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[2]:12[3]:5 Due to the isolationist views prevalent in American society at the time, the scholars had difficulty gaining traction with their plan, and turned their focus instead to a set of discreet meetings that had been taking place since June 1918 in New York City, under the name Council on Foreign Relations. When World War II began, it was the fourth largest corporation in the world and the largest in Europe. [20] Consequently, the space requirements for the building were for one of the largest office buildings ever constructed. The remaining property, worth DM 21 million (£6.7 million or €10.7 million), went to a buyer. Resumed his position at Bayer. The successor companies remain some of the world's largest chemical and pharmaceutical companies. On May 1, 1922 The New York Times reported that Gompers, reacting to negotiations at the international economic conference at Genoa, declared that a group of “predatory international financiers” were working for the recognition of the Bolshevik regime for the opening up of resources for exploitation. "[46], Between 1942 and 1945 a cyanide-based pesticide, Zyklon B, was used to kill over one million people, mostly Jews, in gas chambers in Europe, including in the Auschwitz II and Majdanek extermination camps in German-occupied Poland. The Farben cartel was created in 1925, when Hermann Schmitz, the master organizer, with Wall Street financial assistance, created the giant chemical corporation, combining six already giant German chemical companies — Badische Anilin- und Sodafabrik Ludwigshafen (BASF), Bayer, Agfa, Hoechst, Weiler-ter-Meer, and Griesheim-Elektron. 9, "Seizure of Property owned by I.G. In 1996, the state of Hesse bought the building and associated land for the University of Frankfurt. According to prisoner-physicians who witnessed the experiments, after being given the drugs the women would experience circulation problems, bloody vomiting, and painful diarrhea "containing fragments of muscus membrane". In September 1944 Fritz ter Meer, a member of IG Farben's supervisory board and future chair of Bayer's board of directors, and Ernst Struss, secretary of the company's managing board, are said to have made plans to destroy company files in Frankfurt in the event of an American invasion. [61] As the Red Army approached Auschwitz in January 1945 to liberate it, IG Farben reportedly destroyed the company's records inside the camp,[62] and in the spring of 1945, the company burned and shredded 15 tons of paperwork in Frankfurt. Yes, you guessed it. If you haven’t figured out that the US is on the side of the terrorists yet….. Avaaz involved in Syria linked to MoveOn, SumOfUs, Purpose, Soros activism….. Google Censors and Demonetizes High View Count Videos That Reveal The Truth About the Syrian War and the MSM’s ‘Fake News’ Agenda, Big Brother Watching: Huge Compendium of Screenshots Highlight Facebook and Other Forms of Censorship In New Age of Internet Surveillance and Control, Compendium of Videos and Articles Revealing the Deep States Projection of the “Fake News” Propaganda Campaign, Saudi Arabia, the Clinton Foundation and Those Massive Yemen Bombs, The EU Migration Crisis: Two Birds with One Stone- The Clash of Cultures and Propping Up of the German Labor Force. His name seems quite fitting. 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IG Farben was founded in December 1925 as a merger of six companies: BASF (27.4 percent of equity capital); Bayer (27.4 percent); Hoechst, including Cassella and Chemische Fabrik Kalle (27.4 percent); Agfa (9 percent); Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron (6.9 percent); and Chemische Fabrik vorm. [2]:17–18, In the late 1930s, the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation began contributing large amounts of money to the Council. It is the central building of the West End Campus of the university, which also includes over a dozen other buildings built after 2001. The purpose of a corporation's continuing existence, being "in liquidation", is to ensure an orderly wind-down of its affairs. A substantial amount of currently available information points to Allen Dulles as being the man who was really behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Its the very same I.G., as in I.G. He also called for and attended the founding of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921. This man led the creation of the US Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations and also was the chairman and director of American I.G., the US branch of I.G. Most were quickly restored to their directorships and other positions in post-war companies, and some were awarded the Federal Cross of Merit. [4], Behind the rotunda is an oblong pool with a Nymphenskulptur (German:Nymph sculpture) at the water's edge created by Fritz Klimsch entitled "Am Wasser". The university's tenancy of the building sparked a debate regarding the name of the building. The IG Farben building was attacked again by the same group in 1976 and 1982. On one occasion they complained about the stench of the burning bodies. The complex now houses the Westend Campus of the university,[9][13] which includes the departments of Philosophy, History, Theology, Classical Philology, Art and Music, Modern Languages and Linguistics, Cultural and Civilization Studies, the Center for North American Studies[14] and the Fritz-Bauer-Institute.