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The standout character is, of course, Artemis, a young criminal mastermind hellbent on saving his family from tragedy and bankruptcy. At first he claimed to have purchased it from some unidentified thief, but later admitted that it was his helicopter-parenting mother who had masterminded the whole affair.

Regardless, with the opening of Ocean’s 8, I got to thinking about what makes for a good heist story. A strong ensemble cast is headed by Kevin Kline in his Oscar-winning role and features Michael Palin, Jamie Lee …

An orphanage with a great track record of finding children new homes gets a knock at the door when a local detective connects an otherwise unrelated series of child disappearances. 11.

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A man that recently moved down to the Caribbean to start sea sidebar, is this tasked with helping beautiful local resort owner solve a series of mysterious happenings around her bread and breakfast. He and his team must stop a crime boss from destroying the city before it’s too late.

acquire intel about Merryweather operation, acquire load of illegally imported steel to armour earlier stolen truck.
Following hot on the heels of last week’s post, which featured best-selling author Jeff C. Stevens introducing his Encounters in the Savage Cities (perfect if you’re about to run Dragon Heist! She doesn’t speak, has no papers, and there’s no trace of her family. A local detective is left investigating a series of disappearances from a local psychiatric hospital.

I want to put together a criminal organization for more than just a handful of right-now freemode challenges.

Stay tuned to my author page.

So he gathered up a group of professionals including some former paratrooper pals, an attempted assassin, and a jewelry appraiser, and he planned up a heist that, if successful, would land every last one of them on the swanky end of Easy Street.

Pawn it? Need to steal more than one car?

But in this section will focus on some heist plot ideas that go nowhere near Bank. Creating stories is a fun creative outlet for ideas and imaginative expression.

Here are 100 story ideas categorized by theme every writer should write. Paperback

Now a local detective needs to figure out what’s going on before they’re all gone.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'selfpublishinghub_com-leader-2','ezslot_10',616,'0','0'])); 3. 10. 2.

Why, it's a 10-carat diamond!". Almost immediately, smoke started billowing out and the officer scrambled back out, screaming, "It's dynamite.

Don’t take this for cheesy, fluffy advice. And how can you use those elements to write something original? These are the basics. A drug heist thats not a pile of fucking shit.

4. Honestly, most of these don't sound like they would work as heists -- not as Rockstar makes them.

$16.49 One by one, they are being hunted and killed.

A group of teens has their parents disappear on the same night.


"What's this in your ear? A mysterious box shows up on the desk of a detective in Erie Pennsylvania. Why settle for a heist in one world when you can have one across four? Steal the Sky, by Megan O’Keefe It’s not. A series of ransom notes hit Hollywood. When they learn the fire was no accident, they are forced to take desperate measures. I need a few ideas for a diamond heist story, or any heist story.

Four million motherfucking dollars. You know how you have those two friends, both nice people, but they’re just oil and water?

Bridge of Birds, by Barry Hughart

This series is an incredibly fun romp that gets deeper as it goes along, building a surprisingly complex mythology. I mean, there would be some concistency issues with that.

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What separates a heist from a straight-up steal? What are the needed elements? The odd thing is, both her and her husband were reported missing 10 years ago to the day.

A foreign dignitary is killed on American Soil while visiting the White House. This inventive, genre-breaking novel cemented V.E. But you’ll often find me chatting on D&D forums. All of the Maradaine books are a treat, but this one really stands out because of the especially strong characters. 2.

eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'selfpublishinghub_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_0',180,'0','0']));Remember that writing prompts are only the seed to a potentially great story.

Check out more funny stuff over at Laffington.com, or follow Chris on Twitter. I would really like a "Gone in 60 Seconds" type heist, steal a certain amount of cars, you have one night to get all the targets and get them down to the Port of LS. For example, Parker, the main dude in The Hunter, can be kind of a blank slate, but because he’s doing something irrational on principal, we learn a little bit about him.

Circle of the Moon Druid.

He’ll now take it upon himself, to solve this neighborhood mystery.

This one isn’t a traditional heist novel, but it definitely scratches the same itch. Archives historiques Societe Generale His access was so unrestricted that officials weren't even sure exactly when he did it -- they could only narrow it down to "sometime between Friday and Monday," or, as we like to call it, "the weekend." As they approached the dropoff point, a police officer on a motorcycle stopped them (this wasn't totally out of the norm, since their route took them right past a prison). Societe Generale: currently, France's most feared general.

This duo tackles everything from royal conspiracies to fighting dragons, and they do it with a sarcastic quip and a lot of swordplay. 1 player drives truck, 3 players use guns mounted on the trailer. 5. The latest series is about the Holver Alley crew, a ragtag group of formerly retired thieves are forced to return to a life of crime when their new, respectable shop burns down.

| $17.99. A potentially devastating piece of secret DNA evidence is stolen from the royal archives threatening the legitimacy of the British royal family.

When a series of witness protection informants begin to turn up dead ahead of a high-profile case, the FBI agent who helped put the case together now help protect his final witnesses. Death row armored truck heist (Transport for Death Row inmate) and then flying him out of the country.

The robbery resulted in the largest Japanese police investigation ever, with a final tally of countless hours dedicated by hundreds of officers (two of whom "died of exhaustion working the case") and a bill three times the value of the stolen money.

But even with detective power equal to a hundred Batmans, the cops couldn't solve the case -- the investigation only turned up two real suspects, one of whom poisoned himself, and another whose alibi eventually checked out. Peter Derk lives, writes, and works in Colorado. 4. Clockwork Boys, by T. Kingfisher

The narcotics division of the local Police Department these dealing with a new synthetic drug as they’d never seen before.

His first heist?

We all love watching caper films, but it can be hard to capture that same excitement at the gaming table. Strength vs Dexterity: It’s Time to Punish Weaklings! A database of potential cancer eradicating research is hacked, stolen, and erased. I think it would be a great idea! A London campus is in frenzy as five of their top professors, along with each of their top students disappear without a trace. Locke, in comparison, is a small fr—until he gets noticed by some very nasty people. His story was corroborated (and his status as a criminal mastermind toppled) when his widow found newspaper clippings about the theft right inside the violin's case. If Debbie Ocean’s latest scheme has you in the mood for more great heist stories, here are 12 of our favorites, with a fantasy twist. Now they need to find out was bringing it into their neighborhood.

What are the criminals looking for?

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Or maybe it was because Flomenbaum spent that entire year charming the staff's asses off by telling them how pretty and/or handsome they looked today and gifting them expensive chocolates until they blushed and handed him a special VIP key that granted him full access to the vault whenever he damn well pleased.

The Legend of Eli Monpress, by Rachel Aaron In fine Oceans tradition, Asti and Verci are both brothers and ringleaders, and must assemble a skilled crew to pull of a job to rob a gambling house that took everything from them. /r/GrandTheftAutoV - the subreddit for all GTA V related news, content, and discussions revolving around Rockstar's critically acclaimed single player release and the ongoing multiplayer expansion of Grand Theft Auto Online. I like craft beer, vintage clothes, street festivals... and playing Dungeons & Dragons. to go to a mountain and slay a dragon! You call in the B team. You can’t help but be charmed by them.

Incredible ideas.

Everyone loves a good murder mystery. When it works, we almost completely forget that what they’re doing is wrong.

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