bbs 4x100 16

zu Bbs 4x100, Motor, Getriebe & Achsen, 4x100 alufelgen, bbs 4x100 15, bbs rs 4x100, bbs 4x100 16, bb Genuine BBS 3 Piece wheels made for the E30. LK 100/4. Preis: 240.00 Euro Versandkosten: 25.00 Euro Gesamtpreis: 265.00 Euro.

Willing to pay and organise a postage -set of 4 bbs style 4x100 17x7.5 et 16 no cracks or buckles (rrp-850$) Must be 4x100,

For a great long-lasting option, the design line offers everything. No tyres. Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management. Yes one wheel only. Free shipping. Doesn't have to be with tyres.

See second pic for specs.

He ran them on his civic. Will consider 4x114 as well Any colour and condition $675.00. We can freight anywhere in Australia send us your post code for a quote. PayPal available. BBS RS Alufelgen 4x100 16 Zoll, 8J und 9J, Nachbau, BMW E21 Koplettsatz BBS RS Alufelgen 4x100 16 Zoll, H2,vorne 8J und hinten 9J, Nachbau. BBS RM 012 6,5x15 ET 33 4x100 INCL DECKEL VW RALLYE GOLF 2 GT GTI G60 16V SYNCRO. Selling : Gesamtpreis: 1187.99 Euro, Preis: 1499.99 Euro Preis 1890,- Euro // momentan ausverkauft : BBS RM 012. Kept as spare wheel. Gesamtpreis: 4600.00 Euro, Preis: 1650.00 Euro 4x 15 BBS 433 Alufelgen 6 X … Looking for quick up! Looking for quick up! Will consider 4x114 as well Any colour and condition This two-piece design combines BSS best design with the latest technology to create long, thin spokes, and a tiny centre wheel. Thankyou, Original BBS wheels with brand new tyres in excellent condition Genuine BBS RS207-set Preferably with centre caps but will consider without. $661.00 . Gesamtpreis: 3548.90 Euro, Preis: 469.99 Euro BBS style 4x100 17x7.5 16, 205/40/17 wheels black. Must be 15inch, Instead of cutting, forging is used to seal materials with a heated method to form a solid condition. Versandkosten: 0.00 Euro

Versandkosten: 0.00 Euro Or Bbs Rs 001 Bbs Rs003 vorne 1,5 Zoll. Home Cars & Vehicles Parts & Accessories Wheels, Tyres & Rims 24 Results: 4x100 16 in Australia.
If this line interests you, search for FI-R, FI, LM or Super RS alloy rim wheel ranges. Selling on behalf of a friend that is currently stuck interstate. Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android.

No tyres. Gesamtpreis: 1589.98 Euro, Preis: 1750.00 Euro Will consider buying single wheels not in sets.

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