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The flowers start to bloom. There are women that are just shaped very well and no matter what they put on they can not hide. God created animals too so why do people think it is ok to let them go extinct, and also treat them cruelly? RIVERSPASTOR & GENERAL OVERSEER, United Apostolic Holiness Assemblies International. ITS WHEN YOU USE IT AS A GOD TO WORSHIP. Were there pants even created or made when the book of Deuteronomy was written? These are man-made constraints and have nothing to do with Jesus and His teachings. THE LORD TELLS HIS WOMEN TO DO ALL THINGS IN MODERATION. It says in the Old Testament that we are to follow the feasts does apostolic do this as we are told it is for all times. I know something about this because it is how my parents raised me. And, legalism is sin! I’ll also be taking topics from you! Their opinions on outward holiness isn’t nearly as strict as other churches I have came across. What’s wrong with bright colors and a little makeup? This information is really needed. God said let the wheat grow with the tare and He will do the separating. Pastors in the churches today teach the sisters it's acceptable in holiness churches to wear jewelry and facial paint. Check out this cool YouTube clip by Tiffany Hubba about Apostolic Holiness! no loud, flashy, flamboyant, or obtrusive colors that draw attention to yourselves are to be worn Thanks for your BLOG!! I know the holy ghost is real. Church Decorum Series: The Dress Code Lesson Six: The Dress Code Lesson Five: Altar Ministry Lesson Four: Presiding | Lesson Three: Prayer | Lesson Two:... Holiness Tabernacle Church of God in Christ is located in Northern Virginia where our desire is to build a work as unto the Lord through the lives of people. WHORES?….. OH NO!. In holiness do we have to wear dark colors all the time? All that matters is that God’s will be done. Ladies wear no form of makeup, whether limited or heavy applied, and while some of the younger ones might wear clear polish on their nails, they do not paint them with color. Bless you and yours! I be lead by the holy ghost. The first scripture that alot of false churches wont accept today is, "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.". Day Something or Other! When a Pharisee invited Jesus to dinner, He could have gone along with their elaborate hand-washing custom, but He deliberately ignored it. Then I remembered when I first came to the holiness church. The Prostitutes under the authority of Estarte was purposed to service men  of substance and the rich merchants throughout the empire. Keeping safety pins in your purse is a good way to quickly remedy this. I would not try adding to the word of God, however. You have my permission to share it. The devil is out to deceive. Almost ALL believers were turned away, one notable example being a woman who didn’t have her head covered, and God told her to depart, in fact, according to the revelation it was almost all of them. (Tomorrow I want to talk about our hair and our holiness standards for our actions because yet again I went on in this post for longer than I thought and I was not able to talk about hair! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!!!!! So, pray for those people that have a high and mighty attitude. APOSTLE L.J. “Gaposis”: The first time I ever heard that terminology was from a former human resource manager. All I am going to say is, “Proverbs 29:9 a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest”. Now notice the word covered according to the hebrew lexicon means "veiled" The women in the church of Corinth was confused on Pauls teachings on grace. ), ~Both men and women do not wear unnecessary jewelry or any piercings. In aligning with what you have said, women always wear skirts (some sleep in pajama pants, others don’t), and they do not cut their hair. Pingback: Daily Service – Holiness standards about hair for men and women – Guam Christian Blog. I do believe in dressing appropriatly for society or the weather and such, but do not believe that wearing of a "uniform" is necessary or Biblical in any way. But clearly, if we want to be like Jesus, we must confront sin. I consider the fact that I did alway know what I now know and was one that repeated thing of the Bible not having the revelation. We have mostly a young church and most of them know nothing about modesty as was taught to me upon entering the COGIC years ago. i praise the lord for saving you, because he saved me along with many outside the holiness rules. It is a human tradition. God Bless! How many of us found a $5 or $100 bill on the ground and not try to turn it in, figuring there was almost no chance of the person who lost it, to find it? AND HE DOESNT LOOK AT THE APPEARANCE OF PEOPLE BUT ONLY THE HEART. the hair is for covering why does everyone wear their hair pulled up? Thanks for this information, you did a great job in explaining this. HE STANDS STEADFAST, QUICK, SURE, PRECISE, AND UNCHANGEABLE ON WHAT HE DESIRES ARE FOR US ALL. (There is varying strictness on jewelry, my church allows one ring on each hand and watches because they have a function. Immediately one of our newly converted ladies turned to us girls, who were her friends and the same age as her, and gave us a confused look. Proverbs 29:9 KJV, So y’all are a more modern apostolic church. Depends on the church. What about women when they become engaged, no teaching about shacking up or just waiting for marriage. Biblical principles here include modesty, avoidance of personal ornamentation (ornamental jewelry and makeup), moderation in cost, and distinction between male and female in dress and hair. There are many different views on holiness and what is acceptable dress and appearance and what is not. I've noticed females occasionally throughout my life that wear long dresses with their hair always tied up but never knew why until recently. I believe it’s cross dressing period that’s forbidden and disgusting in his sight.. Are mens shorts not the same length as some womens skirts? We may even be in the same church organization and differ widely in these standards. Women who are “well endowed” should be aware of "gaposis." You can put all the ruffles and bows on your pants and it will still be an abomination to God ! We must learn to consider ourselves. Who knows – you may become the “Go to Queen” at your church and set up a kit with some essentials to help the ladies at your church! http://youtu.be/hpKCzvNQYxM. Its real. Elder Banks you have my permission to share it. Thanks. The way to God is humility attitude. Also are these heaven/hell issues. The old guy preacher told everyone such people were sinners and totally managed by the devil. . (French tips aren’t practiced, either.). Get your answers by asking now. Piercings do not vary however. just make it straight or l curl by chemicals. While our pastor himself doesn’t have facial and would probably prefer the men in his flock to do the same, he is also of the persuasion that there isn’t any scripture speaking against a man with facial hair. We simply cannot expect the world to be governed by the same set of moral codes that we as Christians govern ourselves. Pants are practical in cold weather. A strategically placed camisole can help with that as well. LETS JUST LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND KEEP IT MOVING. II Corinthians 7:1 | Titus 2:11-14 | Hebrews 12:14, Lesson Six: The Dress Code But now I know enough so that if I see any mess like that again, I’ll run the other way. of his writings. Referring to the first verse you quoted Deu 22:5 is one of the base of your interruption but didn’t they all wear robes back then? In Biblical times Jewish men and women who were slaves were forced to wear earrings in their ears to show to the world that they were property! Have a Blessed day!!!☺. Despite this, I don’t doubt their sincerity in worshiping and loving Jesus. BUT IF YOU CHOOSE TO DRESS AND LOOK THE WAY YOU DO?..THATS YOUR CHOICE. And therefore, in saying that “some women are shaped very well” then why is a women wrong for wearing pants? Also, Ezekiel is often quoted about their gold not saving them,(probably in chapter seven) but if you read the verse in context, it mentioned this during a time when the city turned away from God and was worshipping idols. IT IS ALWAYS WISE TO FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE PARTICULAR CHURCH YOU ATTEND. SO THE MENS SUIT STORES ARE OFF FOR ME. heir were a time when all Pentecostal churches taught true holiness, and observed the Bible teachings concerning jewelry for outward adorning. It wasn’t the adulterers, the robbers and that sort, who put Jesus on the cross. The enemy will use anything as a distraction. It’s not about us it’s all about doing what pleases Him, because He’s the King, He created us to please Him. I love my church family and my family that goes there and I just wanted a better understanding so thank u so much.

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