aphrodite falls in love with percy fanfiction lemon

At age 18, after having his heart broken by his girlfriend Annabeth and spending three months doing nothing but remain within his misery, Percy James Jackson is forced by a sacred law to have sex with every Greek goddess. The curling wave of seafoam,Lapping lazily at the curl of the seashell,Drifting it to shore,Is the embodiment of beauty. "Between you and me," he said. Beauty is different to everyone, some find it in War, some in Creation, some in Love. "Wait, you're saying no? I don't know how. "He'll get over it," she assured. He took a sip and then grimaced, setting his cup down and turning down the television he left on during his homework sorting. Here she was, having sex with a nineteen-year-old demigod like there was nothing off-putting about it. "No. "I didn't make you love him mother. Removing her own dress, she basked in the attention. Her desires were now free to let themselves loose on this demigod's form. The Fire God chuckled. When said god puts Leo into a death like sleep the clock begins to tick on the safety of their world and Leo’s life. asked he. "Perseus, trust me," she whispered in a husky tone. "How are you supposed to get someone to love you without taking away their free will? Her mind went wild and her chest tightened. Percy asked between smiling teeth. A week with no friends or girlfriends.". "I never saw anything.". While one hand tended to little Percy, her other ran its fingers through his lush, jet-black hair. You always are, dude.". When Percy Jackson joins the hunt, Artemis feels a spark she's never felt before. Percy Jackson. Aphrodite's pov. "And did you bed the bro, my dear? She might even have him replace Ares. ...www.wattpad.com, Aphrodite Artemis Piper M. a number of people have done with Percy x Artemis lemons Percy And Aphrodite Fanfiction Lemon Percy Artemis And May 10 2020 ...scholarsnews.org, This makes for a good 'Forbidden Love' story, though, between him and Artemis which is still happening – just at a gradual pace. They would kiss, they would cuddle, and they would…make love. Let's see how well she does with a little dose of the love bug! Aphrodite pushed him down unto his bed and snapped her fingers, locking the door. Lemon. ", He laughed this time, a bit rowdier than before. "Look, I know I should just be honest with you," said she. He then fired. Nothing more. But, before he can become aware of the crisis his seemingly real nightmares threatens the balance of powers on Earth and Olympus when an agitated and forgotten god appears with a vengeance. That everyone and their mother would have to accept the fact that she was Percy's and Percy was hers. said Aphrodite. As if someone, when in a garden, breaks off violets, poppies, or lilies hung from golden stems, then drooping they must hang their withered heads, and gaze down towards the earth beneath them; so, the dying boy's face droops, and his bent neck, a burden to itself, falls back upon his shoulder" - Ovid, Metamorphoses. Under Hiatus til June 2020. She only wished to let out her desires on him for one night, so she could put her feelings to rest. Maybe so, until a pissed off son of hers takes it one too many steps further, leading her into a very interesting position with her and the famous Son of Poseidon. A/N: Here it is. Aphrodite thought to herself for a moment. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (37), Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan (16), Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types (12), Percy Jackson & The Olympians (Movies) (2), Aphrodite (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) (34), Hephaestus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) (32), Ares (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) (25), Hera (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) (12), Hades (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) (10), Aphrodite/Hephaestus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) (16), Aphrodite/Hephaestus (Percy Jackson) (10), Aphrodite/Ares (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) (9), Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Aphrodite/Ares (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Aphrodite/Hephaestus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Aphrodite (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore)/Other(s), Aphrodite (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Hephaestus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Hades/Persephone (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Andromeda/Perseus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Andromeda (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Persephone (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), zeus being a total and complete fuck head, Hera/Zeus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Not Canon Compliant - The Blood of Olympus (Heroes of Olympus), Aphrodite the Beauty (Love, Beauty, War, and the many faces), Aphrodite/Ares/Hephaestus (Percy Jackson), Aphrodite/Ares/Hephaestus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), References to Ancient Greek Religion & Lore, I love Aphrodites many epithets and aspects, Aphrodite/Hera (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Hyacinthus/Zephyrus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Apollo/Hyacinthus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Apollo/Cassandra (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Eros/Psyche (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Apollo/Cyparissus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Hyacinthus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Cassandra (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Cyparissus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), I mean does it count if they are immortal, Helen of Troy (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Aphrodite is a sweetheart and not a bitch and I will die on this hill, Hephaestus and aphrodite have a loving relationship, Apollo is Devoted to his Wife Even in Death, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Rick Riordan, Annabeth Chase & Percy Jackson & Grover Underwood, Demeter/Poseidon (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Artemis/Orion (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Nerites/Poseidon (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Dionysus/Hermes (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Achilles/Patroclus of Opus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Eurydice wife of Orpheus/Orpheus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Hyacinthus/Zephyrus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) one sided, Hercules | Heracles (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Eurydice wife of Orpheus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Zeus Being an Asshole (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Pre-Gaea & The Second Giant War (Percy Jackson), Percy Jackson & Clarisse La Rue Friendship, Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Annabeth Chase/Piper McLean/Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Percy Jackson has PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chronus is the primordial of time and space, Ananke is the personification/primordial of inevitability/compulsion/necessity.

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