best concealed carry knives

A few things I love about this conceal carry knife is that it is super functional, American made, durable, and is slim.

Includes an all new high end American XHP super-steel and a re-designed tip for additional strength and durability.

When your gun goes down, you are still armed.

It is an assisted open knife and uses SOG’s piston locking system which is quite strong.

Having to use one for self-defense is a bad situation, but it could save your life. Just check out “self defense knife” water bottle chopping videos on youtube. The big difference is the more elegant aluminum handle. It's crazy affordable! We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Just be aware that the public, law enforcement, and potentially a jury of your peers may perceive a fixed blade differently than a folder. Regardless, you need to practice with a knife like you would your pistol.

Knife is peel and scratch resistant with black titanium. Benchmade also has their Lifesharp service which allows you (Free of charge) to ship your knife to them to be cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and sharpened. The blade waves open, thumb plate open or you can flick it open with the snap of your wrist. Sure, you should attempt to clear the malfunction first, but some malfunctions could cost you your life if you don't have a backup plan.

Whether you need a knife to open packages or self defense. Not only is it a great knife, but the price is low enough that I will not beat myself up if I lose it.

But thats not always the case for American made products. In addition this may negatively alarm people when you are in public. ZT started out as a small, almost cottage producer.

However, we made sure to cover many different price ranges to find the right choice for you.

my old one was a ka bar. When officers are tackled to the ground this is used as self defense to stop a criminal. The blade is 4.52 inches and is made of D2 tool steel.

Features a double edged powder coated stainless steel, handle.

This knife is often used by military and comes with a lifetime warranty. As well as being able to do a mag change while my blade is deployed. Kershaw generally makes fairly budget friendly knives, but some of its Ken Onion designs are actually quite good.

Back in college I went shooting and have been hooked ever since. It is designed to maximize cutting performance with all areas of its edge. The SOG Flash II Tanto is a great example of what this old company is doing with new materials. link to How to Conceal Carry With Skinny Jeans, link to Tips for How to Safely Concealed Carry Without a Belt, KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Straight Edge Knife. Schrade neck knife comes with quality round hole on it handle thus makes it easy for you to enjoy affirm grip. Keep in mind it is better safe than sorry as carrying a self defense knife illegally can result in criminal charges. A stainless steel partially serrated pocket knife blade makes this tactical knife versatile; fast open knife is lightweight at 3.1 ounces with … In the off chance that your carry gun malfunctions, a backup weapon could save your life. Despite its small 2.5 inch blade, it can deliver much deeper cuts.

Many people today are carrying a single pistol with no backup gun. Best concealed carry knife 1) schrade neck knife-best small tactical fixed blade. However, knives certainly have their place in your protection plan. This is all the explanation that can really be given. For a list of some great firearms to carry, check out our other article 21 Best Concealed Carry Guns in 9mm.

Coldsteel Espada XL. This makes it legal in some states where a longer knife may be illegal. This is the site where we share everything we have learned. The 4CR14 3” blade is not as hard as it could be and doesn’t hold an edge exceptionally well. The ergonomic handle of the Paramilitary 2 enhances the initial for use that is much less tiring on your hands and also lowers slipping. One of the most reliable fast blade knife systems allowing quick single handed open. The blade locks firmly in place and is at least 3” long. Constructed with high carbon steel which allows the blade to hold up longer than most traditional blades. This has a full size handle which is very unusual for how small this knife is. The smaller design allows for excellent concealing. It is designed for maximum cutting performance. Tested dependability in outdoor settings where surviving the elements is critical. While choosing a concealed carry knife keep in mind what your needs are and what activities it will be most used for.

With a 3.25 inch S35VN blade with DLC coating and a carbon fiber handle, it's attractive, lightweight, and fantastically strong.

Not at all. Have a Coldsteel serrated tiger claw. While SOG’s Spear Elite Knife features all of the bells and also whistles, their Super SOG small fixed blade knife was made especially for conceal carry with the tactical neck knife measuring in at 5.9 inches in total length. It opens fast, carries as deep as possible, and cuts like nothing else. Priced competitively with desirable features and material.

