army wives season 3

Roland counsels a lonely teenager whose father was recently killed in Iraq. Denise shares her news. Trevor's hard work finally pays off as his first recruit is sworn in. |. Denise is beside herself with worry. Frank and Denise try to move on with their lives after agreeing to separate.

Major General Holden leads an inquiry into the incident with the orphans in Narubu when the aid worker took the story to the press while Major General Clarke, who commanded the mission, Frank and Trevor and their wives deal with the aftermath. Denise and Frank try to help Jeremy through his PTSD. His wife spearheads a campaign to get funding for Haneen's further physiotherapy after repatriation. When her daughter Sophie (, Trevor and Roxy argue over his Army career. As the 23rd comes home to Fort Marshall, Roxy finds herself in big trouble.

Pamela gets an offer to do a weekend radio show in. Army Wives: Season 3: Kim Delaney, Sally Pressman, Brigid Brannagh, Brian McNamara, Sterling K. Brown, Wendy Davis, Drew Fuller, Terry Serpico, Katelyn Pippy, Catherine Bell, Matthew Glave, Clifton Powell, Allison Liddi-Brown, Glenn Kershaw, Gloria Muzio, Joanna Kerns, John T. Kretchmer, John Terlesky, Kevin Dowling, Lloyd Ahern II: Movies & TV Denise and Frank learn the sex of their baby. Gloria writes a letter to Hector informing him that he has a son. When Lenore realizes that Claudia Joy has overheard her dispute with her husband, she begins to start rumors about Claudia Joy.

Chase takes Katie to ballet while Pamela takes Lucas to football. Frank is behind her and she begins training. Michael Holden is sworn is as just-promoted major-general by general Ludwig, whose wife is none other then general Baker's obnoxious widow Lenore 'Lenny'. While Chase is deployed, Pamela has an unexpected reunion with Scott, a friend from her past. Roxy, Denise, Pamela and Claudia Joy attend a golf tournament where they are confronted with both fierce opponents and Denise's competitive streak.

Pamela may not be able to save her marriage. All rights reserved. Trevor's Army career hangs in the balance as he faces the possibility that he may be medically discharged if his shoulder does not pass the medical exam.

Frank senses a change in Denise when he returns home from Iraq. Onward, Christian Soldier: Pamela questions the practices that her son's football coach uses. Claudia Joy has a hard time adjusting to her new diet and injections, but most of all she struggles with not wanting anyone to know.

Trevor fears the financial consequences mean a they should postpone a baby, ignoring Roxy just got pregnant, but is ecstatic when she tells. Frank eventually visits Jeremy, though Frank does not completely forgive Jeremy, he makes an effort to mend things with his son.

Demanding answers, Pamela camps out in front of the building where she believes Chase is being treated for injuries. Roxy publicly announces that she is pregnant with twins.

Frank and Michael rent a beach house for their wives to recover. Eventually, Denise misses Major Weatherford's party much to Frank's dismay. Family Readiness: Joan and Roland prepare for Sarah Elizabeth's christening. Roland struggles with his increase in both workload and parenting duties since Joan's deployment. Nicole must find the right time and way to tell her mother (, Pamela and Chase invite Roxy and Trevor to meet them in Miami for a weekend getaway, and Roxy gets excited over a job opportunity that Chase offers to Trevor.

Emmalin is discovered missing.

While TJ is away on a class trip one of Trevor's buddies from, Roxy and Trevor try to help Cody deal with his depression while Gloria goes to marriage counseling with Hector. Roxy's mother Marda is back, this time with a boyfriend.

S3, Ep16 27 Sep. 2009 While Denise trains to be a nurse practitioner, she flies by helicopter with Dr. Campbell to tend to a wounded soldier.

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