c6rs vs zr1

:thumb: I just wrote a letter to the editor of Corvette Magazine about wanting to see this happen and I was not alone. At 3215 pounds, the C6RS is blazingly fast—effectively matching the ZR1’s power-to-weight ratio—and although we have yet to strap test equipment to it, … Occasionally, he would rope Ron Fellows into playing with him and Tabbutt. We may earn a commission through links on our site. The C6 ZR1 helped bring about that era. C6 looks plain old in comparions to the C7 and this is coming from a ex Z06 owner blacked out, ZR1 lip, sides, spoiler that car as gorgeous, but the C7 Z06 will be a game changer just like the C6 Z06 was 7 year ago. It's free! VIDEO: 2019 Corvette ZR1 vs. 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500, FOR SALE: 1,000-Mile 1993 Corvette Convertible 40th Anniversary, FOR SALE: 2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Special Edition, GM Issues a Technical Service Bulletin for the Incorrect Radio Label on the 2020 Corvette, New Carbon Fiber Accessories are Coming for the 2021 Corvette, Chevrolet LT5 Engine: Specs, Applications, & More, Chevrolet LT2 Engine: Specifications, Applications, & More, Some 2020 Corvettes are Getting Check Engine Lights Coming On, List & Sell Your Corvette on CorvSport.com. Of course, Chevrolet’s C6.R racing team also provides R&D; feedback for future Corvettes. In a year when Ferrari's mid-engined F430 supercar offered just 503 hp in its most potent form, Chevy dropped a 638-hp monster onto American streets. Everyone should send a letter to show them just how much interest there is to see this happen. 25 were produced in the first year. More impressive still, the engine was designed to run on E85 fuel. And the Vette’s 1.07-g cornering clobbers the Ferrari’s 0.98 g. From the driver’s perspective, however, the cars are fundamentally different. It also has heated seats, which was a rare luxury in performance cars at the time. If the guys at Corvette magazine are looking for a ZR1 and a C6RS I can help them out, but no luck with the Callaway. It was an unbelievable amount of speed not just for the price, but for any car ten years ago. At 3.3 seconds, the 599 is just 0.1 second quicker to 60, with a 206-mph top end versus the Vette’s 205. It'd be faster, more practical, and come with a warranty. Given its straight-line acceleration capabilities, this seemed the only obvious choice. With results like these, the ZR1 is ready to stare down the world’s elite supercars on both road and track, and its price of $105,000 represents a giddy bargain among ultra-high-performance automobiles. Launching just before the Corvette ZR1 arrived, the Corvette C6RS is essentially a road-legal version of the C6.R race car. Compared to the standard Z06, the Z6RS is around 1.5 inches wider and boasts superior aerodynamics thanks to the functional louvers fitted to the front fenders and rear brakes. However, if extra style and aero stick are what you’re after, then you can get yours with a factory bo… In all, just seven C6RS Corvettes were built, despite Pratt & Miller’s original plan to build 25 of these powerful automobiles.

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