The Benchmade Griptilian is probably Benchmade’s best selling knife. Most importantly the design of it is slim an lightweight. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, this self defense knife is it. My buddy carries a small folding knife in his pocket, an Opinel #6, that he uses to cut fruit and open packages.

You can expect this to function in just about any environment. The ergonomic handle suggests it is difficult to go down as well as virtually impossible to have actually taken out of your grip. The Cold Steel Recon 1 had quite the reputation thanks to some TV coverage, but it lived up to the hype.

Always be mindful of local laws in your area when it comes to carrying knives. The Dollar 110 is the commonly mimicked, never copied, OG folding knife.

It comes with a 420HC Stainless-steel Clip Point Blade that gauges in at 3 and also 3/4 of an inch.

One, It is a great alternative to a gun. Its point is thicker than the Civilian for increased strength and strategically shaped to nest discreetly into the handle in the closed position. The Flash II has an armed forces history, however unlike the Civilian, it has features above what you normally see. The fully serrated SpyderEdge provides maximum cutting power. Aggressive design is good for striking in self defense situation. He also carries a more robust folder in his other side pocket, the model varies.

Although this does not include a strap or clip it is great for carrying in a pocket or purse. Yes, it is available in big and little with unique layouts for either righties or lefties. I've found that... Hi, I am Jeff. The SOG Flash II Tanto folding knife serves as a daily carry knife with Assisted Opening tech that allows for quick access. This is a weapon. The saying goes “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”. Sometimes carrying a concealed gun just isn’t the best option. The blade is a hair under the 3 inch mark. A knife is most useful when trying to retain your firearm. You can find this product on Amazons website here. The SOG Flash II Tanto folding knife serves as a daily carry knife with Assisted Opening tech that allows for quick access. I carried a SOG Seal Pup on my plate carrier, a SOG Tac Ops Auto and Benchmade Infidel on my body. This knife is very well made and very strong. Gerber is now partly-owned by Fiskars so we also expect the best EDC knife with life-saving features with this short, easy to carry utility knife. One of my favorite resources online is akti knife laws. No one will certainly criticize you for stopping at the cost attached to the Paramilitary 2. This design was brought back due to a large fan base wanting the iconic blade look. What Makes a Knife a Concealed Carry Knife?

You should carry it daily. Does your knife have to be a folder? Before we begin, let me start with the fact that a firearm is a much better tool to have for self defense. It has never opened a box or cored an apple. The Spyderco Delica 4 has long been a favorite among the military and law enforcement. Not being up to speed on this topic could lead to a felony and a loss of your rights.

The extra length on the handle provides a very full, strong grip. It’s an “S” shape blade similar to its relative spyderco Matriarch. This blade is one of the most expensive conceal carry knives on the market for a reason. While some modern folding knives are fancier, couple of have the rugged endurance of Buck. I've found that... Hi, I am Jeff.

Carrying an extra magazine can help, but I like knowing I have other options to defend myself once I'm out of ammo. There are a ton of resources online to help you better understand your rights. Easy access with your off hand to your knife could be a life saver. For the average Joe on the street, the Cryo goes to the opposite end of the cost spectrum, it comes in solid 8Cr13MoV steel with a titanium finishing that covers the knife from butt to pointer. It’s quick to open, and uses the Benchmade Axis lock system which is exceptionally strong. That said, I sometimes carry a KA-BAR TDI. I carry this knife quite often. This site is owned and operated by ConcealedCarryLand. The KA-BAR TDI is a small fixed-blade designed for nothing other than self-defense by an ex-police detective and founder of the Tactical Defense Institute. It’s mid-tier; a lot more durable than people give it credit for, not premium but not as bad as people think. One of the most reviewed products with just over 192 reviews, this product can be viewed on amazon here. Well at our number one we have this quality knife that comes with a fixed blade. Hopefully, you will never be in a situation where you need it., No offense but AUS 8 steel is not that good or high end. The element of surprise gives you the upper hand in close combat.If your opponent is caught unaware that you have with you one of the best concealed carry knives for sale today, you can save your life and your loved ones. But storing on your ankle, belt or waistband is an option. The first surprise is the Sami inspired blade profile that is astoundingly sharp and easy to sharpen.

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