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Posted by 5 years ago. With nine walk trails, over 400 caves and home to western grey kangaroos, Yanchep is an easy first stop on your first day of driving. For me, I think it comes down to a number of variables. The first whiff of civilisation on your West Coast Australia road trip since leaving Perth, some 222 kilometers to the south – Jurien Bay is a reasonable-sized settlement (but don’t get too excited, there’s still not a real supermarket here) in the Coral Coast. I can safely say that you never really appreciate the size of Western Australia until you have watched the kilometres tick by when driving it! It’s such a long drive up there, that you want to make the absolute most of any time that you have. That is part of the fun, I am sure! Pop in to go fishing or for a refreshing dip to break up your drive. Or take the Z Bend Lookout trail which overlooks the river. could do all in a day. Just don’t stand too close! It’s a great idea to spend some time in Perth before beginning your Western Australia road trip. It’s a small hostel that is housed in the former fire station which has a real ‘family’ atmosphere – just being in the hostel feels like a huge hug. This is also a good opportunity to top up on fuel and any supplies you The best time to see the lake is supposed to be the middle of the morning or sunset. There’s a few short walks in the area, but the best attraction is the range of wildlife. It also ensures you aren’t driving in the dark after many hours of travel. We drove in the dark one night after Shark Bay and ended up getting freaked out because of the animals on the road so taking a quick left when we saw a sign for a campsite, which cost us $12 each. Otherwise, just head down for a quick dip and enjoy the ocean views. However, looking back at the trip, I’m not sure I would do it again quite like that; 3 days would make it a lot more relaxed. You should be prepared with good hiking shoes or sandals, protective weather gear, swimwear and water for your hikes. I reckon if time didn’t matter I’d do it slower on the coastal route; lots to see and its only about 100km longer. Better to spend a bit longer getting there, than to not arrive at all. READ MORE: As you are exploring Australia, try to check off as many of these incredible things to do as you can! What are driving a formular one. There are no facilities here so you’ll need to be fully equipped. Welcome to Karijini National Park, Western Australia’s second-largest national park, encompassing some 627,441 ha. If you’ve got a 4WD, you can step up the excitement of the road trip and drive along the Town Beach and find your own private spot to swim. There’s also a huge statue of a crocodile, just to warn you that you are now officially in croc county – be very afraid. I don’t think you can really appreciate its size, until you’ve driven across it. Enjoy your night under the stars and get plenty of rest for tomorrow. often leave you out of range and a flat tyre is a nightmare. Here’s some dos and don’ts for your Perth to Broome road trip…. READ MORE: Check out all of these other great things to do when you are in Broome! Knox lookouts and enjoy the views from above. After this, you’re in for another big drive out of the National Park and back towards the coast to Port Hedland. It’s a nice beach that is primarily taken up by a campsite – you can drive a 4WD right onto the beach and admire the blue waters from there! Explore the World Heritage listed Coral Coast and check out the dramatic coastal cliffs at Red Bluff which overs incredible views over the ocean and is a good spot for whale watching. It’s Australia’s only monastic town, and there’s some amazing architecture – but the place is absolutely deserted. Since you won’t really have any time to explore the national park on There are both campsites and accommodation options here. To really get the most of driving from Perth to Broome, you should allow at least 2 weeks and anything up to 3 or even 4 weeks. Once you’re all refreshed (don’t forget to shower!) My old 80 wouldn’t do 120 very happily! Go for a swim at Pot Alley or bring your snorkelling gear for some fun at Blue Holes. They say that this is done ethically, but I wasn’t completely convinced… I didn’t actually witness this as it’s done in the morning. From Fortescue Falls, continue the hike onwards to Fern Pool, another beautiful little swimming hole. There aren’t any sealed roads and you should be prepared to get bogged and know how to get out. These rock-like structures are built by micro-organisms too small for the human eye to see. Don’t push yourself. yourself further in the park. Trying to plan a road trip from Perth to Port Hedland via Great Northern Highway, in a campervan. Nice! I decided that the extra cost of fuel was well and truly worth it, after being on the road for over 15 hours! The Gorge is refreshing and cool so this is 150 kilometers eastwards is the compelling Kennedy Range National Park, with slabs of rock (that look a bit like mini Ulurus) plastered along the horizon. I’m going to be honest – I’m awful at this. 8. Is there a problem with… You are about to embark on some incredible hikes through spectacular, We’d recommend you book a 2-hr Coral Bay reef tour on a glass-bottom boat to allow you to see the beauty of the reef without taking too much time out of your drive itinerary. Also in nearby Port Gregory is a natural harbour with swimming and windsurfing opportunities and the Lynton Hiring Station, which, like many places in Australia, housed ex-convicts. Multiply this by three and you have $150 on food. Other than the dolphins, Monkey Mia is a great place for beaches and chilling out; there’s a bar and restaurant if you fancy treating yourself to a nice meal or cocktail! Enjoy some breakfast in town and go for a swim at the beach before continuing north towards your next stop. Bigurda Trail – an 8km walk along the clifftop path, Red Bluff – the northern end of Kalbarri