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"Another two or three hundred years," H.L Hunt says. 21. Walter Scott: WHAT NOW MY LOVE * (Mike Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel) I JIM DOVERS TERRY ROWAN I COOWNERS i jjmr riov ri.-j 73 A Gene Stallings adjusts the fit of a Cardinals sweater on his son, Johnny. Musicland U.S.A. 115 B, 1967 My Shadow Is Gone# It didn't matter if your band was new on the scene, if you made a killer disc, the Rabbitt would blab it through the airwaves indefinitely...At least once a month I pull out a taped Johnny Rabbitt show and introduce someone else to the man. The Guise: News This last is available in most performed music for radio and television shows and commercials, and (Mike Krenski) 1S7 (618) 345-0164 3338 S. Kinghighway llvd. It's just that it's not a very good fight song. For years he's been trying to talk himself into the NFL, but the NFL has been dragging its feet on expansion. Harlem Shuffle*

and over by the bandstand with Bob Kuban and the In-Men, there's Johnny Rabbitt again- hart askew, hully-gullying with a bevy of capri-clad Ronettes clones as the band blasts "Money." Albums / Sources: Sadly, they could never manage another nationwide US smash, but their legacy--gathered on this fine CD--marks them out as one of the finest white soul bands of the era. SOUNDS OF THE CITY Walter Scott: But Now She's Gone + * 752-0710 FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, IL SUNSET HILLS 0OI0N IIBooiiSt 10942 Highway 66 (618)632-6776 821-1168 J- ' ft f t s s -i. t 5 i' 1 (3 Kevin ManningPost-Dispatch one of many gifts bestowed upon Johnny by Bill Bidwill when Stallings accepted the. KXOK Peak #3, Weeks EndingSaturday 14 and 21 October 1967, 02. Holly story is the theme of the musical ''Buddy,'' opening Tuesday at the Fox.

The Guise: Chumpy McGee 20,000, Dec 65 & 20,001, Dec 65Billboard Pop #12Cash Box R&B #10Cash Box Pop #15Variety #14KXOK #1WFUN #5CHUM #5KDKA #7KQV #13WKNR #25WLS #28Australia #7, 2. The team loses $1 million in its first year, causing someone to ask Hunt's father how long Lamar can withstand such losses. 24. Even Harry Caray, Jack Buck, and the Go-Go Baseball Cardinals could not best the dynamic duo of Johnny Rabbitt and Bruno J. Grunion. Produced by James M. Testa for Belkin/Maduri Productions; St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO), Newspaper article Produced by James M. Testa for Belkin/Maduri Productions; Internationally, "The Cheater" blasted to #5 on Toronto's CHUM Hit Parade (on the Barry label) and to #7 in Australia (on the Stateside label). (Patrick Hixon) (Greg Hoeltzel) Atco 45-6760 B, June 1970, 21. The Guise: Nothing Else But Love The 'B' side of Kuban's "Drive My Car" was "The Pretzel," written by Krenski in September 1965.

The Guise (And Their Mod Sound): Long Haired Music paid a $200 advance and a 5 percent royalty to Petty.'' (Joseph L. Marshall) Once the Rabbitt urged everyone to come on down for a Columbia Records give-away inside downtown's Stix-Baer & Fuller. "The Cheater" appeared on Glenn A. Baker's Resurrection Selection; Hard To Get Hits, Volume Two, Australia Columbia CD 471652-2, 1992.See "Post-Dispatch Stories Make Rabbitt Hopping Mad," Larry Hoffman, AM / FM column, St Louis Journalism Review, Sept 1996, page 7.Also, Billboard, Feb 26, 1966 "KXOK Rock King In St. Louis": "Rabbitt, whose real name is Don Pietro 'Monaco, received a 50% share of Billboard's Radio Response Rating survey. 8. Dah dah dah dah dah-dah. Gregory R. Hoeltzel, DDS, MS, is a dentist with offices two blocks from the former site of Technisonic Studios. Since that day over 24 years ago, Stallings said he's never cocked his fist to strike another man.
He also wrote and Also at 1906 Washington Street: Roberts Distributors, owned by Robert Hausfatter, Norman Wienstroer, Sales Director. The Guise: Waitin' Round The Corner Musicland USA single 115 BKXOK #15, Sat 14 March 1968, 07. (Mike Krenski - Greg Hoeltzel) Like Notre Dame's: Cheer, cheer for the St. Louis Cards. (Dennis Linde) "I'm surprised by it, and I'm real happy. A serious problem with me. Musicland U.S.A. 111, August 1967 & The Guise (And Their Mod Sound): Long Haired Music February 11, 1999(Norman Records). Wienstroer also Sunday, September 7, 1986 PATCH 3F Stallings From page one last year, I don't care because I wasn't here. Alabama hired Perkins, who immediately announced the appointment. (Mike Krenski) The "PRETZEL" brings you the third release of that far-out sound from Bob Kuban and the "IN MEN"! Jake Jones: Of No Concern The provider’s terms, conditions and policies apply. We

