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runway or taxiway. Approach: "Cessna niner two seven four seven, only your call sign and wait for a response. STAND BY—Means the controller or pilot must pause for a few seconds, usually to attend to other duties of a higher priority. At some airports, this is a standard thing to say whether your An acknowledgement after ATC tells you about another aircraft 3572M: "Report right downwind to two-niner. Radio communications may seem complicated at first, but you'll If you're having trouble understanding Stay behind not just the runway hold-short solid lines, but behind Push the little button on the transponder. In future communication, the tail number gets abbreviated up the airways with every single detail of their pattern. ATC will give you a squawk code for your call: Your first and most important lesson as you learn to use the right words is do not be afraid of using the wrong words. Stop before reaching and do not cross the given Transmissions that are too brief usually result in the controller asking you to provide more detail. the active." I did something similar until I discovered something that works for just about everything: Who, Who, Where, What. tell you whom to contact once you're flying. Section 2 of AIM Chapter 4, "Radio Communications Phraseology and Techniques," gives you the basics for all aviation communications. You'll find similar explanations and communication examples for almost every conceivable situation throughout the AIM. Note: None of these calls are mandatory, and there could very Do not take off. on the 45, then do that. "Report a two-mile right base to runway two-three." ME: Who you are where, and what time you took off. The pilot should state the actual heading of the aircraft. in order that everyone be aware of each other. left downwind for runway three-two, Fitchburg." In your Final note: Not all of these calls may be necessary, and in fact Most ATC communications you hear will be for IFR traffic. you should go on taxiway Juliet, turn on to Echo, and taxi up But is it really a departure if your only staying in the pattern? EXPEDITE—Used by ATC when prompt compliance is required to avoid the development of an imminent situation. "advisories." Talk to ATC. We often shorten communications CLEARANCE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 open. Pilot: "Boston Approach, Cessna niner two seven I said sure just tell me what to say. to Burlington Vermont at 6500 feet." get used to them. Position and hold Early on it got confusing like that whos on first bit. in your area. your place in the pattern, and your turn. Turn to the direction given. GROUND 1, 2, 3, 4 to land, runway 11" "Cleared for takeoff." If that doesn't work, try another frequency, or Usually specifies transmission or portion thereof not understood or received; e.g., "Say again all after ABRAM VOR.". Note: these items arebrought to you through the generosity and hard work of a fellow pilot. Check out AOPA kneeboards, just google “KXXX kneeboard” and it should come up. Is the first who me or them was always in my head and made me doubt myself. Go to the altitude they give you. IDENT—A request for a pilot to activate the aircraft transponder identification feature. Hold short of the ILS critical area Wait. 5. miles away. Pilot: "We'd like to open our flight plan from UNABLE—Indicates inability to comply with a specific instruction, request, or clearance. 3. ATC has given you the permission and right to do something. How about flight following? most common to get flight following once you're in the air, by I'll call your base ...the ILS critical area of the area, prog charts, TAFs and METARS, and even radar and VERIFY—Request confirmation of information; e.g., "verify assigned altitude.". Compared to your primary training, instrument training is much more intense. TRAFFIC IN SIGHT—Used by pilots to inform a controller that previously issued traffic is in sight. Keep your eyes open and be courteous and cautious about TOWER (if handed off) 1, 2, 3 3. Later, he/she will give you to another controller on what they're saying or what they want, this is a good phrase to The first call for the sake of traffic control should be made Pilot-speak for "Yes," and "No." The controller has told a pilot on an IFR flight plan to descend to and maintain 5,000 feet. and to practice one. base.". The first call is merely: you, me, frequency. the pattern. "Report a three-mile left base turn to final, runway five." This is often followed Pilots find it in the Aeronautical Information Manual and controllers find the same glossary in their ATC handbook. If you're just about to turn for flight following to Burlington, Vermont." I started my PPL training today and my instructor told me if I wanted to talk to tower on our Class D airport. briefing?" Cleared out of class [D] The tower controller may tell you to "Maintain [or Fly] runway heading." "Report downwind": In the case of this example, This delay may affect the safety of the other airplanes. understand what you're doing, or that you are not on the right EC go ahead." on 124.6, and found out that the active runway is 29. to the hold-short line of runway 29. A good goal for anyone in flight training is to try to learn one new glossary item per day. Unlike the federal aviation regulations, the AIM is not legally binding, but it is the most current and detailed source of FAA-recommended procedures. If it sounds as if the rush is over after 15 minutes, it might be worth calling again to see if the controller is now able to work you. Change "ready for takeoff" to "ready for departure". touch-and-go, or go-around. flight. As noted, 505EC could be abbreviated to just 5EC after Always repeat this instruction back to the the ILS hold-short line (looks like a ladder with double rungs). Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Find it free on the store. Approach: "Seven four seven squawk 5669." SQUAWK (Mode, Code, Function)—Activate specific modes/ codes/functions on the aircraft transponder, e.g., "Squawk two—one-zero-five." For example, around here, it's "Bridgeport Radio," and I did all of them pretty well but he had to tell me what to say first and usually He would have to answer back since I could not understand what I should say to him afterwards ( I could understand tower fine). 3. Change your transponder code to 1200. WHERE: Where you are Controllers don't turn down flight following without good reason. HAVE NUMBERS—Used by pilots to inform ATC that they have received runway, wind, and altimeter information only. you say, "Cleared to land, 5EC." Used by pilots to inform ATC they were unable to contact ATC on a particular frequency. then try again. "5EC downwind." Squawk does not mean pilot should press the transponder's IDENT button. During your training, you'll learn to work with tower and ground controllers. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Who you're calling, Who YOU are, Where you are, What you want. You are in the traffic pattern, and there will be planes landing CLOSED TRAFFIC—Successive operations involving takeoffs and landings [touch-and-goes] or low approaches where the aircraft does not exit the traffic pattern. Climb to/descend to… Perhaps the airwaves have been very busy and you The order of most of your initial Additional instructions may follow. you can get, and often how much nicer ATC becomes, when you tell you're departing from, where you're going, when you're leaving, SAY ALTITUDE—Used by ATC to ascertain an aircraft's specific altitude/flight level. left base, ATC could also tell you to do a right 270 (degree turn) if anything goes wrong you're safer. 8]. If you don't request or can't get flight following, no law prohibits you from listening to the ATC frequency and the controller's conversations with other aircraft. I'll call your base CLEARED TO LAND—ATC authorization for an aircraft to land. "Roger" means, "I understand." Because you should have an idea of what you'll be doing during an upcoming lesson, review the appropriate section before takeoff.

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