[15]. Frankfurt was chosen because of its centrality and its accessibility by air and land. It became the principal location for implementing the Marshall Plan, which supported the post-war reconstruction of Europe. "community of interest"). [85] Its stock (denominated in Reichsmarks) traded on German markets until early 2012. IG's 42.5 percent of the stock in Degesch translated into three seats on its Administrative Committee, occupied by members of Farben's own, "The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1939", United Nations War Crimes Commission 1949, "IG Farben-Haus, Geschichte und Gegenwart", "Joseph Borkin, Antitrust Lawyer, Author Dies", "I.G. The IG Farben Building -- also known as the Poelzig Building and the Abrams Building, formerly informally called The Pentagon of Europe -- is a building complex in Frankfurt, Germany, which currently serves as the main structure of the West End Campus of the University of Frankfurt. Altogether its annual net profit was around RM 0.5 billion (equivalent to 2 billion 2009 euros). Farben, Connecting the dots on the global elite…not a conspiracy theory, Israel’s Massive 2014 Bombing of Gaza Buried Under MH-17 Propaganda Rollout, Mossad Complicity: MSM Articles and Videos Reveal That Israel Supports ISIS Terrorists in Syria, CNN caught lying about the plight of sub-Saharan Africans in Libya- Clinton’s war, Compilation of Important Articles and Videos Detail NATO/US/UK/French Government’s Support for Terrorists in Libya and Direct Responsibility for the Manchester Arena Terror Attack, Off the Charts – The U.S. and NATO backed Libyan Terrorists. The controlling interest of this entity rested with IG Farben in Germany. The CFR being another tool of the global elite used to oversee US foreign policy. Five smaller firms, Agfa, Cassella, Chemische Fabrik Kalle, Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron and Chemische Fabrik vorm. Behind the IG Farben Building, the state of Hessen intends to build "Europe's most modern campus" to accommodate the remaining departments of the University's old Bockenheim campus, law, business, social sciences, child development, and the arts. The business, along with the industrial empire that “IG” controlled and commanded, has been described as “a state within a state.”. Two interesting paragraphs from the link: While Cecil Rhodes and the Oppenheimers went to South Africa, the Kuhn Loebs were off to re-colonize America. Paradoxically and metaphorically speaking, he seems to have been quite the Judas. Understanding how the CFR was established. [11] One of its subsidiaries supplied the poison gas, Zyklon B, that killed over one million people in gas chambers during the Holocaust. On April 16, 1975, the US Army renamed the building the General Creighton W. Abrams Building. Warburg died at his home in New York City on January 24, 1932, and was buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, New York. The IG Farben Building was also the headquarters of the CIA in Germany, which led to its sobriquet 'the Pentagon of Europe'. In March 1945, Allied troops occupied the area and the IG Farben Building became the American headquarters of General Dwight D. Following several later mergers the main successor companies are Agfa, BASF, Bayer and Sanofi. [55] Dürrfeld, a friend of Höss, denied knowing about it.[56]. One product crucial to the operations of the Wehrmacht was synthetic fuel, made from lignite using the coal liquefaction process. The building presents a very large and weighty façade to the front, but this effect is reduced by the concave form. [60] Dürrfeld was sentenced to eight years, then pardoned in 1951 by John McCloy, the American high commissioner for Germany, after which he joined the management or supervisory boards of several chemical companies. We would kindly request that you send us another group of women to the same number and at the same price. Chemical Company, Agfa Ansco Corporation, and Warburg & Company of Amsterdam. The last step to complete the new university campus will be the relocation of the main library within the 2020s. A fine bunch these gentlemen are. In 1928, IG Farben was the world's fourth-largest company and its largest chemical company. Hitler’s main source of economic power was from the IG Farben chemical cartel, who in turn were controlled by the Illuminati. [85], On 10 November 2003 its liquidators filed for insolvency,[86] but this did not affect the existence of the company as a legal entity. http://www.counter-currents.com/2013/10/wall-street-and-the-november-1917-bolshevik-revolution/, Recognition of Bolsheviks Pushed by Bankers.

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