dog lick horror story

Rather than providing the information I requested, she suggested the beginning of the story and the end of the story, leaving me to fill it out in-between. Everyone has made it through the food line at the Dog Lick Baptist Church and Pizza Parlour, and they are settled into their seats around the tables that fill the dining room. Our son.”, “She said the only thing she had to leave for him was a key. She remembers feeling terribly hot and dizzy. “I have to think about that. Do you speak any English?”. Milton looks to Mr. Ebberson for a translation. This girl is burning up!”, Andrea calls for the ambulance, and once she’s hung up, she looks at Floralee and asks, “Who is that?”, “I have no idea. As soon as they have gotten her in the room, Dr. Required fields are marked *. The nurse smiles and puts her hand on Cecilia’s head. She wakes in the night to hear a dripping sound coming from the bathroom. I’m Michaela Ryan. We ask you to stay with Cecilia, and bring her through healthy and happy. Floralee slows the car enough to look back over her shoulder and see that the girl’s shorts and the car seat are soaked. It is one of those rare days in Dog Lick when August brings sunshine, dry air, a gentle breeze, and a high temperature of 80°. Michaela has not left Leigh’s side, but she has sent her boyfriend, Jacob Plunker, to her trailer, and told him where to find the manila envelope from Mr. Fernandez. “Yes. Only the key is left. She’s gonna have to lay in the back seat. Finally, she rings the three shirts into the register. Ebberson! “I love you too, Cecilia.”. This young woman is walking a fine line right now.”, Leigh begins crying as the doctor is talking. A nurse goes in with them to help rouse the young woman. How may I be of assistance?… No, I don’t speak Spanish.”. Cecilia, knowing only ten words of English, doesn’t know what the woman asked her, but figures a smile and a nod are probably the right response. Laeta is 9 years old, and it saddens Floralee to think that her youngest child won’t enjoy playgrounds much longer. “No. “Are you here for a new haircut? She just exploded!”. She struggles to get the words out, and they are barely audible, yet everyone hears. As Leigh ponders her possible error in horror, Mihcaela begins to laugh. He gives her a quick look up and down, then points down the road. The next day she gets up and goes to the bathroom to shower. There is almost no one left in the dining room when Jacob returns and brings the envelope to Michaela. She sleeps with one arm dangling under the bed where her dog can lick it occaisionally, and vows to check the dripping in the morning. “Laeta, we need to get this girl to the hospital. Soon as they got her in their car her water broke, so they brought her here, Dr. The sound of the steady rain on the roof keeps the congregation’s talk a little quieter than usual. She vaguely recalls being in a car with her head in a little girl’s lap. She believes the name given to a child helps determine who the child will grow up to be. Laeta hops out of the car and holds the door to the office open while her mother virtually drags the girl inside. She has suffered a severe heat stroke. So the story goes that the little girl is home alone for the first time because her parents are going out. “I want to see my baby.”, Michaela turns to the doctor. “You hold her head in your lap now. She currently attends Dartmouth College and studies Engineering Sciences. There’s someone here to help us out.”. He would be adopted quickly. “Where’s Dr. And whenever she gets scared she would like put her hand down and, and like maybe she’ll pet the dog or the dog would lick her hand and then she’ll know that she’d be safe. The dripping noise frightens her, but she is too scared to get out of bed and find out what it is. It has several versions, and has been found in print as early as February 1982. She sets a vase of flowers in the center of the blanket. On the shower wall, written in the dog's blood, are the words "HUMANS CAN LICK TOO." The fate of the dog also varies, from the dog simply being hanged to it being skinned, disembowelled, or otherwise mutilated. When she tells them that her dog had kept her calm by licking her hand, she is told that the dog in question had been locked either in the basement or outside. Yo hablo español. Cecilia is already asleep again, exhausted from the discussions with the attorney. These are her final wishes. Sharon attended public school in New Haven county. Do you have any relatives nearby?”, The nurse comes in with the baby boy. “Right now, you spend some time with that beautiful boy.”