bear bow shots

During the magic time when a bear is in shooting range, he’ll more often be in a bad-shooting position than he will be in a favorable one. Hunting with firearms for bear is more forgiving. It is, therefore, advisable to establish a distance that you will be sure that you will bear fatally. As these two vital targets illustrate, a black bear’s lungs sit farther back in the body cavity than they do on a whitetail.

This is one of the suggested ways to kill the bear by the Canadian hunters. Here are five keys to making a great shot this spring. Again, this takes us back to aiming at the middle mass, not towards the periphery of the animal. I like to aim bit closer to the shoulder without hugging it too tight. Be patient. It is essential to note that aiming the middle-mass of the bear’s body is of the essence as it will lead to immediate death.

For you to have a successful shot, you need to be patient and wait when the bear is a favourable position then administer a shot. A high shoulder hit will drop a bear, but I’d still suggest a double lung hit. You’ll need to be disciplined and wait for a broadside shot – especially the archers. Aim a little bit high as you end up hitting essential internal organs, thus, killing the target. For instance, a bear can sit on his back as a dog does, stay in a curved shape, lie on his belly, or stand up with both legs. Bears are big, tough animals that are unforgiving when hit bad. If you don't want to bring your iPad into the bathroom, we can send you a magazine subscription for free! Through the sight window I couldn’t tell where I was aiming. Twice I have been asked to aid in tracking leg-shot bears. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments. My favorite shot is a broadside or slightly quartering shot with the onside front shoulder forward or straight down. You’ll maximize the opportunity for two holes by shooting at a broadside bear with a sharp fixed-blade broadhead. “Low and tight” to the shoulder is a great shot on a deer. They are large and heftier.

Bear hunting is tough, although many hunters love bear hunting since they are big games. Bears are notoriously light bleeders because of fat and fur, so getting an exit hole must be a serious priority. The reason for the popularity of this has to do with the greater margin of error. Bears have a lot of fat on their belly and long hair, unlike a deer, with little fat and short hair. Permalink: /2019/9/5-tips-for-shot-placement-on-bear-podcast, /2019/9/5-tips-for-shot-placement-on-bear-podcast.

Bears also have dense and long hair that makes it strenuous to hit some parts of the body. With a rifle, shoot a bullet that maximizes penetration over expansion (see side bar about bullets). I almost didn’t recover the largest-skulled bear I’ve ever killed, even though he was less than 150 yards from where I shot him. The bottom silhouette of a bear is deceptive. The impulsiveness to rush the shot is probably the biggest mistake that a bear hunter can make. The Boone-and-Crockett-class black bear sashayed into the bait with confidence. Additionally, they often inhabit thick, dense brush making tracking conditions difficult. It’s so close and it seems hard to miss. Bears are not hard animals to kill with a firearm or a bow. Many new bear hunters carry with them shot placement and strategy derived from experience deer hunting. One bear I inspected had been shot in the neck by a bow hunter. I’ve personally done a necropsy on a bear and found the lungs to extend back to the second-to-last rib.
In my opinion, the “heart shot” is overrated. It is essential to know that a bear is heavily boned, making it hard to shot the bear’s internal organs as it is the case with other large animals. All these divergent positions make it hard to shoot a bear since, during the shooting time,he will always be in unflavoured shape. Double-lung shots with two holes are king. Trying to replicate a whitetail heart shot, bowhunters often shoot too low, hitting a non-vital area. A broadside shot gives the most room for error and the greatest opportunity for the most lethal hit of all – a double lung shot.

It’s easy to go on “auto-pilot” when a bear walks up.

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