condor golok vs duku

Indeed, Condor Tool & Knife with Hardwood handle and sheath is the best addition in Condor Tools. Great weight, blade design, length, steel, handle shape, great price, and a pretty decent sheath. Including a robust high carbon steel blade that is useful to remove all the trail obstructions. Knocked the shoulders off and convexed the edge back a few millimeters. Let’s explore Parang machetes. Combining the reach of a machete with the heft of an axe, the parang excels at both chopping and detail work. Unlike other models, the steel metal doesn’t get prone to rusty. If you do a search on here, I think it was Jason, did a review on some condor items. I recently picked up a 1" x 30" belt sander at Harbor Freight (only ~$35.00) and some different belts to use on it. I also considered the Condor Boomslang, which looks pretty neat, but decided on the Warlock due to a little more working length and weight forward chopping power, while still a mid-sized tool. Condor makes some sweet looking designs, but I don't have any field experience with them. Now, high-value tools from Gerber and Condor are changing that. Kershaw Camp is the best machete in my opinion. Both works for a heavy-duty tool but Parang is slightly shorter than section aspiring ranges 10 to 24 inches while machetes range from 10 to 28 inches. Denser vegetation dictated a thicker, stronger, sometimes broader blade that gets its power from its weight. through a bunch of small saplings, vines, you name it. Best Parang Machete is a versatile needed tool for anyone going for outdoor activities or clearing bushes, chopping as well as for survival. You are now subscribed to Indefinitely Wild Don't know if this is a QC thing with Condor or what. The machete size is between 10” to 28”. The sheath is made of nylon ensuring durability. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"The best metal for a machete is steel. The only one in their line-up that looks like what I'm after is the Junglas, but I like a parang or golok style a bit better. Moreover, its overall length is 19.6 inch, and the blade length is 13.7 inch. I have a Condor Warlock inbound (looks to be a sort of golok-parang design), to replace a SOG machete I've had for years that I've found to be largely substandard for my uses. Leather sheath. Just the thing for hacking away at the jungle all day, then preparing dinner at night. Garber product gives high-quality for life to be used, so this product has a limited lifetime guarantee. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"The machete size is between 10” to 28”. I haven't spent any time on Jungle Training Forums, but given their focus was hoping they discussed some other blades on there. During that week on Maui, I used the parang to chop firewood, clear vines, and open coconuts. The Kershaw offers reasonable price with 100% functionality. So, it is a faithful companion for survival. You can read more about that here. I’d have been much better off buying, You’ll find a variety of parang-style tools out there these days. The best metal for a machete is steel. Just wanted to hear from folks on this forum about any other experiences with Condor or other manufacturer's choppers/machetes/parangs, etc. Just holding one makes you want to run around the house hacking at stuff. "}},{"@type":"Question","name":"What Size Machete Is Best? Featuring a recurve blade and a lanyard hole for vital use and secure fit grip during any condition or situation. It is heavy, but feels nice in the hand and balances well as far as I'm concerned. I've been experimenting on my SP8 and produced a good, strong convex edge on it. I also have an Esee Junglas, and it's an incredible chopping tool. Moreover, its full tang which provides you a balanced machete and a secure grip. A little pricier thanks to its fancy-looking hammered blade, that tool is much easier to manage with its 12-inch blade, but otherwise features the same quality and versatility. However, it depends on the blade size, tang length, as well as handle size. Although it has a thicker blade but enough for everything, it’s lightweight in your hands but meets all the needs of an ax. It's all good and thanks for searching! I’d have been much better off buying Condor’s Village Parang. Golok machete is slightly heavy and short than parang. Using that in combination with fine grit sections of sand paper (up to 2000) on a thin foam pad along with my strops (with compound and just plain leather), I've been able to put a keen edge on a few knives in fairly short order. I have a Condor Warlock inbound (looks to be a sort of golok-parang design), to replace a SOG machete I've had for years that I've found to be largely substandard for my uses. Parang Duku Shandong has a long blade that is enough for clearing brushes without any hassle. Parang machete is best for woody material without lodging in the article. That usually stays in my truck, anyway. The sheath is really well made, but just needs worked and softened up. Traditionally hammered into shape and sharpened by hand, parangs