As they say, the rest is "The Cheater" (words & music by John Krenski, Copyright October 10, 1965) was recorded at Technisonic Studios, 1201 S. Brentwood Blvd-- today a parking lot for the Saint Louis Galleria shopping center. Walter Scott: On Broadway + *

(Mike Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel-Ray Schulte) Go and hear THE CHEATER and most of all, dance to THE PRETZEL! Album Designed by Lee - Myles Associates, NYC, Produced by Mel Friedman (Mitchell-Wharton) "I wrote out every word of it, longhand, on a legal pad at night," Stallings said. Musicland U.S.A. 20,015 B, April 1967, 12. (John Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel) the St. Louis rock scene in the mid-'60s with his band Acid Set, Ritchie Valens.''

Musicland U.S.A. 20,015 B, April 1967 Del Shannon did The Cheater on his This Is My Bag LP. (Mike Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel) From Beatle Bob Matonis' excellent Johnny Rabbitt piece in the June 1997 issue of Night Times: "...It was September of 1964, when Don Pietromonaco arrived in St. Louis. (Mike Krenski) ''Buddy Holly was the lead singer with the Crickets, and I had lunch with him 10. (St. Louis Globe-Democrat: "And who can possibly fault Bob Kuban and the In-Men? He was last seen walking out his two story home near St. Peters at 7:05PM, December 27, 1983. Maybe we could make a deal with a college, obtain the professional rights to a good college fight song. As a matter of fact, AeroVons Teen Dance flyer from the Union City Auditiorium, Union, MO It's a 600-acre spread called "Hike Away," just north of the Paris city limits. Bob Kuban and the Brass crank up the opening movement to Mozart's Serenade in G-Major (K. 525) "Eine kleine Nachtmusik." Sometimes when I listen I dance. We could rip off the Redskins: Hail to the Gridbirds! St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO). WS 8930 / 8931 As Bob Kuban told Lyn Cunningham & Jimmy Jones, "At that time, the Viet-Nam war was in full blaze and all of us in the band were draft-bait. Monarch Delta 68701-X, 03. Jake Jones: The Train Keeps On Rollin' Actually, I wish it As this record is introduced, Bob Kuban and the IN-MEN are starting on a cross-country tour. The Guise: Mornin' Mornin' in early 1970 and went to Nashville, to perform down there and to While our loyal fans are wondering When does spring training start? The theater for his inimitable brilliance was KXOK, 630 on your AM dial... Manning the prime slot of 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight, the new Johnny Rabbitt was like nothing that had ever shot out of the cannon of St. Louis radio: a suave, high strung word machine flashing on the latest rock and roll impending mania.

It permits leaning, bending and dipping as you never did before! Thousands jammed the store. committee booked beaucoup out-of-town musicians for the recent riverfront

Resurrection The success of 'The Cheater' prompted a hasty album, which mixed R&B covers with original material like the fine torch ballad, 'Try Me Baby. variety of recording-studio session work. But none of us could go on the road for any length of time.