National Park and its highest point, Fearing imminent death as you descend down a handrail into the glorious (but FREEZING). For those wanting to extend their Perth to Broome drive, this is also a great spot to spend a night. Learn how your comment data is processed. It’s an interesting place to walk around and admire some of the cathedrals – but don’t expect to see a single soul! Perth to Newman, and then Newman to Broome. The owners have thought of everything: there’s a fully equipped kitchen with ovens and a blender, roomy shelves in all the dorms, huge comfy sofas, a large TV with Netflix, PCs to use and good free WiFi. Gorge. Two insurance claims with Club 4×4; my review, Snowys; the best place in Australia to buy your camping and outdoor gear. . Another town! Is Perth difficult to drive in? If these hikes are inaccessible to you, you can head to the Joffre and The first place you’ll visit on the Shark Bay peninsula is Nanga Bay. So if you’re planning on following any of the recommendations above, please book through my links! of the surrounding nature. Once you’ve finished exploring Dales Gorge, you can either spend the night in the camping area otherwise exit the park and stay at Auski Tourist Village which is a short drive away. After exploring all the best Perth attractions and activities, it’s time to hit the road! If you can stick it on cruise control and drive at 110km/h without having to lift a finger, you will get there a lot faster than someone in an old, slow 4WD. Next is Shell Beach, a beach full of millions of tiny shells. Denham is your first stop in exploring the Shark Bay World Heritage Area and is a friendly coastal town of approximately 1,000 residents. Yanchep National Park is also home to western grey kangaroos which can be seen early and late in the day. The Loop trail to Nature’s Window is only 800m and has views of the Murchison Riber’s switchback course from a natural rock arch that frames the upstream view. If you’ve booked a camel ride, you’ll do this on the beach in the late Head to Turquoise Bay, Oyster Stacks and Sandy Bay for epic snorkelling alongside turtles, stingrays, reef sharks and plenty of other fish and coral. Canarvon is also known a ‘the fresh produce hotspot of Western Australia’; so as well as your normal woolies essentials, you could supplement your grocery shop with some delicious local foods. Let’s begin our epic road trip from Perth to Broome. booked well in advance. The roads are mostly red dirt so if you’re bringing your own car, beware that this stuff is almost impossible to get out! supplies and tools handy in the car as driving in remote Western Australia will This itinerary can be modified to suit any length of time you have but we definitely recommend extending it out if you have time available. Hi Claire We’ve been traveling the world together since 2008, searching for the planet’s best destinations and adventures. Here, you can enjoy a beautiful morning descending into a gorge with Doing a road trip from Perth to Broome, asking for any advice or pointers. That said, I’m very comfortable with big drives, so the two big days getting up there weren’t an issue. Per Western Australia standards, the water is blue and the sands golden! Don’t forget to have plenty of water, There’s also some great lookouts in Kalbarri National Park, including the Murchinson River Gorges which encompass the trail I just mentioned and Z-Bend. The drive from Newman to Port Hedland is pretty nice. And up to the tropics! site. Walk along the One Mile Jetty which is perfect for visiting in the late afternoon for sunset. ), you could camp at the only free campsite between Coral Bay and Exmouth after doing Coral Bay and then pay for camping in Exmouth for 2-3 nights, in order to do the whale shark tour and see Cape Range. As per title, I'll be heading off on a road trip to broome around the start of Dec. Actually heading up for work but hoping to see some of the sights along the way. the shorter Upper and Lower Weano trails. If you’ve got a 4WD, you can drive along the whole beach (well, I’m not sure about the whole 80 miles, at 15kmph it would take a while to figure that out) which is great fun. Have you checked google maps or got an Ordnance survey map? Wake up to a morning view of Western Australia’s abundance of wildflowers in bloom and prepare yourself for another epic day of exploring gorges. Stick to the speed limit, and respect others on the road. The stromatolites can be viewed from the boardwalk which extends out in the ocean for everyone to enjoy. Kalbarri National Park offers many different hiking options of varying classes that are suitable for any level. 3 days would be much nicer, and longer if you have the time. Done the Perth to port hedland-broome-derby a few times in the trucks-roadtrains but that was on the coast road and when north of port hedland was still dirt or being bituminized . Most of Shark Bay is on a peninsula, which is pretty long to get onto. The best way to pass the time is to talk to someone, and the more people you have along, the quicker the time goes. Let me know, I want to do them ALL! Museum which showcases a little bit about the local history of the town. You will come across a number of road trains, that are up to 54 meters long. This Western Australian town is known for its fruit farms, making it a delicious stop for local produce. This Perth to Broome drive is easily one of the most epic road trips in Western Australia. – but it’s probably the most amazing. If you have a 4WD car there’s a nice 4WD track and beach access there. There isn’t much to see along the way and the road is mostly flat with dry desert views. Australia loves its weird names, and Hangover Bay is no exception. So once you’ve sorted your mode of transport – whether that be a rental car or a DIY campervan conversion – pull up a chair, grab a local EMU beer (it’s a long one) and enjoy this ultimate Perth to Broome drive itinerary ….

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