fake satya incense

It just produced clouds of foul-smelling black smoke, I don't think it was actually even incense at all, just a stick of 'stuff that will burn if lit'. However, when I went to replace my 2010 box, I ran head-first into massive amounts of confusion.

I go into buying new Nag Champa expecting there to be a difference in fragrance - not only is it from a completely different batch, but the last stick from the old box will have aged quite significantly. You could see the charcoal core through the actual fragrant part, which is something that I hadn't seen in any incense before, even the really cheap stuff. Yes, that's one of the ancient articles I was talking about.

When the box arrived I noticed a good smell when was opened, but not the same as expected, and then lid the scent was less present, more "regular smoke" and tiny fragance that confuse my mind. No weird smells that I don't recognize, and definitely no mineral oil smell. Two color, red and blue, with- hey, wait! From my searches online both on Amazon and other online incense stores I'm finding different symbols; the other/common one being a circle with two S's instead of C's. And similar to what you said, one of the sticks I burned had a slightly dark smoke to it, like a gray-purpleish color to it with a terrible woody smell. Just smoke. The same smell of charcoal and bamboo smoke I'd experienced with the last box. Okay, fine. And they both have "®©" on their front logo, which the "fakes" lack. Were the boxes I bought fake?

I can try again tomorrow. I've been trying for years to find a guide for identifying whether a box of Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa is authentic or not. Thanks for the suggestion !

I did notice that a couple of years ago even the BNG incense kind of lost an element, I have a few sticks left from before 2016 and can notice a difference (a missing "warmth" maybe... hard to describe). I discovered this wonderful incense not too long ago, and so decided to buy another box alongside other ones from the brand, including Super Hit. Yes, I've read it, that's why I bought the Bengaluru incense ! Thanks for your help! That does make it a little bit of a headache. And it was close enough that I definitely recognized the aroma. I thank all off you for your useful advices.

The ones I have don't have such a thing. The Mumbai company seems to use a different logo for the stickers at the end of the boxes.

On 2015 I bought a 100Gr box of Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa, and resulted in pleasant incense experience, but not exactly strong as I remember when tried the past years. However, the aroma isn't bad per se, though it has a not-particularly-enjoyable backbite, so I continue burning it. Make it without the paste and it's considerably cheaper. I'll try again tomorrow and see if I find a bigger difference. The main address listed is in Mumbai. Balakrishna Shetty created the Super hit Series, which was also a runaway success. The Bengaluru company is Shrinivas Sugandhalaya BNG LLP. Find the one you like or there are so many better options. Additionally, the two 100g "fake" boxes also have a "52 years since 1964" decal that's completely unique among all the Satya incense I've seen.

I made a post about the dispute between the two companies this last summer after I found their court docket: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incense/comments/9a8w6w/details_on_court_case_between_shrinivas/, it looks like the last update was in November (but nothing interesting since August, they are still squabbling over procedural issues). On comparison, I found some features in common between the two boxes that seemed fake, and some features in common between the boxes that I would argue are real: The first thing I noticed is that the "fake" boxes have two addresses on the front.

The "fake" boxes also have the same foil stickers. The missing element is halmaddi! I actually just got a box of incense too, I don't think mine is fake. What's more, the 2010 box has the same customer care number as the fakes. Link to the incense and pics for comparison. No other smell beside citrus. There are 2 brothers that "officially" produce Satya Nag Champa in India, there are many opinions on which one is better. I've purchased a new one from amazon.es (like in the past, but from other seller). The golden writings do shine, and the globe logo is darker, with a more pronounced optical grey. I found a good deal on Ebay, but when the box arrived, I opened it and immediatley it smelled...off.

Two days ago I had purchased this "gift set" (or sampler I guess, I'm kinda new to using incense) from Amazon and when it arrived earlier today something seemed...odd.

That's pretty damning by itself, but there are also some similarities: the "fake" boxes say "EXPORT ONLY" on the bottom of the back. I had a very similar experience. I open the box. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://incenseguru.blogspot.com/2005/12/satya-nag-champa-has-changed.html, https://www.dropbox.com/s/8zvsjf91oh8pqyd/2017-01-11%2020.45.21.jpg?dl=0, https://www.dropbox.com/s/6rhx0c4e5whc8qo/2017-01-11%2020.45.35.jpg?dl=0. I hadn't even opened the box yet at this point - the box looked completely legitimate, at least as far as I could tell, from the outside, so I didn't think too much of it. I was pretty happy to find a box with the Bengaluru address, in a different shop. The Earth logo is registered by this company and it is this company that has been manufacturing the original incense for the last 54 years. Even if what i got is a knock of of the real satya brand it still smells amazing and nothing like cheap incense you'd find in … Do those two different types correlate with the different addresses and customer care numbers? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This is the "good" brand (BNG), the Mumbai stuff is truly awful in my experience (I think acrid is a valid description of the Mumbai variants). , Yeah, apparently there are two different companies which produce the nag champa. So since Ebay has a bad reputation sometimes, I thought "great, I finally got screwed with some kind of counterfiet".

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