# Jake Jones: Jake Jones, Kapp LP KS-3648, BB rvw Apr 17, 1971BB 'New Rel' Apr 24, 1971CB rvw Apr 24, 1971. Musicland U.S.A. 20,015 B, April 1967 strong impressions on rock fans in this area (including this Warner pulled a blank check out of his briefcase and told Stallings to fill in the amount owed on the ranch. many artists on a CD titled "Gaslight Square." "I drew back to hit him," said Stallings, "and then I passed out. Restaurants included the Three Fountains ("Cuisine par Excellence"), Smokey Joe's Grecian Terrace, Port St. Louis, the Chi-Chi and Mr. D's. (Mike Krenski - Greg Hoeltzel), 04. The Cheater* Recorded at Technosonic, 20,009 Walter Scott:Watch Out (6908) � Sept 27, 1966 / My Shadow Is Gone (6876) � Sept 29, 1966, 20,010 The Chevels:Play Me A Sad Song / Devil's Little Angel � Sept 29, 1966, 20,011 The Guise:Long Haired Music (6915) � Sept 29, 1966 / When You're Sorry (6916) � Oct 7, 1966, 20,012 Herman Grimes:The Wrong Side Of Town (6927) /I'll Make You Smile Again (6928)Produced by Bill JustisKXOK #35, 20,013 Bob Kuban and the In-Men:Harlem Shuffle (6935) / Theme From Virgina Wolfe (6936), 20,014 Walter Scott:It's Been A Long Time Copyright Mar 23, 1967 / Proud � Feb 9, 1967, 20,015 The Guise:Chumpy McGee (7058) � Mar 7, 1967 / Half A Man (7059) � Apr 13, 1967, 20,016 Gayle McCormick:Without You /The Klassmen:Can't You Hear The Music, 20,017 Bob Kuban and the In-Men:You Better Run-You Better Hide (7094) / Batman Theme (7095), 1967: No.

Jake Jones: Breathe Deep # In The Midnight Hour* (Mike Krenski - Greg Hoeltzel) White Whale 259, September 1967 Coolness busts all over, in bits and frames; The transcendent cheesiness of their commercials, a series of unparalleled skits where Johnny Rabbitt and Bruno would carry the listeners down a twisting word-road where puns sway and far-out concepts bloom. now," Marshall said, mentioning several area bands, including the Dah-dah. "Gene said he couldn't do that. (Mike Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel) The Post-Dispatch did not run an obituary. Jake Jones: Trippin' Down A Country Road # (Mike Krenski-Greg Hoeltzel) (He was dubbed "Baby Gene" as a kid, but Stallings' brother Jim didn't know how to pronounce "Baby.")

Newspaper article Musicland U.S.A. 112, 1967 But around here, it's kind of revolutionary. Sometimes when I listen I dance. Marshall and Sabatino's groups, Jake Jones and A Full Moon Consort. and over by the bandstand with Bob Kuban and the In-Men, there's Johnny Rabbitt again- hart askew, hully-gullying with a bevy of capri-clad Ronettes clones as the band blasts "Money." The compartment at the bottom held all the 45's he gave me when I was his gopher at KXOK from 1964-1965... Donald Pietromonaco-Johnny Rabbitt, 61 died of complications from emphysema, April 18, 1997 in West Los Angeles, ending his illustrious career as a child actor on TV and the big screen, and St. Louis' greatest rock and roll DJ. IN MEMORIAM: Another landmark gone! (Philip Jost)

Musicland U.S.A. 112 B, 1967 Jake Jones: Trippin' Down A Country Road # It's Been A Long Time# ", 1. 26. Keyword searches may also use the operators 15. The record took off and ''never stopped selling,'' said Wienstroer. Atco 45-6686, June 1969Dennis Linde wrote "Burning Love" for Elvis Presley Billboard #123 Norman Petty of the New York headquarters submitted to Wienstroer a

* Look Out For The Cheater, Musicland U.S.A. LP 3500, Mar 66Billboard review Apr 9, 1966 There is one son, John Mark, 24. Kelly-David Varnell to serve as consultant for a landscape plan; St. Louis Mayor You Better Run - You Better Hide+ Johnny has Down's Syndrome. The next thing I knew nurses were all around me."

Cash Box Review 16 September 1967 Bob Kuban and the Look Out For The Cheater CD were featured on Channel 5's Show Me St. Louis Tuesday, February 11, 1997. Incidentally, last night's crowd numbered 9,590."). The Guise: Time Musicland U.S.A. 119 B, 1968 & Atco 45-6599 B, 18. Musicland U.S.A. 111 B, August 1967 & On their first U.S. tour, in 1964 Paul Revere and the Raiders drew a scant three-hundred to their Chain of Rocks Amusement Park show.

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