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I just happened to be watching an old Mr. Rogers on TV this morning. I wanted to honor the fact that we each need to bring something to this conversation. Q: Did you get everyone you wanted for the film? But people who are great at something usually have that kind of motivation. As Creem magazine pointed out in 1981, while slamming one of his albums, his songwriting had odd affinities with his contemporary Ray Davies – especially with titles like “Everybody’s Fancy,” “Some Things I Don’t Understand” and “Sometimes People Are Good.” (Although even Ray might draw the line at “Going to Marry Mom” or “You Can Never Go Down The Drain.“) But it makes sense that it took until now for Mr. Rogers to come into his own – a voice that might seem out of time, yet eerily speaks to our dread and rage. A: Yeah, I think everybody was forthcoming. Facebook: He was talking about how we build a neighborhood, and these fundamental questions of how we live together in society, and how we should treat each other, and kind of a reminder of the basic human values we all share, and we all ascribe to when we decide to live together in a community. I like to think that the legacy of him really resides in each of us who watched his show, that what he imparted to us was the thing that we should think of as his legacy, because there's nobody else who's going to come along and do it. Wherever I go.” That was the point, really. The only person who didn't do an interview was Betty Aberlin (who played Lady Aberlin), and I talked to her many times for many hours on the phone. Like, any question I have about moral complexity or dramatic tension, it was in there, somehow. The show was pure genius and took into account not only early child educational/didactic development but behavioral development as well. Fred Rogers, creator and host of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," may not sound like the most-exciting subject for a documentary. Honestly, what warms my heart is that Betty Aberlin manages to carry the Neighborhood virtues out of Make-Believe and into the real world. And what could sum up 2018 better than full-grown strangers gathering in dark theaters to weep out loud together while a tiger hand puppet sings “Am I a Mistake?” It makes all the sense in the world that we gravitate to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and its cardigan-clad piano-man host. We want to hear from you! Things To Do app: Get the best in events, dining and travel right on your device. At a certain point you're going to have to succumb to that sincerity, that emotional sincerity. Betty Aberlin was a Village boho painter/dancer/poet, and as she told the Washington Post in 1982, “I came to this show 14 years ago as another stoned New Yorker. Morgan Neville thought so, too. He talked about it in his later years. There are lots of well-meaning testimonial interviews with friends and employees, which get tiresome and inspire very un-Mr.-Rogers-like pangs of exasperation. He would find your emotional bullseye and go for it. And is there an audience for it? Anyway, Great interview. He rode in the convertible, waving and smiling next to his fellow Grand Marshall … a guy named Bill Cosby. Hi,Excellent interview.Beautiful woman.She'll always be there.I wish I could have that ugga mugga you got. To me, Fred Rogers was and always will be the closest thing to a saint. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Somebody I was walking to, their job was to find him a pool every day when he was traveling, and said the only time the Mr. Hyde would come out was if he wasn't able to swim that day. What I came to realize was a couple of things. As he asked the Senate in 1969: “What do you do with the mad that you feel / When you feel so mad you could bite? I scoured the interview for Betty's use of the "H word" and the only time she says it is when she "ran like hell" after nearly being molested in a library. There never will be. But what you realize is Fred was talking about fundamental human issues that not only go back to Shakespeare and literature, they go back to the Bible. Now more than ever, Fred Rogers matters. Ultimately the experience of working on the film, and maybe watching the film, is he's going to find that bullseye in you. Rob Sheffield on how a doc on 'Mr. / When the whole wide world seems oh so wrong / And nothing you do seems very right?” In 2018, these are not just questions for kids. God bless you, Ms. Aberlin and may God always bless the legacy of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Just to pick the most obvious example, David Byrne was an artist who self-consciously styled himself as a parody of a Mr. Rogers square, at first ironically in Talking Heads songs like “The Big Country” (“Look at that kitchen! A: What's interesting is, I've been making films for a long time. Thank you very much for this. The Fat Albert auteur is the unspoken presence who looms over this story, because all of us who grew up on Mr. Rogers were also Cosby Kids. A: Without a doubt. I'd love to read more from other neighborhood cast members. Kinda depressing that she would talk that way. The man and his cause/mission/ministry altered the course of educational television for children. I gotta drive.”