how tall is the tallest transformer

Even toys specifically designed to interact with each other suffer from this problem. Sometimes, they are even out of scale in their own team; Bruticus's torso is an anti-aircraft truck, while one of his limbs is a Space Shuttle and another is a two-person offroad vehicle. Then again, the vehicles pose even more problems: Prowl, who still sports car kibble, rides a motorcycle, Wheeljack (who used to transform into a car himself) drives a sports car, and Optimus Prime steers a massive 18-wheeler truck, despite his own chest still being the front end of a truck cab. Meanwhile, the four Dinobots each tower above the standard sized Transformers, due to their dinosaur alt-modes being scaled to the Autobots at the same scale dinosaurs would scale to a human. Although this was intended to show that the planet was technological in nature, it makes little sense, as the structures would have to be the size of small nations to be visible. Instead, they're about the same size. the tabletop game advertised by this artwork, Development history of the A-10 Thunderbolt II, Bob Forward gives Rattrap's height from the show bible, BotCon 98 report - see "ON THE SIZES OF CHARACTERS", Estimated "real-life" heights for several Transformers, derived from the size of their alt-modes, archived from on, This, however, is jusitifed in fiction featuring the characters, where it is established that Mini-Cons are supposed to be very tiny vehicles that are the same size, regardless of their variance in form. Fortress Maximus suffered a similar problem, shrinking in size even though he was explicitly rebuilt to be twice as tall as the average Transformer. It states however in the first issue of the Marvel comics Transformers, that Cybertron is a "Jupiter sized world". They are usually depicted as smaller than other Transformers in the fiction, even when their alternate modes should have them towering over other characters. He was still considerably smaller than a city, however, but this was justified by him merely serving as the 'transformation core' for Autobot City: Earth, not the actual city itself. The crucial point is that the toylines were initially unrelated. The result is that, while he may transform into a very accurately-proportioned handgun, it's unmistakably much larger than the real thing... not that this has stopped him being widely banned as a "realistic firearm replica". Other scale problems come from characters who transform into the same (or similar) altmodes but whose toys are different sizes.

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