jabiru 3300 tbo

If I decide to go through with the purchase, I assume the through bolts would need to be changed by a Jabiru service center. The job of replacing nuts is not bad but tight clearances to access the sloppy factory nuts, (6 point nuts) for removal and then replacement with new 12 point high strength nuts require the purchase of a 12 point swivel socket. 0000001205 00000 n

0000002957 00000 n Comments or questions? I've been a long-time follower of that group and it's Yahoo predecessor, but one caution - you'll soon learn the majority of the posts are from a small group of people that are really into experimenting and modifying their engines. It's a shame that flawed data or misinterpretation of data can ruin the reputation of a very good engine. Engines The Jabiru 3300 is a six-cylinder direct-drive air-cooled aircraft engine from Jabiru Aircraft Pty. Ha! Terms of Service.

0000000896 00000 n 1. We only use Genuine Jabiru spares sourced from Sky-Craft Ltd. how much would the through bolt job cost? Online Community of Zenith Builders and Flyers. AeroFix Aviation offer mobile AND workshop-based maintenance and repair services for JABIRU & CAMit aircraft engines.

The Jabiru Propeller is a 2-bladed composite Scimitar design. Top End Overhaul at 1000 hrs & Full Overhaul at 2000 hrs. Arion Aircraft, LLC.   Corvair A Urethane protective coating is applied to the leading edge of both blades. The blades are constructed of fibreglass composite while the hub is forged from Aluminum.

Since I started this thread, I bought the plane. engine from Jabiru Aircraft Pty.

3300 Generation 4 (6-cylinder, 120 hp @ 3300 RPM) – $18,900 2200 Generation 4 (4-cylinder, 85 hp @ 3300 RPM) – $14,900 Save $500 with our Firewall-Forward Discount: If you order your Jabiru Firewall-Forward Kit when you place your engine order, you’ll save $500 off the cost of your new engine.

Perhaps someone in the US who has been there/done that can chime-in as to through-bolt replacement cost and complexity, etc., but you are correct that the Jabiru repair facility in the US is in Shelbyville, TN. Please be aware that if you pick up the engine in TN we are obligated by state law to charge tax on a product sold and delivered in the state. Warranty: One year from delivery. We will let you know when it arrives from Australia. For a top end overhaul to be undertaken the following criteria must be met. 1881 Airport Road, Mexico Memorial Airport Jabiru Aircraft Engines – 4th Generation. The propeller finish is black Gel-coat.

Click Here, Jabiru Contact your regional distributor or Jabiru Aircraft for details.

From s/n 118 TBO has been extended to 2000 hours with Top End at 1000, conditions apply. Custom Instrument Panels IMHO some of their occasional problems with their engines are of their own making with their experiments - and some of the "problems" are more technical than a practical concern. You are welcome to pick up your engine and firewall forward kit here, or we can ship to you via truck freight for an additional charge. Not good for through bolts!!    Upholstery Telephone: 07779 147 229

Am I correct in stating that there is one in Shelbyville, TN? Jabiru 3300 through bolts. SnapOn has this swivel socket, or even older Craftsman will do but it must be short in depth of socket.

   The engine I am looking to purchase had the 12 point nuts installed in 2013, fairly soon after the bulletin was published.

Trained Jabiru 2200 and Jabiru 3300 Heavy Maintenance and Servicing Engineer for Jabiru / CAMit 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder aircraft engines. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Performance Points: Engine TBO: I flew her from Philadelphia to Raleigh and have flown her several hours since. ��V���j�N&��m���ft]���{��~����e�Ȝ�3(����Zs�;���]��bf$в������س�Y�%`` fznɜ�Y���� '��m�����1��.�y��݇v79` ��K�V�s�0�&`0���-6�l-b:��]U4��~�ks��ů�8Jb��ʊ9o~���+�Wf{O\����z����=�Tb�W����{�̫>��/�e��{/Јw����x�:��]F3N"i؆lB-,�ƜW�͠2E���������X�#�E�5,�J�1[��N��Xd�ki���qAY�ᘄ���e��\gn4wa7˓���B�6�{�s�Kij�k؂��KR8�2�|�� g(d��?qv�^�+A52���4 �k����G(���:��0�ЋcT��-8���8�/(X�4w���D��z��Nǥ��r���]��,���'�!��j�����ϛ���`*g��-�A�����#%��P�˫�n�C\" �)��(*�v9qCʸߛ��yr�A,:�Ne�r���{����V���(�+�h�D��W"U�[�e�I٫�����gP��؇[ԝFP��J��j�U�Bmt����"WS�1�(��*u����=������`�B��r��5l����.�2�D��i*������o���R3G9C����n�m��vяA��sb��&:Έ�Ŀe��'2Q&�. There is a bulletin from Jabiru website on this specific procedure of nut replacement and or 7/16" rod replacement relating to engine hours left till overhaul. Sticks 0000000917 00000 n

Then go on to next through bolt.. Copyright 2017. 0000029741 00000 n Learn More. endstream endobj 20 0 obj << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 26693 /Length1 47324 >> stream #I�����r�׷��\�s��/#]^�a�c�Y!s'�bJn�y��E��W�|�9J��L7[s�0n��^NgTh����x It appears that there is a flange on each bolt that fits between the crank halves. Spark plugs are NGK and commonly available. However, looking at the engine diagrams, it looks like there is no way to replace them without tearing the engine complete down. The Jabiru 3300 is a

for your Zenith: Custom instrument panels are now available directly from Zenith Aircraft Company exclusively for Zenith builders and owners.

Later analysis of the study found it to be deeply flawed, including counting incidents such as a student pilot getting lost and running out of fuel as "engine failure!" 0000001427 00000 n These engines have been fully checked out by our experienced A&P mechanics and, in many cases, overhauled and updated with all available newer features. The engine has a published TBO of

Thanks John,  I am glad to hear that you have had good luck with ethanol free mogas. For Jabiru / CAMit 2200 and 3300 engines we offer on-site servicing, in workshop repairs, upgrades / modifications, top-end overhauls, bulk strip and rebuild and full overhauls. Here is a, way too big picture of my 2200.

  Others. The diameter is 60”. The Gen 4 engines are in high demand right now, so please order early. 120hp. 0000001427 00000 n New Aircraft Sales Click Here. 0000000917 00000 n Share !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); The factory nuts were not as tall, (length of thread engagement), also. 1. 0000002017 00000 n Jabiru recommend a TBO of 1000 hours for engines to s/n 118. Dual Report an Issue  | 

Enquiries@AeroFixAviation.co.uk, Bolton, Lancashire, United Kingdom, BL3 4NN. 0000002957 00000 n H�\TTTu�}���3�K44�x���T�|�� ������dx�>�"�b#>��h��&�f]ݵ��= Replace the nuts on both ends and torque to specs, (I don't remember). How to Order Your Jabiru EnginePlease call us at (931) 680-1781 to place your engine and/or firewall-forward kit order. 0000029741 00000 n 3300 Generation 4 (6-cylinder, 120 hp @ 3300 RPM) – $18,900 2200 Generation 4 (4-cylinder, 85 hp @ 3300 RPM) – $14,900 Save $500 with our Firewall-Forward Discount: If you order your Jabiru Firewall-Forward Kit when you place your engine order, you’ll save $500 off the cost of your new engine. Also, it appears that the fix is to replace the 3/8 bolts with 7/16 bolts and the nuts with 12 point nuts. Last Updated:  10/1/2019, Proud Manufacturer of the Lightning Line of Aircraft, Exclusive US Distributor of Jabiru Engines and support, jabiru 3300 120hp Gen 4 Engine Order Form.


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