. A kindly adult hosting his PBS series from 1968 to 2001, greeting kids every day with “Hi, neighbor!” Not a phony, not a hypocrite, not a predator. The responsibility is in each and every one of us to be the best neighbor we can. Because I have noticed her "correct as usual..." exasperated tone often and it always makes me smile. Fred had no tolerance for that. In a way it's a power that children have. Lady Aberlin is such a huge part of that show. Yet he still had doubts, even at the very end. She just hasn't done an interview … But in one of the 1988 episodes he gets "handsy" (for mister Rogers standards) with the Russian kids tv visitor. Mr. Rogers could totally be Mr. Warhol: just trade the cardigan for a wig, the Neighborhood of Make-Believe for the Chelsea Hotel, Lady Aberlin for Nico, “Am I a Mistake?” for “I’ll Be Your Mirror,” Henrietta Pussycat for Edie and fish food for white light/white heat. It's one I remember very strongly, probably because I wore out a beta "taped from TV" version of Wizard of Oz when i was younger. And if you look closely, you see that he does change, even though he almost kind of denied it. This is great! I had a pretty serious crush on Lady Aberlin, as I'm sure many of us did. Even Margaret Hamilton and Lou Ferigno were the only two actors I can think of, though I could be wrong. Nobody ever failed to Milkshake Duck like Fred Rogers. There’s only a brief hint that he grew up a rich kid; there’s no love for my man Chef Brockett. Q: Of course he was. These are the kind of fundamental questions he was asking again and again. I would watch the show as much for Mr. Rogers as I did for the entire supporting cast/stars including Ms. Aberlin. The estate had never given permission for anything like this. A: Yeah, I think it was easy to get attention by writing something against Mr. Rogers — it's an easy way to get people to notice what you were saying. Now that I'm an adult watching all the old neighborhood episodes with my 18 month old (who won't watch anything else and requests "rogers" every morning), I remember that warm, safe feeling of childhood. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Reach Goodykoontz at Q: I heard once the only time he would get really mad was if he was visiting a town and couldn't find a pool for his daily swim. Rogers' Neighborhood' has given birth to a national obsession. But something about Mr. Rogers speaks right to the heart of our moment. Watch LIVE:'s election recap digs into Arizona's vote count and more, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. is not necessarily a perfect documentary, to be sure. And I think everybody was interested in talking about it, also not in a nostalgic way, but about what it meant, which is what I wanted to talk about. Interesting article--I was just shocked that she said the h-word. It's so special to experience mister Rogers neighborhood again with my child. Madeline Kahn: Being the Music on Facebook! It’s a moment that feels more therapeutic than it should, even after a few viewings. They are searching for something that isn't there. A straight-edge Presbyterian minister who dresses and talks like the dad in Call Me By Your Name. That's incredible, and an indication of the merit of the Rogers philosophy.The real Betty is more complex than the TV character -- and yet, that's a significant part of who she really is. Fred Rogers is not one of them. "Now more than ever, Fred Rogers matters." It's a pretty astonishing moment when Hamilton, a kindly grandmother, puts on her Wicked Witch of the West costume: not so scary, after all, because it's only make-believe. Fiction, non-fiction, and nonsense from an American in Paris (sometimes). this recent and thoughtful interview. The funniest version: Christopher Guest on the National Lampoon comedy records, interviewing spliffed-out jazz bassist Bill Murray. It brought back all my warm memories of watching with my kids when they were pre-schoolers (they're in college and law school now.) As you’ll see from the transcript that follows, that subject led us to many other topics: gender, race, philosophy, and contemporary politics. In fact, her delicate and tender side was what I gravitated to probably the most. I'd say under the circumstances, she's entitled to use a bit of language. Who else but the Man in the Goldenrod Sweater understands what we’re going through right now? After that conversation, Betty Aberlin consented to be interviewed about Mister Rogers, for the purposes of this blog. Kids will tell you exactly what they're feeling and they'll ask exactly what they want to know.

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