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With well over 50 dog breeds for players to choose from there is plenty of choice when you start the game and adopt your first puppy. When choosing a horse you’ll also be able t...[Read Review], Flight Rising lets you tame dragons within your browser. The nex...[Read Review], Neopets is one of the original browser based virtual pet games and has been online since 1999. Revolving around the player discovering various animal species and nursing them back to health from their injuries or other illness Wildlife Camp is a game that slowly bui...[Read Review], Pet Shop Story combines cuddly pets with management mechanics and breeding to deliver an enjoyable free to play mobile pet themed game. We are working on new version of Fly Like a bird 3 Here we have one interesting game, in which you will dominate the sky. The u_serpentine-howrse community on Reddit. Sounds interesting, even though the freemium aspect is a bit off-putting, but I don't expect anything less from EA, Lol, reminds me of this hilarious glitch. Browser Taking over all elements of the pet shop from the financial management to layout design and stocking of your favourite pets to sell to customers, the pet shop is entirely in your control from within your browser. The game is constantly updated though so it doesn’t feel like an outdated game by any means. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Mac A loyal player for years here, it’s obvious that only place howrse is going is downhill, and fast. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In the game players don’t have any goals or even the ability to talk to other players, the game is all about simulating what life would be like living as a deer in a peaceful environment. While a goat might not be your first thought when it comes to cute adoptable pets ...[Read Review], Animal Jam is a virtual world for children that incorporates real animal and plant facts into fun storylines that are supported by National Geographic educational content. Join Horse Reality now and set up your own horse estate! When it all comes together Goatlings is a cute and fun online browser game for all ages that consistently has an active community of players online. Star Stable boasts millions of accounts which continue to steadily grow each day as play...[Read Review], For those gamers that love to care for animals Wauies – The Pet Shop Game allows you to do just that with a range of cats, dogs and other animals to fill your very own pet shop. So if I started with .0439g of the complex and diluted it to 20 mL, does that mean that it would be a 1.2 x 10-5 M solution? Our realistic genetics system allows you to breed horses which can inherit their colours and genes almost true to life. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Ideal for the curious child gamer Animal Jam also offers a range of social and game mechanics within its virtual world locations to encourage engagement with a child, tween and even teenager audience.

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