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He's not designing cars or engines - he's fixing them. Last, but not least, Chrysler enhanced now supports model years '01 - '05. Other YouTubers such as. September 25th, 2017 AutoEnginuity Giotto (15.3) ReleaseGiotto 15.3 introduces a leap forward in coverage for Jaguar, Land Rover, and Porsche. Here's the story behind the man. Scotty earned his master’s degree from the University of Illinois, the flagship institution of the University of Illinois system. Tuesday, October 9, 2018 Giotto (16.3) ReleaseGiotto® 16.3 introduces Lamborghini enhanced support and finalizes 18MY coverage support the enhanced expansions and improves actuations speed. Monday is a tool giveaway video, Tuesday and Friday is auto repair, Wednesday and Sunday are for viewers' cars and modifications, while Thursday and Saturday are reserved for Q&A. In 1994, he published a book titled: Everyone’s Guide To Buying A Used Car. Our new address is 3715 E. Palm ST., Mesa, AZ 85215. Many believed that Kilmer's advice can be over the top and even harmful to cars in the long run, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Title sponsors for the car include AutoEnginuity and Soyko Industries. With this update the technician can now calibrate cameras, radar solutions, sonar, and other collision prevention devices. This is the third edition to this renowned book series by Pelican Parts owner, Wayne R. Dempsey. We’re the ultimate Kia Soul community dedicated to Soul owners and fans! November 19th, 2012 AutoEnginuity ScanTool 11.0 ReleaseScanTool 11.0 introduces 12MY enhanced support. Additionally, the money you receive from YouTube depends on things like the age of your audience, video length, and if you use a YouTube network or not. June 8th, 2005 AutoEnginuity Reviewed in DSport MagazineDSport Magazine takes a look at the ScanTool and SpeedTracer products in the July 2005 issue. This new video incorporates the AutoEnginuity ScanTool as a teaching tool. However, if your YouTube channel has most of the views from Tier 1 countries then the amount of money you get for 1 million views might range from $4,500 to $16,500. As with all releases, we include bugs fixes and improvements to the product functionality such as easier feature activation and GM PID dropout fixes to name just a few.

Eating a protein-packed breakfast and lunch helps you burn more post-meal fat than if you eat lower-protein meals, according to Australian research. RELATED: Here’s How Much Emelia Hartford Is Worth Today, Looking ahead, Scotty Kilmer is developing a car advice app called “Car Killer”. Other than being the most conscientious YouTuber, Kilmer also has two live podcasts that go up on Thursday and Saturday on AutoMaven called On The Road With Scotty. This accelerated schedule will help our collision facilities and health check customers get the coverage they need--as soon as they need it. If he really likes something, he’ll tell you that you’re stupid for not agreeing with him. I love the guy. Congratulations you guys. December 19th, 2012 Vehicle Service Pros Podcast Vehicle Service Pros interviews Jay Horak of AutoEnginuity about the products diesel capabilities. Love him or hate him, he’s bigger and more popular than most any other YouTube channel in existence at the moment, and that is a fairly significant thing. This version focuses on completing our port of enhanced expansions (i.e., Jaguar and Land Rover) to the ProLine hardware. He considers his Isuzu D-Max V-Cross, Suzuki Ciaz, and Royal Enfield Classic 500, the three current flames of his life. The Nissan/Infiniti expansion will now have support for 19 new CAN systems to include the ADP, LDW, TPMS, HVEC, and HVAC. Scotty Kilmer married Leslie, a teacher, in 1979. No, his videos aren’t very technical and there’s not much editing involved – but it’s still a ton of work nonetheless and amazed that he’s been able to do it for so long. Should you need help, or require more information, during the repair of your vehicle, knowledgeable professional mechanics can help provide that. The PDA ScanTool, with it's support for 38 factory-level data streams is an unprecedented amount of coverage for even hand-held devices. I mean…can you imagine Scotty as an anthropologist? He moved to Houston at 23 years of age and decided to fix cars, just like his grandfather did. We sent engineering to dozens of european dealerships in the United States and the United Kingdom to ensure that our coverage was the most complete in the industry. Yes, he talks about the things I’m most interested in (cars), but his quirky personality rubs me the wrong way. The Scotty Kilmer YouTube channel is run with more passion and energy than than many other automotive channels these days. