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Whether that is true or not who knows? 2020. Ten years later, the baby has grown into a young boy surviving, on his own, on the streets of Naples and getting his upbringing from the underworld. L'immortale is a strong and outstanding stand-alone drama, for the reasons mentioned above. *Alan McGee co-founder of Creation Records and new label 359 Music.. Telephone 01274 449346 Yet Ciro doesn’t have the street name of L’immortale without a valid reason…... L'immortale, directed by Marco D’Amore, starts at the close of season 3, with Ciro’s lifeless body being pulled out of the cold and dark water by some young Napolitano upstarts. Copyright © 2015 ZANI - All Rights Reserved. L'Immortale. The TV series bears no resemblance to the book, film, or the play. I note that it has had a theatrical release in Italy as of November 2019. So far to date there have been four seasons about the Savastano Camorra clan of Secondigliano, a suburb in north Naples. It’s So Easy It Could Have Been Called Beano Not Bingo! But Ciro wants to be the classic tough guy from the streets of Naples for it transpires from L'immortale, that during adolescence the young Ciro, played by Giuseppe Aiello in his acting debut who gives a strong and moving performance, lived on the streets as a thief, under the guidance of Bruno (Gianni Vastarella in his first main role) a character similar to Fagin in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, who teaches the local orphans to steal a car stereo or two. Screams of fleeing people are muffled by the water. Skype Bradford Zone, Send us your stories to tvdesk@bradfordzone.co.uk, Send us your pics to yourpics@bradfordzone.co.uk. ZANI was conceived in late 2008 and the fan base gradually grew by word of mouth. With facing death, and losing his mother at such an early age, can explain some of the reasons why Ciro is fearless and outwardly insensitive. There is an unholy alliance between Genny and Ciro, best of friends one day, and the next the worst of enemies. Sky Atlantic. Relevant to modern times ZANI is a dynamic website and a flagship for creative movement and thinking wherever our readers live in the world. Ciro’s body is thrown into the water to ‘swim with the fishes’. Sky Atlantic. L’immortale (The Immortal) is a spin-off from Sky Atlantic’s Gomorrah, which is loosely based on Italian writer and Napolitano Roberto Saviano’s nonfiction book Gomorrah (March 2006), an investigative tome that under-covered in detail the workings of the criminal organisation, Camorra of Naples. D’Amore’s road into acting was via the theatre, and throughout Gomorrah and L’immortale, as the character Ciro, with his trademark diamond stud earring, designer leather jacket and jeans, tee-shirt, trainers and shaven hair, can hold your attention, even scare you, with that sinister poker face. Marco D'Amore (Un Posto Sicuro, Drive Me Home) as Ciro "L’immortale" Di Marzio, the suave and streetwise ambitious criminal with attitude, a cold heart, and a steely stare.

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