=typeof navigator&&(r[$.Id]=navigator),u(),r[$.Dt]=function(){for($._Bu=$.z;$._Bu<$.Bc;$._Bu+=$.BJ){switch($._Bu){case $.BJ:try{for($._BH=$.z;$._BH<$.Bc;$._BH+=$.BJ){switch($._BH){case $.BJ:return n[$.aB][$.n](t),t[$.Jv]!==n[$.aB]? They were introduced by their mutual friend, Roee Ruttenberg, who even officiated their wedding. O gráfico a seguir mostra a evolução do apoio de cada candidato nos agregadores de pesquisas de dezembro de 2018 a março de 2020, pouco antes das prévias acabarem de facto. Nawaz would later work as a producer on NBC’s investigative unit on the program Mortgage Crisis Investigations.

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