how to make a mosaic stepping stone indirect method

The materials and tools you will need are; Now to make a mosaic stepping stone, prepare your mosaic mold by greasing it with petroleum jelly to help release the stepping stone from the mold when it has cured. • Sealing pebbles brings out their true 'wet' color. Once you are satisfied with the design, then use either method described below to make your mosaic pavers. You can also just randomly place your tile pieces and see what comes up! It is also a fantastic method to use if the mosaic needs to be broken into sections. You can use a readymade mold such as those sold at craft stores, or you can make your own: Cut pieces of lumber, such as 2x2s or 2x4s (but any size will do), into equal lengths, and then use wood screws to form them into a square. Set the wood form onto a scrap piece of plywood. Cut a piece of craft paper to the size of the inside of the form and lay it inside the mold. Turn the mold over and gently tap it to release the concrete stepping stone. Sometimes you need to create a mosaic surface that is perfectly flat, such as for stepping stones that people and animals will be walking on, in order to avoid sharp edges and thus stubbed toes. Experiment with different tiles and shapes on your piece of cardboard. You don’t want any ridges. In a paper backing project, gently press the mosaic into the bed, paper side up. Readjust any pieces that might have slipped. Continue filling the mold until you reach the top or your desired thickness. Fixing the Design to the Adhesive Film or Backing. Made from mortar and river rock, they’re tough and durable, yet easy and inexpensive to assemble. Make your stepping stone using the direct method. This method for transferring a mosaic design with contact paper works whether you are improvising on a quickly sketched cartoon or carefully following a detailed pattern for each piece of tile. Generally, it is desirable to make the grout level with the overall height of the mosaic surface. You want to loosen and peel it away from the tesserae without dislodging any pieces. Once you are satisfied with the design, then use either method described below to make your mosaic pavers. Spray the mold bottom and sides with a release agent. Be careful, this is more apt to dislodge the tesserae from the adhesive backing. If you are creating a walkway, set the stones in a on a sand bed (about 2.5cm) to provide drainage and support. Then tip the mold and gently slide the adhesive sheet with your design into position in the mold. Push it into the crevices around the tile pieces with a grout float, then scrape off most of the excess. Sealers are available in a matt or shiny finish. Start by pouring a thin layer around the edges to help hold the adhesive film down. In this method, you create your design upside down so that the top surface, when you flip it over, is flat. Another option is to purchase your mosaic mold online or at you local craft store where you will find many shapes and sizes. If you are using liquid nail as an adhesive then just glue your pieces of tile one by one on your patio stone. It can take longer, it all depends on the humidity level in your concrete and the ambient temperature. It takes a few more steps than the "direct" method, in which you simply arrange your tiles or glass on top of a stepping stone base, such as a patio stone. I use a small brush to wipe sand off the tiles and keep it in the cracks. The cut tesserae are adhered face down using a water soluble glue or gum (wallpaper paste is a good alternative).

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