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We took the time to precisely go through it line and break down it’s meaning to what it truly means to be a Delta Zeta. What fraternity was Guy Potter Benton a part of? After leaving the next morning, we all agreed to having a greater sense of family within our chapter.Some planned events we look forward to this semester include our All You Can Eat Baked Potato Dinner (proceeds donated to the Painted Turtle Camp), initiating our 3, beautiful new COB girls, a Pancake Dinner, Parents Luncheon, tons of sisterhoods, Relay for Life, and a Time Capsule event held by our historian. Our discussion of the creed, had the biggest impact on us girls. However, we still welcomed 5 girls, along with 2 more in COB, into our chapter and we are so excited to watch them grow in DZ!We also found out that we have been rewarded with one of the highest GPAs of all the Greek organizations on our campus. Over the break, Zeta Beta sent the following members to Chicago CORE training: Jenna Weber, Vice President of Membership; Mallory Mork, Vice President of Programming; and Sydney Puyleart, Ritual and Song Guard. Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 8. The event is taking place at the Red Cedar Trail, a very beautiful and scenic trail in our college town of Menomonie, Wisconsin. 300. What bible passage is read during initiation. h��U�O[U>������R�`��qR(��$� �d��ځk0F���G��5�[AFL�X������uN;�D����dCtcѐ9������1�x����8��q�^� �>$�,b��b�&�M��h�"�-��+g9H�ZY+)��s������-�W�b��V4H]t~k}��=� For example, in our line “To whom my life may touch in slight measure, May I give graciously of what is mine”, we all discussed how that meant extending our knowledge to others, whether it be tangible or not. We've been around for 63 years and we're still going strong! Participants also spent time addressing global officer skills including approaching conflict, communication, and team-building techniques. What are the only items that can be attached to our badge? What items, used in our ritual, are being described: This semester Zeta Beta is emphasizing its focus on its recruitment efforts and is looking forward to a robust spring recruitment season. Some of these events include our Hit for Hearing event, Hamburgers for Hearing, a Butter Braid fundraiser, building of a time chest (capsule), and our recent DZ Retreat. How many women participate in the ceremony (who have lines) other than the guards? 400. h�bbd``b`�$ׂ+ ��$�f f' ���: We are preparing for our 2nd annual Hike for Hearing event put on by our VP of Philanthropy. 2824 0 obj <> endobj This is an exciting time for our chapter and we can’t wait to welcome some new members. a blunt, thick needle with a large eye used especially for drawing tape or cord through a hem. Which ritual song do we also sing during recruitment? We currently have a total of 30 members in our chapter, and we are hoping to grow even more! It was a great learning experience for them and they can't wait to implement the ideas they learned into our chapter. What Greek goddess is our ritual based on? Sisterhood Celebration. Written by: Christina Scinto, LAMP Editor/Historian. What are the official titles of our 2 guards? Over the break, Zeta Beta sent the following members to Chicago CORE training: Jenna Weber, Vice President of Membership; Mallory Mork, Vice President of Programming; and Sydney Puyleart, Ritual and Song Guard. If you haven’t watched the Go Live Truly Sisterhood Celebration message, watch now! Can whites be worn in public or photographed? What is the phrase in latin at the bottom of the crest? At the end of the summer, our chapter all got together in Hudson, Wisconsin for our annual retreat. The Zeta Beta Chapter at the University of Wisconsin/Stout has had an exciting school year in 2016. %%EOF What is the only jewelry that can be worn during ritual (other than the badge)? Learn more here. jvklcvjlkc Symbols ”Your badge is an outward symbol of an inner commitment.” -Maureen Syring Secret Non Secret Ceremonies Password / Hand Shake Meaning of the Badge Meaning of the Crest Mission Statement Symbols Creed Components What is Ritual Preparing New Members Better We were so excited for formal recruitment and to meet so many PMN’s to potentially welcome into our chapter. Lyrics to Delta Zeta Lamps Are Burningmay be found in the Music Section of this manual. Who covers the DZ handshake when entering chapter? We are so proud of our members for having high academic standards. The chapter won best overall in the Homecoming Parade, including spirit, float decoration, and participation. The