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This means that the motor typically draws 500 watts of power, but it is capable of drawing extra power for a short burst, or “peaking” at 750 watts. Pros: Fun and Easy to Ride: The Sinch is a lot of fun to ride with its agile handling yet stable ride feel from the 4″ wide off-road tires. I dont have a garage at the moment and would love to save some space in my house. With a foldable electric bike, you also don't need to worry about packing any additional equipment because you can fold it to one of your office corners. SHOP PACE 500. Regardless of where you ride and where you travel, the possibilities are endless with the Sinch. Light trails are fine and even some small jumps, but nothing to gnarly. There also is no reflective striping on the sidewalls which means less side visibility, if you ride in high-traffic areas I would recommend getting the Crest White frame color for better visibility, The throttle cannot be activated from a standstill, you have to start moving by pedaling first, and then once you get up to 2-3mph you can switch over to the throttle. The frame has been beefed up with an internal headset, sealed bearing mid-bottom... Haro: Shredder 16 Boys - 2021 This is what i love about EBR: the ability to make comments or criticism and have them taken seriously. So why has Aventon abandoned that operation? Thanks for your comprehensive reply. The Sinch is my first EBIKE and it really is worth every penny. Ebike newbie who just test-rode an Aventon Level seeking big-picture purchase advise for my intended usage purposes. Expert Score. Because in many ways it is an elegant design. Accessibility is important to us. With massive 4” tires, a suspension fork, and plenty of power, the Sinch is super comfortable and handles like a dream to ride on all terrain types. The unicorn of electric bikes does exist. I have been discussing this with Aventon, and it sounds like the bike I used for this review may have been misconfigured. Before making a final decision, choose a foldable electric bike with a solid warranty and excellent customer service in the event that something goes wrong. The roll on of power with this motor is smooth and consistent and feels plenty powerful for all but the most grueling hills. It feels solid as a tank with steady power delivery, can handle any road with poise and style and all while being reliable and offering enough cargo for a weekend, but not a voyage…. But this throttle issue is “a bridge too far”. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased with you, this video and writeup are not meant to be an endorsement of Aventon products. Foldable Ebike. Their 2020 model has has max seat height of 40″ and a max handlebar height of 50″. Level Step-Through Ebike; Level Commuter Ebike; Sinch Foldable Ebike ; Pace 500 Ebike; Pace 500 Step-Through Ebike; Pace 350 Step-Through Ebike; Men's Ebikes; Women's Ebikes; Which Ebike is Right for Me? Too bad really. When you pull the brake handle, these systems automatically disengage the motor, so you don't have to fight against the bike’s powerful motor. Not to mention all the excellent reviews. © 2020 Aventon Bikes. Contact us today to speak with one of our ebike experts to find the right foldable electric bike for your particular needs. Fun to ride, but it feels safe primarily because it is hefty and not over-powered. Thanks for your review of the Aventon Sinch. Thanks for your response — what about the Voltbike Mariner? It also allows you to save money because whenever you are away, you will no longer have to rent a bicycle. Being able to fold your ebike makes for an extremely versatile mode of transportation, allowing you to enjoy riding a bike without the disadvantages surrounding it. Aventon Electric: Sinch - 2020 - NEW in White and Black . For tall riders, this feature is paramount. Are they saying you can unlock the motor to a 750? Aventon uses great quality 18650 cells from Samsung in their batteries, and the battery here is a high capacity one at 672 watt-hours, smoothly integrated into the frame, and features an LED readout for showing battery level as well as a carry handle on the top. Thread starter The_Director; Start date May 22, 2020; The_Director New Member. CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Bicycle retailers will get their first peek of the new Aventon Sinch and Level models at CABDA West.At $1,499, the Sinch is a Class 2 foldable fat e-bike that utilizes the same motor as Aventon's popular Pace 350, outputting 500 watts (sustained) with a 750-watt peak and utilizing a 672 Wh Samsung battery, allowing an estimated range of 40 miles or more. Suspension — RST, 45 mm of travel The Aventon Sinch folding electric bike has RST Guide suspension with 45 mm of travel. I will say that you can “workaround” the limit by just adjusting your pedal assist level. It is also easy to get on and ride with its relatively low frame design and compact wheels. I could probably get used to it but not being able to throttle from a standstill…too dangerous especially if one has forgotten to downshift to a very low gear. Aventon Sinch. Despite their superiority, a foldable electric bike has no special directions when it comes to maintenance. The magical unicorn of ebikes does exist. It’s wonderful. This has helped him and his growing company achieve faster lead times and offer better customer service. I appreciate the fact that full-throttle power is available from any assist level as well, allowing you to quickly accelerate even if you were riding in assist level 1, The kickstand is sturdy with a wide base, adjustable for length, and rear-mounted where it won’t be at risk of locking up against the crank arms, If you’ve read any of my reviews you’ll know that I love grayscale LCDs for their high visibility, and I absolutely love Aventon’s display – not only is it a large grayscale LCD, it also has nice big readouts, and the battery readout is a full 10 bars providing precise 10% increments, it is also adjustable-angle which helps to reduce glare, Tektro MD-810 mechanical disc brakes provide good smooth stopping power, 180mm rotors dissipate heat well, and the large four-finger levers provide a nice mechanical advantage when actuating the brakes.

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