buzzz ss vs mako3

I would definitely suggest you try it out. This means the Mako3 is able to stay in the air a little longer and cover a little more distance. So what are the 17 best mid-range discs? Z line gets some wild tree kicks while flx just absorbs it and sits flat. Even though flight ratings might suggest that this disc would be tougher to throw than others on this list, it’s an easy disc to throw.

Mako3 is nice when you want to power down but still go straight.

Ranges from 1 to 14 with 14 meaning the disc has to be thrown very fast. The Buzzz SS and the Mako3 both have a speed rating of 5. They've got the convex wing that turns some people off. The Mako3 is rated a 0 for fade while the Buzzz SS is rated a 1.

You can throw a Buzzz MUCH harder and have it keep the same line. View the Innova Champion Mako3 at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you. You can view the Discraft Buzzz SS and the Innova Mako3 on Amazon for more information about how these discs might work for you. The Claymore is a nice mid-range that was part of the 2014 Trilogy Challenge.

In other words, a relatively high speed mid that likes going straight or turning a bit, but doesn't power down particularly well? The Buzzz is that different rim style akin to an emac truth, etc. Remember, turn is -5 to 1, so you want around a 0 to -4 amount of turn (0 is fairly straight and will turn more as you get to -4). definitely get one asap here on Well.

If that's the case, I'd like to be one of... I’m the player and editor of – a site for disc golf lovers to come together and learn more about the sport. I don't understand why you would change all your discs bc a pro is.

I played poorly for a couple of months using advanced discs. I’ve found that the Mako3 is straighter on a gentle throw and slightly understable on a power throw, while the Buzzz is reliably stable even if I crank it.

Looking for more content? The fourth number. The Buzzz SS comes in the options Z, Z FLX, ESP, and Titanium. The Axis is, as puts it, “a reliable ultra straight flying midrange disc with forward penetrating end of flight fade, the MVP Axis has a smooth sail and fair speed.” As a beginner disc, the Axis is fantastic because it usually glides very well after thrown and doesn’t have a lot of fade on the end of flight.

As an affiliate, this website earns from qualifying purchases. Well, we’ve got it below! The Buzzz SS can handle a bit more speed than the Comet can, so this may make the SS preferable for players who like to throw their midrange discs hard, or players with higher arm-speed in general. I started playing disc golf a few years back…and I was BAD. I have multiple buzzzs and one buzzz SS. Comet is superior to both! Those skills are as follows: Technique: discing down will allow your flaws to come out. You can get a Truth here on Those who enjoyed the Innova Mako will find that the Mako3 has a very similar feel but is slightly faster than the original. 27 Best Disc Golf Shoes: Ranked by Price! Glide: you want as much glide as possible. Why? I’ve put together this post of the 17 best disc golf mid-range discs for beginners like you. If you are looking for another mid-range disc to add to your bag, look no further than two of the most popular brands on the market: Discraft and Innova. is a participant in the Affiliate Program, a program designed to provide a means for disc golf sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Anyways, the Panther can be a great disc for your arsenal. Mako3 vs Buzzz SS. As you progress, you’ll be able to take on the discs near the end of this list. It’s reliability makes it a great disc for new players, so check this one out if you’re a beginner.

I’m a little bit biased on this disc because it was the first mid-range I ever received and threw and it helped me out tremendously in the beginning. I personally liked it better than my Buzzz SS. Both discs are similar to the models that came before them, so if you are already partial to one of these brands, you will likely enjoy these most recent models as well. Hopefully we can help you love it, too! But the Mako’s flight rating make it just a tiny bit easier to throw. I bought a gstar mako3 and didn't like it. And the Pearl will give it to you. Hopefully you enjoyed all of that extra content! For right hand back hand throwers (rhbh which is most throwers), the more high-speed turn, the more the disc will turn to the right when first thrown. If you really want to improve your game, this book will help you.

Conversely, the Comet has more glide than the SS, making it more suitable for players looking to gain some extra distance or for players with naturally lower arm-speed.

It’s a disc that is easy to throw and normally always flies the way you want it to. If you’ve got bad form and technique, and then you use mid-range discs, all of it will be exposed. Grab one here on So the Mako is worth a try. is compensated for referring traffic and business Amazon. I am an avid disc golfer and lover of the sport.


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