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They have simple husbandry requirements, but because they are diggers, they need a substrate that they can burrow into. This species is best kept by beginners who are ready to accommodate their specific husbandry requirements and lack of human interaction. They are best kept alone in separate enclosures to avoid stress, and they are known to fight. They have an average lifespan of 15-20 years and cost $20-$80. Like all pet reptiles, it is advisable to get a Chameleon from a captive bred pet shop or breeder. You see, as a self-proclaimed “Reptile Lady” I’ve got decades of experience with many different breeds of reptiles, not to mention a bevy of knowledge on even more. Green Anoles are small, about 5-8 inches long, and have a shorter lifespan of three to six years. They can be fed a store-bought blend, but it’s recommended to feed them live insects a few times per week too in order to keep them happy and healthy. are very rewarding reptiles to keep as pets.

native to Central-Asia and are commonly kept as pets. a very calm lizard, and moves slowly and deliberately, just like a chameleon. Any handling stresses them. Here’s a list of the most popular reptiles that work well with beginners and children. Size: When it comes to size, Russian tortoise females are a little larger than males. There are several species of water dragons; the most common for beginners are the Chinese and Australian water dragons. Lifespan: 8-12 years (15 years in rare cases). Mexican Black Kingsnake Care & Species Profile: Are They Right for YOU? Ball Python vs Corn Snake – Which One Should I Go For. Required fields are marked *, Its nature offers you interesting information and facts on the natural world. turtles, the red eared slider is another great pet reptile!

That being said, they Males should never be kept together because of fighting, and they are even prone to fighting females and so are usually best kept alone. and cough up a small investment for the right tank setup…. I’ve always wanted a pet lizard and tortoise but have never been able to decide what kind because I wanted something with medium maintenance, fairly long living, and good round kids (I have much younger brothers) so thanks to this article I’ve decided on a Leopard Gecko and when I move somewhere big enough to have an indoor enclosure for when its wet out (I live in Britain and it rains a lot) probably a Russian Tortoise too. Size: Leopard geckos are relatively large when compared to most other geckos but are still quite small pet reptiles. This is a larger species, reaching up to 4 feet in length, but beginners who can manage their size should have no trouble caring for them.

This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. As with most reptiles, these animals are long-lived. quite care-intensive, and probably won’t be your first choice if you’re new to You see, as a self-proclaimed “Reptile Lady” I’ve got, makes an incredible pet for first time reptile owners and children alike for, Also, if you prefer smaller reptiles, the bearded dragon is probably not idea for you considering, Now, perhaps the main drawback (if I’m being really picky) about a bearded dragon is that they. Bear in mind that tortoises do not generally enjoy being handled. They do, however, require some live plants in their terrarium for hiding and licking dewdrops. They’re extremely popular among both beginners as well as more experienced lizard owners and can be classed as one fo the best pet lizards for sure!

Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Life expectancy: Corn snakes can live into their twenties. Due to their curious nature, you’ll want to include plenty of decor items to provide enrichment for your skink. They will likely try to escape when being handled. This really just takes about 5 minutes. Be careful though, snakes Personality: Docile and generally get along with turtles of the same species Corn snakes are the ideal pet if you are set on adopting a snake.

Lifespan: 10-15 years Beardies are native to Australia, and are known for the way they communicate with each other. These animals are not your regular house pets like dogs and cats are – but strangely, people who keep reptiles as pets testify to a loving bond. Perhaps the best all around reptile, the Bearded Dragon makes an incredible pet for first time reptile owners and children alike for so many reasons! They are nocturnal and will spend most of the day sleeping. Care: No special lighting or heating, but they do like foliage to climb We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. They aren’t great when it comes to handling, but their funky appearance makes Here are the five best reptiles and amphibians for families with kids: Bearded Dragon Lizards. On top of this, the native to Sub-saharan Africa. They are They are known by reptile hobbyists for extending their bright red dewlaps under their chin, as this greatly contrasts their bright green body. different sections of our blog! So with all of this being said, if you want a low maintenance reptile that doesn’t require a ton of daily care, is easy to handle, and will remain around for some time, the Corn Snake is definitely for you!

