franklin k lane high school deaths

Clemenceau is beaten for an office he did not want. In late April, the commissioner-designate took the train east to Washington, where he unsuccessfully fought to obtain Federal money to help the city's recovery. Nov. 5 (UPI) -- An Arkansas man visited the state's Crater of Diamonds State Park and discovered a 4.49-carat sparkling, canary yellow diamond -- the third-largest diamond found in the park this year. However, Republican Congressman William Peters Hepburn proposed legislation which, though its primary purpose was increased railroad regulation, would expand the Commission by two members. It is a challenge to man. "[6] He later received honorary Doctor of Laws degrees from the University of California, from New York University, Brown University, and the University of North Carolina. Lane led the inquiry and held hearings in Chicago, and concluded that the car shortage was due to demand for cars further west, and that it would actually cause area railways to lose money since they could not transport the grain to port. In spite of that limitation, Lane was offered support for the Democratic nomination for vice president, though he was constitutionally ineligible for that office as well. According to Lane's friend, writer Will Irwin, Lane did not content himself with committee work, but personally fought the fire, helping to save much of the Western Addition. [11] Secretary Lane's vision for the territory was, "Alaska should not, in my judgment, be regarded as a mere storehouse of materials on which the people of the States may draw. Lane did, and then rejoined his inspection party in San Francisco. Some will not. [7][61][72] Following Lane's death, a memorial committee was formed by Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover, former Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin D. Roosevelt and former Lane assistant and member of the Federal Reserve Board Adolph C. Miller. A custodian discovered an 18-year-old male high school student’s dead body in the school’s rear parking lot near the building housing the school’s pool. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as United States Secretary of the Interior from 1913 to 1920. [38] Lane also advocated the creation of a new commission with powers over any corporation engaged in interstate commerce, as the best way to prevent trusts. You sit down to chat with him in his office. [39] Wilson was elected on November 5, 1912, and on November 21 the commissioner spent much of the day with Colonel Edward M. House, the President-elect's advisor, who would play a key role in selecting Cabinet appointees. He wrote articles urging, in vain, U.S. ratification of the treaty establishing the international organization. "[51] In spite of Muir's objections, Lane was successful: Congress authorized the project after a long and bitter battle. [21], He helped Thomas Garrigue Masaryk to create Washington Declaration in October 1918. Our Ambassador in Berlin is held as a hostage for days—our Consuls' wives are stripped naked at the border, our ships are sunk, our people killed—and yet we wait and wait! Franklin Knight Lane (July 15, 1864 – May 18, 1921) was an American progressive politician from California. In a critical Cabinet meeting in March 1917, Lane, with other Cabinet members, urged American intervention in the war.

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