feature three distinct blade profiles: they’re thin and sharp near the handle, for preparing food and other fine work, broad and blunter in the middle, for chopping, and sharp and pointed toward the tip, for skinning and drilling. The Fox model is also intriguing. Our first view of the Condor Duku Parang Machette - Part Number CTK42616HC Available at Some made by Condor are called Dukus or Goloks, and while they differ slightly in geometry, they end up being very similar in purpose. Even cheaper is Gerber’s $28 Bear Grylls Survival Parang, which is a good buy if you’re not yet sure parang life is for you. All in all, it’s all depend on what type of blade is best for your work, so be careful while picking a knife. Kershaw 12” blade with full tang machete made of carbon steel Latin-style blade is the best parang. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Due to its extremely versatile design, a parang machete is used as both for ax and knife purposes. Hopefully, in our compiled list of Parang machetes will help you that is fit well into your needs. Mostly Golok range from 10 to 28 … Based in El Salvador, Condor is able to produce shockingly high-quality tools, then sell them here at very low prices. Today I stripped all of the black coating off of it with spray on paint stripper and am currently in the process of forcing a patina onto it with apple cider vinegar. I also looked at the John "Lofty" Wiseman (former SAS) bush parang, but the price was too steep for a tool that I'll only use in certain environments. Plus, I don't think it balances quite right for use like a parang style design does. Included multiple lanyard holes also keep safety. Its blade is also thinner at 3/16-inch. So the question is: Do you need a parang in your life? Overall length is 19.5” which is also best in the kitchen. Due to its lower strength, it doesn’t grab the edge as carbon steel machetes. "uploadDate": "2019-11-13T15:10:24.000Z", Because it works efficiently in every situation. Also all the handles seemed very round, I'd definitly be taking some material off the sides to make them more oval. /QUOTE]. I am very happy with it and am impressed with it's quality. Some made by Condor are called Dukus or Goloks, and while they differ slightly in geometry, they end up being very similar in purpose. "}},{"@type":"Question","name":"What Is The Best Metal For A Machete? Due to its lower strength, it doesn’t grab the edge as carbon steel machetes. The blade came sharp enough to cleanly slice paper in fine no problem there, although I will work on it some to knock the shoulders off and convex it more to a keen but strong edge. You can cut a tone of brush with very little effort expended in a very short period of time. The ones I have seen in person certainly could use a bit of sharpening and I personally would re-profile them, but then I have some different ideas then most on edge profile. So Parang means to whittle and notch! We use those in SAR as they trump anything when you need to clear a litter trail, etc. When it comes to the middle section, it is kept less sharp while the back is sharpened as a fine edge for carving. If that sounds dangerous, SAS Survival Guide author Lofty Wiseman is here to provide you with basic parang instruction. 01. FAQ | Mailing List | Email | 888.464.1875. The Warlock looks like it will answer the mail just fine, and it's gotten some good reviews. Its full tang maximizes your comfort to hold it with ease. If any defect CRKT Onion Half Chance Parang 14” Pledge Nylon Sheath K9920KKP then you can repair it but its warranty period is limited. Our rigorous coverage helps spark important debates about wellness and travel and adventure, and it provides readers an accessible gateway to new outdoor passions. Parang is commonly used for cleaning bush and cutting branches while Golok is designed with a flexible carbon steel blade used for soft woody material. The sheath of this machete is made of solid nylon which has a little survival guide that makes it more worthy. Just like other Condor Machete, this machete also has sheath textured in leather to provide the right level of safety. I would say that the way it chops sets it apart from most tools as it has a far keener edge than a hatchet but it also has more weight than a machete so its almost and amalgamation of the two making it very handy. Golok machete is slightly heavy and short than parang. However, it depends on the blade size, tang length, as well as handle size. A nice leather sheath completes the package, resulting in a tool that embarrasses large survival knives costing three to four times as much, on both quality and usefulness. When you buy something using the retail links in our stories, we may earn a small commission. If you want a well-balancing Parang machete, then United Cutlery is the best one. Best Parang Machete is used for general purposes, that’s why its blade has three different zones such as the front part is designed like razor-sharp for use as a skinning knife.

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