The sizes of the pray animal will vary depending on how old and large the python is. So keep reading to find your perfect pet lizard…. Size: Corn snakes can reach almost 6 feet (1m80) in length! Crested gecko’s eat a mixture of insects and plant–basedfoods like fruits and vegetables.

Ball pythons are Unlike other pet lizards, the Chameleon does not like to be handled. Personality: Docile and easily tamed Corn snakes are easily tamed and have no real ability to harm you. This Asian lizard, despite its tail’s length, is very small. They also can suffer from health concerns like impaction and Metabolic Bone Disease very easily if you feed them the wrong food, don’t offer supplements, or their lighting and temps aren’t accurate.

are great at finding escape routes out of their enclosure!

They are omnivorous and can be fed on a combination of crickets or mealworms and fresh leafy greens. The Bearded Dragon is omnivorous and can eat insects and vegetables.

They are also nocturnal. Any giant snake species is not for a novice handler and iguanas can be moody and aggressive. They are an extremely popular snake species to keep too, being by far one of the top 2 most kept snakes, along with the corn snake. Care: Bearded dragons are relatively hardy species and are easy to care for. Crested Geckos, like most geckos, have webbed feet and love to climb, so they will need a tall tank. Once they seem more comfortable, you need to start handling your Iguana as often and gently as possible to tame them. Now, perhaps the main drawback (if I’m being really picky) about a bearded dragon is that they can be a little needy in terms of level of care. They tend to be very inexpensive, costing $10 or less. They are native to Southern new Care: These lizards aren’t extremely difficult to care for but do have some needs that need to be tailored exactly to the animal. If you do your research well, then it’s very doable to keep these animals as pets. home. Because of this, many people who prioritize resiliency, low maintenance and pets with noticeable personalities will opt for this breed of tortoise over others. vast amounts of information there is available on this snake. Naturally, the most difficult aspect about caring for your snake while away on a longer vacation will simply be finding someone who isn’t scared of snakes (or dead rodents)! But, they are smaller than most other monitors. Most of the time, they tend to enjoy interactions with their owners.

Care: Controlled heating Cost: Crested geckos may be one of the cheapest pet reptiles you can get on this list. You will need a HUGE enclosure for these bad boys though. huge variety of different morphs and are hardy snakes to keep as pets. They are generally friendly and docile.

If they are not regularly handled, they can become aggressive in some cases.

But a safe purchase from a licensed pet shop or breeder is advised. Appearance: Tan or brown with a large round shell, Lifespan: 40-50 years impressive size of these lizards is also what makes them so unique. There are actually a wide variety of different box turtle species.

Cost: Just as with the bearded dragon, these geckos aren’t expensive to purchase.

If you’re looking for a pet that will be in the family for generations (No, seriously… I’m talking up to 50 years) and stays relatively small with low maintenance habit requirements, then the Russian Tortoise may just be for you! They are also expensive to buy and you can expect to pay upwards of $400 to acquire one. Cost: Cost-wise, ackie monitors aren’t the cheapest pet reptiles you can get. They are a popular choice for novice tortoise keepers, as they are adaptive to temperature fluctuations, making them easy to look after. Long-Tailed Lizards only live 5-6 years in captivity, but they are also pretty inexpensive ($5-$15). Now in terms of health issues, Corn Snakes are prone to issues like infections in the mouth and upper respiratory infections. Care: Red eared sliders are also relatively easy to care for if you do your research. Water dragons are fairly complex creatures to look after, and they need a large space to live comfortably in. Iguanas in the wild are strictly herbivorous, so feeding them is fairly simple. for you. Lifespan: 15-20 years Adult size: 7-10 inches Personality: Docile and easily tamed cats and dogs. This family of lizards is famous for their beautiful colors and ability to change hue. Reptiles are a unique choice of pets that are fairly easy to care for and don’t cost a huge amount to look after. As with all reptiles, it’s always best to think carefully before taking one on as a pet as they tend to live for quite a long time. The Caiman is great for first-time keepers looking for a unique color pattern. They are not fussy eaters either, but live insects are a must because they don’t eat plants or vegetables. Their personable nature and striking appearance make them ideal reptile pets for beginners, and they have a highly adaptable diet, making them easy to feed. Make sure to house them alone.

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