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A customer who works a 9-5 can find something on Pop of Junk just as well as a video vixen could find something she likes. This comes as a surprise to Future’s fans, considering the fact that he and Brittni just announced they were getting back together. Chavis, who also has a child with Bow Wow, is allegedly now pregnant with Future's fifth child. Brittni said the amount is not enough, she is asking for the cash she didn’t received during the months she didn’t get any. The Atlanta rapper shared multiple clips of himself lounging with Brittni Mealy—mother of Prince, one of Future's four children—including one in which he calls Mealy his "queen. And today a second baby mama identified as Brittni Mealy is suing his ****, Mealy slaped him with a paternity suit this February, he took responsibility for this child on June 8th when he legally recognized the child as his own, he also asked for joined custody and agreed on giving child support, the sum was going to be determine by the court. I did my best and always loved unconditionally and been the sweetest girl I could be, even when I knew he didn’t deserve it.”. However, the news of their rekindled romance came after his other ex-girlfriend claimed she was pregnant, Joie Chavis. Then he addresses the camera to say, "This is my queen, my everything, right here.". Most significantly, she came into the spotlight being the mother of one of the children of the famous rapper, Future. Rapper Future has had a lot of drama on his hands recently. | bodysuit top @unicornuniverseusa ??????? Therefore, Brittni Mealy might be taking good care of her son, Prince. Along with Future’s son, Prince, she is also taking care of her son, Jay. According to Wikipedia, Future has four children – (five if Joie is actually pregnant) – with four different women, Ciara, India J, Brittni Mealy, and Jessica Smith. Some fans were still not buying her explanation which only raised more questions than she wants to answer. The name Prince is of Latin origin, meaning Royal Son. But it looks like things may have gone left between him and Brittni since then. Prince was excited about his birthday party and he really loved it. “Let me make things crystal clear, I am not with him in no way and never will be again. Brittni Mealy surprised Rapper Future’s son, Prince with a party on his 7th birthday. RELAX”. We never have.”, Share Tweet . Then I planned what type of merchandise I would sell. Now, it seems the rapper could be in yet another heated battle with one of his baby mamas Brittni Mealy. After months (maybe years?) Required fields are marked *. You can also subscribe without commenting. Brittni Mealy is an entrepreneur and model by profession. Express Your Reaction . _taboola.push({ “Okay. Ciara, on the other hand, sued him for slander, libel, and defamation.

Perhaps, Future has a strong love bond with his children including Prince Wilburn. It's an intimate moment from the notoriously drama-prone MC. She seems to have great experience in parenting her children. Giving a glance at Brittni Mealy’s Instagram profile, she often posts photos of herself with her sons. She must have gathered a grand fortune from her career. placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', View Future's Instagram posts with Brittni Mealy below. I had all ages in mind when I created my brand. And spoke exclusively to Brittni Mealy, who claims to be the mother of "Turn On The Lights" rapper Future's 2-month old son. No wonder, it seems as though the gorgeous Brittni is doing a fantastic job as a mother.

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