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. You can read all the details in the the August 2004 issue. But for the rest of us, it’s a light-hearted (and useful) guide that I can’t recommend highly enough. October 14th, 2009 Autobody News Spotlights AutoEnginuityThe October issue (Vol. Scotty is very proud of the fact that he doesn’t do sponsorships. This release adds also new functionality for Toyota, Nissan, Honda, GM, Chrysler and Audi / VW. For … WOW, a love fest! Now supporting the new OBDII extended sensors (to include wide-band oxygen sensors). Click here to read the 40 MPG Comparison article. Read about us here: Reading OBDII Fuel Injection Systems. September 29th, 2005 Version 3.6 Releases Version 3.6 expands our Chrysler and Toyota enhanced coverage. Click here to view the video review: YouTube Video. Finally, the Nissan DDL1 (AC06) adaptor cable is now available for DDL1 14pin interfaces. April 15th, 2007 Version 5.0 of ScanTool ReleasedScanTool 5.0 introduces powerful new user-interface features such as the ability to change systems with a single key-stroke, more powerful vehicle selection with color-coded fields to assist in proper model selection, now with full text translation of state and mode sensors, and printing of any live data stream. This is quite unlike other YouTubers who earn the big bucks to buy the big cars. See the video here: Video Review. November 25th, 2005 Version 4.0 of ScanTool ReleasedThis release introduces our completely re-designed user-interface. Arun Singh Pundir has been a longtime media crackerjack and worked most of his life in sales and marketing. Our booth is #1473. April 16th, 2009 Auto Atlantic features AutoEnginuity in "Silent Warriors" ArticleThe May 2009 issue of Auto Atlantic magazine features an article by John Cannell entitled "The Silent Warrior: PC Based Test Tools and Diagnostics". February 21st, 2017 AutoEnginuity Giotto (15.1) ReleaseGiotto 15.1 introduces more collision-specific support for BMW, Honda / Acura, and Toyota-family vehicles. January 19th, 2010 Version 8.1 of ScanTool ReleaseAutoEnginuity releases version 8.1 of the ScanTool software. Scotty, deep into an over-exaggerated explanation as to why your car sucks. November 6th, 2016 AutoEnginuity Giotto (15.0) ReleaseGiotto 15.0 introduces '16 support for all enhanced makes. Of course, not everyone is a fan of his less-than-ordinary and one-off voice modulation and there are times it can get grating. This update encompasses resolving any missing support from European-specific models (i.e. Utilizing the newest and best suited technologies for the task: Bluetooth and 2.4 Mhz RF. And as a bonus, he also provides tips on essential auto maintenance for all autos, used or not. Not only that, it’s a freaking Masters degree in anthropology of all things! April 7th, 2014 AutoEnginuity ScanTool 12.1 ReleaseScanTool 12.1 release includes new updates to the 13MY coverage and fixes minor issues. In October, 2020, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee. May 5th, 2006 Version 4.2 of ScanTool ReleasedVersion 4.2 introduces enhanced Nissan/Infiniti coverage for engine, A/T, BCM (non-CAN), ABS, airbags, 4WD, and Locking Differential systems for all '00 - '06. Depending on the type of content of your YouTube video, you can expect a big difference in the money received. Our Toyota enhanced now supports vehicles up to the model year of 2005; while adding 1K new trouble code descriptions, and dozens of more sensors and actuator commands. As Kilmer describes his channel, “never shown any sponsored content and proud of it, just the truth about everything (cars)”. The Scotty Kilmer’s YouTube channel is expected to reach 4,000,000 subscribers by September 2020. He got them from his daughter in law, who brought them back from Singapore as a gift. Thursday, April 11, 2019 Giotto (17.1) ReleaseGiotto® 17.1 finalizes 19MY coverage. Download the audio file here: NBC Interview with Jay Horak. And the fact that he has uploaded 2 videos a day for a long time. June 30th, 2014 AutoEnginuity ScanTool 12.2 ReleaseScanTool 12.2 release adds new features and fixes.

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