chapter also holds fundraisers throughout the year to benefit Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Our learning app and virtual meetings make it possible to engage from anywhere. Lastly, we spoke of selflessness, because being a DZ, we strive to love others, and put them before ourselves to ensure their happiness and well-being. endstream endobj startxref When the Zeta Beta Chapter participated in the University of Wisconsin/Stour's Relay for Life with a goal to raise $1,000, the chapter was astounded to raise more than $3,000 with the very generous donations of others, "As a smaller chapter," Caitlin VanHaren, Historian and LAMP Editor, explained "even surpassing a small goal like this made us so happy! After a very busy summer, we are back into the full swing of school and ready for another semester of sisterhood and philanthropy events. Also, during this retreat, we learned some fun new chants and songs from our song chair, in preparation for next recruitment season. By: Grace Heiss- Historian/LAMP Editor, Fall 2019The LAMPZeta BetaIt has been a busy year for the Zeta Beta chapter at the University of Wisconsin – Stout. If wearing socks, the ankle band can be no more than _____ inches tall? 2842 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<53718E2DAB77DB4F85903359490C8A27><1661CA139383AE47A68BCD083AC595E0>]/Index[2824 26]/Info 2823 0 R/Length 90/Prev 1225994/Root 2825 0 R/Size 2850/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream We have an average 3.41 GPA. a stick or spindle onto which wool or flax is wound for spinning How many times do you knock to enter a 'ritual' room? Officers left CORE with a newfound sense of clarity and the willpower to commit to their goals in their respective positions.In addition to CORE, President Grace Daleki attended Presidents Academy in Dallas, Texas. All of us brought our sleeping goodies, along with games and snacks to keep the night going. 0 Our sister, Emma, is getting married September 2020! Makeup and nail polish should be in neutrals; why? Presidents learn how to inspire chapter members success through the pursuit of goals while using the Delta Zeta’s values as a foundational guide.With this newfound sense of knowledge, our chapter is ready to fully embody Delta Zeta’s Core Values of friendship, service, and scholarship. Online Workshops. I help ensure the chairwomen have everything they need to be successful in their leadership roles. The Zeta Beta chapter was founded on April 13, 1957 at University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, WI. We ended the academic year of 2018-2019 by celebrating one of our members proposal with a special engagement ceremony. I�&5� ���]q�+��O�Z��="�֢���ɮ� ���¶����\/�N�d��+�zY�P��%_�����Jf�4��\�U)t=�=OIJHJf�c�������ߐ/6�����Am�/�E�#����1����*Y�d����]#�����m����tf�G.�؏lx���cWm\�1�. What does the number of women in our ritual represent? First-person stories of the Delta Zeta journey and highlights from our Instagram Live series are featured here. The event is on October 12th and we are hoping for a good turnout. This workshop provided a refreshing outlook on key focuses within Delta Zeta including recruitment, new member education, and philanthropy. To do this the chapter has planned multiple COB events that stress the importance of Sisterhood and lifelong friendships including a Hot Cocoa Bar and Bachelor Night Viewing Session. We said it meant to contribute ourselves to Delta Zeta in ways help it become stronger and grow. We arrived in the assigned rooms at around 5pm. Spring 2020The LAMPZeta BetaOn December 10th 2019, the Zeta Beta chapter of UW-Stout proudly welcomed an executive board transition for the spring semester. 5 FOUNDERS DAY SERVICE II There will be small candles, and if possible the Delta Zeta Creed… My name is Kendall Beier and I serve as Vice President of Programs for Delta Zeta Pi Lambda. All these events were very successful and provided a great experience for members of our chapter, and those of the public who attended. 400. 300. How many women participate in the ceremony (who have lines) other than the guards? Which ritual song do we also sing during recruitment? The women who participated during the event had lots of fun for a worthy cause. "Every Beat Of My Heart Is Crying" etaZay iPhay etaBay Sorority Song by Egelloc Sgnos. This new reinstatement of positions brought the chapter much excitement for the new year. During this event, collegiate leaders from across the country come together to discover cutting edge ideas about leadership.

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