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Soon the exit door will blow open with enemies inside. Secret Jump on one and drop down when it's at its lowest point. Now pick up the hazmat suit and enter the green water pipe to the left of the suit. Kill the enemies down here. The spiders seem to have a hard time getting in here so you can focus on them from inside the wall safely. Kill the enemies in here. Now head for the large door labeled "Coolant & Power Controls." When you're ready, continue down the path to the right. Kill them all. Walk out the door and kill the enemies on the balcony above. This is the end of the level. Interact with it and the door will close as well as a gate where you just came from. Secret Almost immediately, the wall to the left will explode and the door in front of you will open with an enemy within. While looking at the bridge to the control room, jump into the water to the left. This will open up the gate that closed behind you and allow you to explore the rest of the level. After this, reload the Profile page and click on "Get Discount". Secret Kill the enemies inside and climb up the ladder.
COPYRIGHT © 3D REALMS. ion fury made easier some weapon got a little more damage and/or ammo/max ammo 1 armorshard adds 5 armor caps at 25 with new hud graphic tier 1 armor adds 25 armor caps at 50 tier 2 armor adds 50 armor caps at 100 tier 3 armor adds 100 armor caps at 200 Now head up those stairs you just passed. Jump into the water to the right of the control room door after you enter the Coolant & Power Controls room. Jump on the railing and then into the vent, as shown in the image above, to crawl through.

Your discount code will be generated and you can copy it with you. Continue down the tunnel and you'll reach an intersection in the tracks. After the link has been established, we will verify that you have ownership of Ion Fury on Steam. Throughout the game I found myself stocked with plenty of ammunition and the game incentivizes using your entire arsenal for different situations and different enemies. This secret will unlock the All Doors Are Locked achievement. Go through it and jump across the platforms immediately to your left to jump across to the dark blue panel. It will open and close automatically depending on the position of the pistons so wait until it opens and crawl in. ... Jump across the crates in the acid and into the opening in the fence to the left for a medium body armor. Kill the teleporting enemy ahead and climb up the stairs. Break the panel on the right as shown in the image above. Swim straight down and enter the open vent in the water. You can enter the hole in the wall on the left when it's clear for some goodies. Kill the enemies in here. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

Ion Fury Cultural Divide Secrets. Activate the Door Control switch in this room and open the door to the right. Enter the door for a handful of goodies.

Don't fall down the opening to the right when you see it, follow it to the left. Now head back to the ladder. Turn around and jump across to the next ladder that is broken. It's not considered a secret but it's a very well hidden Ion Bow. Your IP: Swim straight down for a hidden tunnel with an ultrasonic radar. Exit the previous secret after flipping the switch and go down the tunnel to your right. Now walk out the door and pick up the hazmat suit directly across from you. Pick up the portable medkit in here. Drop down and hug the right wall for some spiders to drop down to make the next section easier. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. I suggest jumping through one of the side panels when they open and kill the enemies within. Dive underwater and swim to the bottom of the left turbine. This makes each zone feel like one large level and helps make the game feel bigger in scope than most BUILD engine shooters.

Jump across the gap and follow this path. At the end of the level, you will go down a destroyed elevator into a station you were in earlier. From the top of the stairs of the Coolant & Power Controls room, you'll find a pair of jump boots on the left wall.

Go back through the blue door, now to your left, and run down this hallway. Activate the door control switch in the opposite corner of the room. Ion Fury™ and Bombshell™ is a registered trademark of 3D Realms. Follow the below steps in order to receive a unique discount code if you're an owner of Ion Fury on Steam. At the first point where the ground drops along the tracks, you'll see this vent on the right hand side.

Ion Fury (originally titled Ion Maiden) is a 2019 cyberpunk first-person shooter video game developed by Voidpoint and published by 3D Realms.It is a prequel to the 2016 video game Bombshell. Ion Fury reviewed quite well here at Game Informer, and now an expansion is slated for 2021. Please allow a few minutes. Continue up the path and you'll be in a room with pistons that move up and down. The switch in the previous secret will move the train, allowing you to reach this platform. Enter the door at the top. Swim through it and up the ladder on the other side to get out of the water. Clear the room first to make things easier. There's also a switch here, activate it for the next secret. Skip it for now because there are some items to collect just ahead. Swim out of this tunnel and head immediately to your left. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Jump across to the right side for an explosion with a flying enemy coming in through the wall to kill. Secret Look up and climb the structure in the middle.
Follow this path to the end until you get out of the water. Enter it and flip the switch to go back into the earlier control room. Run up the red pipe. Kill the enemies within. Crouch and hug the left wall and you'll find a slightly different color texture in the wall. Flip the manual override switch in here and a door to your left will open. Jump across the crates in the acid and into the opening in the fence to the left for a medium body armor. Head back from the previous secret and you'll have to fight off some enemies.

Please allow a few minutes. Ion Fury Fan Service Secrets. Kill the enemies inside the door and run to the far end. ... and ion fury much better than shadow warrior. Secret • Drop down and open the door, killing the enemies in here.

Go through the blue door to the left and run down this hallway. This is the side closest to the yellow door. 3D Realms and related logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners in the U.S. and other countries. Kill everything that spawns in this room. Continue down the tunnel while fighting off the enemies in your way. Drop down.

After this, reload the Profile page and click on "Get Discount". Kill the enemies in this room and break the vent in the back right wall. It's in the corner that is lit up with the security camera terminal right next to it. Pick them up and head to the stairs. sp-leveldesigner : 10 Replies Ion Fury Subhuman Resources. Once you make the right turn on the tracks early in the level, you'll see this vent on the left hand wall. ... Head into this apartment for a disperser and armor.

You'll see an opening in the wall. Head outside the control room and explosion will occur on the left wall with flying enemies above.

Acquiring the Blue Key Card. Though the cool thing about Ion Fury is that both health and armor can be overcharged. Open it up for the final secret in this level with some goodies inside. Secret 1. Be careful as there will be flying enemies that appear from below that could pop up behind you. Take the path to the left and break this vent on the wall. Swim through the vents while the turbines spin until you reach the third turbine. Whenever you're ready, just step on the elevator platform to complete this level. Pick up the diving suit. When ready, jump through the hole in the wall. Break the vent for some chaingun ammo. When ready, drop down that opening. The Steam release can be found here . Keep an eye on the balcony above when you see them to fight off any enemies up there. The left wall leading to this debris will also have a vent you can break. Make sure to turn around when you get to the far end as enemies will spawn behind you as well. You'll see a blue pipe on the left hand wall. After the link has been established, we will verify that you have ownership of Ion Fury on Steam. Double jump up to the heavy armor to unlock this secret. ... Jump onto the ledge to the left and interact with the left vent here to enter a secret room with armor, health, an ion bow and bowling bombs. Continue ahead and kill the enemies on the stairs.

Now enter the control room. Follow this path and kill the enemies in the next station. Enter the Coolant & Power Controls room and flip the switch inside. Head down the hall to the right and activate the gate control switch to open the gate right in front of you.

While we don't have many details outside of the release year, a teaser trailer shows off some of the slaughter. You can only go to the right but straight ahead you can find some Bowling Bombs on the debris. • Break it and follow the path to the end for some Clusterpucks. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Secret Climb through here for the secret. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you missed any secrets, you can press the gate control on the left wall shown in the image above.

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