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How to create student blogs in Google Slides (for FREE! An educational PPT template should be eye-catching and include elements related to the topic being discussed so that students are interested in the content. If you need help creating a quick presentation, this package may be what you’re looking for. Distribute SlidesMania’s presentation templates unless it has been expressly authorized by us. Great for showing research skills. An abstract design of geometric figures in different shades of blue makes these slides look avant-garde. Use Slides or PowerPoint of Adobe Spark to pull in elements of your favorite games. The different perspectives of libraries and books in these Google Slides templates for teachers are perfect for explaining any literary topic. A combination of geometric figures in different layers creates an abstract and minimalist design that looks professional. Resource:  Beyond the Hour of Code: 20+ free lessons for teaching computer science. You are free to use our templates for both personal and commercial purposes. The colorful fruit icons on these slides are perfect for talking about healthy eating, farming, sports, and much more. SlidesMania has TONS of great templates you can work with! They summarize information succinctly. You can change the color of the yellow post its by editing the master, and you can also replace the red push pins with the ones included on the 19th slide. Even in a world where texting takes over as our main source of written communication it's still very important for students to know how to write a letter. DOWNLOAD. It includes bars, circles chart, triangles, demographics, squares. Best Google Slides Themes for Education. That is the purpose of this set, which maintains a simple style so that you can place large images without overloading the presentation. Presentations made with these Google slides templates for teachers will reflect a modern and updated look with digital trends. ©2020 Ditch That Textbook by Matt Miller. Resource: Google Slides interactive notebooks + 20 activities to fill them. Russo is a fun template inspired by movie-making. That is why this free education PPT template has a watercolor design and drawings of fishes, corals, and bubbles that will transport you to an aquatic adventure. I know it's not pixel perfect (again, I am not a designer nor an illustrator) and when I was working on it, I thought I couldn’t make it. The classic maps added as background in these slides will allow you to effortlessly create a creative presentation with which you can talk for hours about human evolution and cartography. These are amazing for my class! Resource: 12 ways to really make Genius Hour work in your class. The place where all the knowledge of the world was stored before the arrival of the internet is in libraries. It’s perfect for any informal presentation where you can include data, information and pictures. Students can use the Koch template for presentations or school lessons about space, planets, astronauts, NASA missions, a spaceship launch, Apollos’ missions or the moon landing. As it is a theme based on geometric figures, it offers many customization options. Resource: Letter Writing as a Teaching Tool: A simple exercise helps students explore audience and argumentation. The Introduce yourself template can be used by teachers for a back to school newsletter or presentation. Resource: How to Create Drag and Drop Activities with Google Slides by Kasey Bell. It has light colors (even though you can modify them) and flat graphics. But I sent the first draft to Matt and he liked it! That is the purpose of this template, with which you will increase your chances of successful teaching. This minimalist design will be much useful to students, and it’s nice to have it as an option for statistics and math classes. Resource:  Bring the Magic of Harry Potter Into Your Classroom. Then this classic looking presentation is for you. Different colored puzzle pieces create a series of eye-catching slides, especially for young children. Please share with us on Twitter using the hashtags #SlidesManiac and #Ditchbook. Accompanied by an aged color scheme, you will see multiple modern and old buildings in each of the slides, taking a trip through the world and time. The 18 slides in this set can be modified to include the colors you want. 3. This post is by Paula Martínez, the creator of Slides Mania. An amazing PowerPoint and Google Slides Themes for teachers. In total, this package includes 25 different layouts in which to edit your content, as well as a huge gallery of vector icons so you can decorate them however you want. This post is by Paula Martínez , the creator of Slides Mania. This template is for the Harry Potter loving students (and teachers out there!) All graphics are made from shapes and it includes a barn, trees, clouds, fences, cows, horses, sheep, pigs, chickens and chicks. With the right typeface, you can even recreate handwriting on the board, and it has multiple icons to make your presentation more entertaining. It is a fact that both teachers and students lack a lot of free time to be wasting. Free Google Slides or PowerPoint School Planner 2019-2020 with hyperlinks. One of the most dynamic methods is that of slideshows since they have striking designs and the necessary information can be synthesized in small images. Older classrooms will still have a gigantic chalkboard. 14. Music naturally attracts people’s attention. It includes more than 150 unique slides with up to 32 different layouts in each one, so all your presentations will be different despite using the same theme. Its symmetrical shapes function as guides to locate the information. So that you can cover all these topics, we present this Google Slides templates for teachers that have elements that refer to each of these sciences, such as rockets, numbers, plants, and much more. Sketchnoting, or visual note-taking, can transform doodles into a tool that helps our students deepen their understanding of a concept. Use this theme to give your students a template to create their own infographic on any topic in any subject. If you have a lot of shortcuts, files and apps in your desktop, these wallpapers are a lifesaver! To defend your thesis, you need a presentation that shows the professional level you are in. And then grab all the graphic elements and other assets you need to make the presentation truly your own! Although many people are not fans of mathematics, this is a fundamental subject throughout life. It comes with 3 pre-design covers, but you can create your custom cover by editing the master. Check out the Supreme font, What Font Does Twitter Use In The App And Browser? The Desktop Organizer Wallpapers are a perfect way to display a bell ringer activity to start class. With this presentation, you can attract children’s attention thanks to its fun graphics, and it will also help you explain to their parents what study plan you have planned for the new school year. That’s the power of presentation design! Also, if the thesis includes a lot of statistical and economic data, it should also have a design according to the latest trends to demonstrate that you are up-to-date in the field. Science is a word that covers many different subjects. This presentation template is composed of 25 slides, that are fully editable giving you full control to customize it into the presentation you need. This presentation gives the feeling of being stuck on a cork tabloid or on a journalist’s desk due to the different decorative elements it has, such as sticky notes, photographs, and paperclips. Also, it includes 29 slides so that you do not run out of options. It comes with a world map and plenty of space to put fun pictures in it! The Patterson template is perfect for presenting information about Computer Science topics. Additionally, the theme includes emojis, icons, graphics, and other decorative elements. This is Talbot’s objective, which shows a desk with some loose papers on it in which you can write the information. This amazing and colorful scrapbook-style template is perfect for your next project in the classroom. However, sometimes creating the right theme takes time and creative energy that we don't always have. ), Creating eye-popping infographics with Google Drawings, 30 collaborative Google Apps activities for schools, […] Paula Martinez, creator of the FREE SlidesMania templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint wrote this guest post where she shares 20 free templates for you to use in your presentations. The slides should not be intimidating to students. Resource: Same goes with the iPod slides, just duplicate them and edit the text showing on them. This is a different type of template with customizable desktop organizer wallpapers. Education Presentation templates Manage your lessons and workshops or present a master’s thesis with these free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. It features crumpled paper, paper balls, lightbulbs and a paper bin / basket. Koch is a fun template to motivate, achieving goals, conquering worlds, setting records and going beyond. So why not create a newsletter using Google Slides to send out to parents? Or even use it as a way for the students to introduce themselves to you and the rest of the class. Education – Google Slides Template – One of the best options Its name indicates it all, this set is specially designed for teachers and students who want to explain a subject in depth.

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