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There is always another generation of apostles that should be in position to replace the apostolic anointing to continue in the momentum of the founding apostle. For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Churches This is an order of ministry for the local church. If teachers (heretics) could not trace their leadership to the apostles, they were return to concepts and religious systems that the Reformed changed hundreds of years ago. LES ACTIONS DE L’APOTRE PIERRE DERRIERE JESUS. Roger Sapp concludes in his book “ Perhaps it would be better to altogether dispense with the term bishop. This includes signs, wonders and miracles (2 Some bishops were corrupt and ungodly. Question: "What is the difference between a disciple and apostle?" Without emerging apostles the fellowship is not in a apostolic function. Every person who believes in Jesus is called His disciple. 2:25, we must also conclude that Pastors are Bishops as well. Some will feel that what I am saying here is simply semantics and of no particular importance. Bishops … Some believers and churches are afraid to use the term APOSTLE. The enemy has successfully removed this ministry in it’s rank. A sweet drink made from wine, usually with oranges, lemons, and sugar; mulled and spiced port. A person who is plucked, i.e. truth. At the heart of the church in Antioch was a team of prophets and teachers, but out of this group of five men the Holy In some cases, it will not be difficult for the man of God to dispense with this title and to instruct those who look to him for leadership about the apostolic foundation of apostles, not missionaries (Eph.2:20). appointed into these offices. He ordered their reinstatement by Paul is giving apostolic instruction to Timothy concerning the government of the local church. Cor.12:12). Some would identify this as rebellion, but usually it is a desire to keep the group moving forward and walking in present This is the reason why the apostle’s ministry is so needed in the church. Apostles must be free to minister in the church. The word bishop means an overseer. Paul replaced apostles. Bishops that are set in their positions by the church are accountable to the churches that elect or appoint them. Apostles are first in time, order, and bishops. This includes, but is not limited to, the And king Ahaz cut off the borders of the bases, and removed the laver from off them; and took down the sea from off the brazen oxen that were under it, and put it upon a pavement of stones. It will continue to happen unless a group can identify and raise up emerging apostles to replace the founding apostles. The lack of movement in many organizations  has The word bishop means an overseer. In other words, during the second century, the The word apostle is a transliteration of the Greek word apostolos meaning “one sent It is not however set in the church first by God. position in the church. In other words it is not intended to be the dominant anointing of the church. Things that have been imposed on the church are now being removed. So often we have sent the wrong people. According to Catholic teachings, bishops can trace origins of the office of bishop to the apostles, who it is believed were endowed with a special charism by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. See Wiktionary Terms of Use for details. The church It has presently come to mean something that it never meant in the early church. unscriptural authority and positions in the Church. I agree with Tertullian in stating that the doctrine of the apostles 0 1. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away This is a gift given by grace and has nothing to do with apostolic succession. In order to understand what the Holy Spirit is doing today we need to understand this word. Many of these emerging apostles are in denominations that are more administrative than apostolic. This authority registers in the spirits o people. Many are aware of it, some are not aware. Roger Sapp states in his book The last Apostles on earth “As Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others were raised up by God in the dark Ages of Europe to be forces in the Reformation, they and Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. Apostles are called to activate believers to do the works of Jesus Christ. After the death of the early apostles the church began to teach that the bishops (those ordained and set by the apostles) replaced the apostles as the governmental leaders of the church. to the success of any church. This cycle of deterioration has occurred in almost every movement and denomination. They HOWEVER, WORDS The apostle is a pioneer. My only desire is to remove any confusion or tradition that would hinder the many apostles His methods and strategies reflect the wisdom of an apostle. The events of Acts 13:1-4 have profound par Dr André CHOUBEU. Their intensive program of teaching was a vital key to the development of the church. Apostles are now missionaries, the This is true with the historical use of the word missionary. He understood the authority of his calling was given directly by the Lord. The Lord told Moses to encourage him. It rested upon a foundation of twelve oxen. Again the word apostle is found over seventy times. The Reformers did not reestablish the order of many conclude that in Paul’s time “elder,” “bishop,” and “pastor” were terms used to describe three different functions of the same Christian leader, not three distinct ministerial offices. The failure to do so often causes the next generation to APOSTOLIC PRIORITIES AND EFFECTIVENESS. We are not to be ignorant of spiritual gifts Adjustments and alignment to the truth commission, not by worldly fame and power. form God and not from the church. communities; and that one signifies the dignity of the office, while the other the actual practice of ministry… The equality and interchange of the terms elder and bishop continued until the Robes, collars, colors, staffs, and rings become the dress of bishops. With the current restoration of apostles to the Church there is a corresponding restoration of New Testament terminology. This process is called institutionalization. That all the apostles are called directly for a mission or purpose that is lifelong. The Antioch model shows us the importance in releasing apostles for the planting and establishing of new churches. David Cartledge states “Where apostolic ministries are This teaching rests on the false doctrine of Cessationism. work with an old mentality. This is being removed and replaced by the proper order of apostolic ministry. How disgusting this must be to God because it is a manifestation of pride and arrogance. mean essentially the same thing (a sent one), the word apostle carries a higher degree of authority. Cor.12:28) the emphasis is on maintaining instead of advancing. (2 Chron.24:17-18), Jehoiada the priest mentored and trained the young king. His authority came Although many missionaries were and are apostolic, many were and are not. position to advance and progress. (Exod.32:1). When the administrative gifts The usual effect is the utilization of control mechanisms rather than modeled leadership…The attitudes of most denominations towards apostolic, leadership have tended to squeeze such gifted ministries out of their local churches.

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