. Then she smiles and nods. Laurel is just about to lead Mr. Ebberson to the grooming room when there is a terrific screech of breaks in the small parking lot and the Bacquaterre’s Toyota almost jumps the curb. It is after three o’clock in the afternoon before the people begin to leave the church. That girl is going to have a baby in our car!” she turns around and puts the gas to the engine. It’s a camel!” he says. Leigh reaches out and takes Cecilia’s hand. Everyone else needing the same relief that Michaela does, within moments they are all laughing, though they don’t know why. “She barely leaves their side.”, Eventually, Pastor Milton stands up and says, “Eleven o’clock everybody! That’s a beautiful name! When the phone rings, Randolph grabs it. “Floralee and Laeta found a pregnant girl laying in a ditch on 260. He plays with the key that Leigh has brought out for him. Other story variations feature a nearsighted old woman rather than a young girl. She sheds tears of sadness, worrying for Cecilia, and tears of joy as she holds the baby, with his shock of black hair and scrunchy newborn face. “Mr. You don’t look like somebody who would be a fan of ‘The Hunger Games’ but that is where you got her name isn’t it?”, “Well, my brother, Young Clyde Ebberson, was the chief gaffer on that movie, and I go see all the movies he makes of course. The antique silver skeleton key that she had in her change purse. Right now I’d say she has about a 50/50 chance.”, Dr. Filbert speaks up, “The baby is in perfect health though. “Hola. Using twenty percent of the English she does know. “Yes.”, “Lordy, child, you look like you’re ‘bout to pop! In a flash, Floralee is out of the car, pulling a Latina girl that none of them have ever seen before out of the back seat. We’ll take care of that.”, “Leigh,” Michaela says, “Did she say why she named him Batido?”, Leigh shakes her head sadly remembering Cecilia’s last words. “Go down this road, go through Dog Lick, and through Phipp. Randolph is at the front desk with a catalog, trying to decide which book on Nigerian cuisine would make the best addition to the cooking section. But she was a tough peach! The next town is Wrankle, and there’s a hospital there.” He turns back to the candy. It would have been so much worse with people who knew nothing at all. It’s bad enough that she can easily have long term medical issues. A girl who speaks no English and has no I.D. Leigh has not let go of the child. They eat, and laugh. We got to take her somewhere closer!”. Heh, heh… if only I was 75 years younger!”. “This girl is having a baby, and she’s having it RIGHT NOW!”. Leigh jumps is surprise, and looks up to see the thin, flat, green line where little mountains had been only seconds ago. ‘Yo quiero batido’ means ‘I want a milkshake!’”, Leigh stops laughing and puts her hand to her mouth in horror. Dog Lickers are optimistic people by nature. Updated December 07, 2018. “Honey, is that all the money you got?” She points to the bills on the counter, and the change purse, empty except for a large old fashioned key. “That’ll be $6.28.”. Cecilia remembers only bits and pieces of the last few hours. Cecilia smiles again, and closes her eyes. Foot?” Floralee shouts as soon as she’s in the door. When they reach Cecilia’s room, Michaela is relieved to find that Leigh is not with her, but is in the maternity wing with the baby. Will you shut up!”. Holding Baby Boy cradled in her left arm, she shifts in her chair so he can touch his mother’s hand. Michaela is sorting pencils and bookmarks into goodie-bags for Saturday’s story time. Laurel runs back to get the veterinarian. “Is there anything else in there?” Milton asks, pointing to the envelope. Before she goes to bed, she locks all the doors and tries to lock all the windows, but the one in the basement won’t lock. “A Rose Among the Thorns” is the 15th in a series of stories based on characters suggested by my friends. “I had a lawyer from Greensboro come up here Friday morning. Dr. Lowska is in the room in a second with two nurses right behind him. Leigh takes a few steps in and hugs the baby close. She wants that saved for Batido and given to him as a gift from his mother when he is old enough to value it.”, Michaela shakes her head sadly. They bring flowers and cards, and more flowers and stuffed animals, and more flowers and baby blankets, and more flowers. Yep, I liked that one. Milton and Leigh, Sam and Vesuvius, Jacob and Floralee all look at her like she’s lost her mind. “It’s fine Leigh. So do you want the usual trim today?”, As Laurel gasps for air, Old Clyde Ebberson shows her the picture of the hip-hop artist. Change ), A Fresh Coat of Paint: A Dog Lick Story | pongobongodotnet, A Rose Among the Thorns : A Dog Lick Story. When the citizens of Dog Lick take in a person, they take them in with all their heart and soul. “One second…” He covers the mouthpiece of the phone. Michaela asks the doctors to step into the hall with her. Is his first name supposed to be Batido, or Yoquiero? She clearly remembers getting her new shirts and starting the walk to the hospital. just had a baby at Dr. Foot’s office. Such a small, weak hand, but warm. “Batido. Sunday morning is gray and rainy. She has six one dollar bills, two quarters and a penny. A small glimmer of the sun is showing through the clouds. Foot nods uncomfortably. “Mama! Batido Yokiyaro Juarez (for that is how the hospital employee spelled it on his birth certificate), sits on the blanket his mother has spread. A name is not to be chosen lightly. He takes one look at the pregnant girl and shouts, trying to be heard over Katniss’s nonstop barking, “But I’m a veterinarian! “A Latin woman exploded in our car and then Dr. We thank you for bringing Cecilia Juarez and her little boy into our lives. I haven’t seen her, and she never misses church.”, “She’s at the hospital sitting with Cecilia and the baby,” Klaus says.

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