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Chin Sung Southwest of Tam Ky, Big Battle Aug 69. 0815 hours. BS730775, temporary firebase set up by 4-31 November 1970 North of LZ Siberia by requesting extension into Marine AO, CIA helicopters and Nung mercenaries hung out here. These sources included: Operations Reports & Lessons information. Almost completely surrounded by water. The landing point is the actual point on which aircraft are going to land (e.g., a point of the field). If the terrain would allow, vegetation outside the perimeter would be pushed back as much as 200 meters — for obvious reason. “My God, we’re going to crash!” John suddenly blurted into his mike. This Take the data at face value and keep in mind that some of the Under heavy enemy fire, with Tango 2-4 guiding us visually, John tore across the landscape on two runs—10 feet above the landing zone tree line—as our crew chief dropped our own smoke grenades. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the 23rd Psalm–Psalm 23:1-6–(KJV) is frequently quoted in military circles. [announcements]  [15th Mortar attacks on incoming helicopters. To get close to them in the least amount of time, John had to make a low and fast approach to position the nose of our aircraft in the tightest part of this “V.”. The Americans counterattacked with all available personnel, the officers involved being killed at the head of their troops. He was an aircraft commander and also one of our unit’s instructor pilots. ( Log Out /  I never flew with the force trim on because it caused me to lose my “touch” on the cyclic necessary to make many precise tactical maneuvers. Otherwise, I’d have to make a tree landing. Chu Lai at the top of 1,000 foot hill. ‘ve also created a poll to help identify my website audience – before leaving, can you please click, Videos, Film, Music, and Movies about VN War, A Chat Between Three Veterans [live video with author], Lest We Forget Meet the Authors & Book Signing April 4th: Cherries and Donut Dolly, Interview with author John Podlaski in Examiner Magazine, American Heroes Radio interviews author of Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel, Cherries Author Interviewed on British Website, U.K. Blogspot posts interviews author, John Podlaski, More Book Reviews and author interviews about Cherries,, Soldiers Celebrating Christmas during the Vietnam War, 29 Sad, lonely & Tough Images from the Vietnam War. Thirty-two miles from Da Nang. U.S. Marine Corps Bases From USMC CAAR & Comd Chrono's, 10. In April 1969, the US Army's 2/8 Cavalry reopened the LZ and began operations in its vicinity, and the hornet's nest had been prodded. Artillerymen, supply and signal personnel, and engineers fought and died as emergency infantry reserves. This place is situated in Hoai Nhon, Binh Dinh, Vietnam, its geographical coordinates are 14° 35' 0" North, 109° 3' 0" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Tam Quan. Cavalry counterattacks reestablished the perimeter, and the enemy force began withdrawing, breaking contact at 0600. “Okay,” John said, “I’ll call Da Nang and get another bird flown out there to pick us up.”, “Sir,” Specialist Five Bill Bergman—our crew chief—broke in on the intercom, “we got our guns at four o’clock high. The remaining 4 M113s and some soldiers on foot retreated through their entry point into the clearing and headed back to Highway 1 leaving behind 15 men in a small perimeter a few hundred metres northwest of the disabled M113s. Calendar | Photo Gallery | Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The crews continued rendering direct fire, even though they were often embroiled in defending their own weapons. A TLZ can be used for the landing of an aircraft (in terms of the Royal Air Force, this could be a Hercules carrying supplies or troops or any of their other helicopters, such as the Merlin, Puma or the Chinook). Allons Scout Platoon have two Armored Personnel Carriers report to LANDING ZONE MARYLOU to pick up trucks. (Div Arty ORLL BS450612 and BS448612) Supported Iron Mountain and Vernon Lake II operations. Every waking day, even over 50 years later, I remember my Dust Off compatriots who endured and gave so much of themselves in our fight to save lives. AT952355. Landing Zone Laramie Binh Dinh. (AT934242 Div Arty ORLL), Near My Lai on Batangan Peninsula. North of Hawk Hill, South of An Hoa. He reached up, took my hand between both of his and squeezed hard twice. Welcome to the Tam Quan google satellite map! These sources included: Operations Reports & Lessons Learned (ORLLs), After Action Reports, Annual … Note oil puddle under the tail boom where the last of their jet engine’s oil has drained. My Lai also known as Pinkville massacre, or Song My massacre. All he could find were old sandbags. Seven of my helicopters were shot up by enemy fire and I was shot down twice. The defending artillerymen and mortar crews fought in desperation, heightened by the loss of communications between most weapons and their fire direction centers (FDC). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Please From 10 Jul 69-10 Jul 70, I flew 987 missions and helped evacuate over 2,500 patients from both sides of the action. By 10:00 the force had turned west off Highway 1 towards An Bao and were crossing some dry rice paddies in a clearing when they saw a group of approximately 15 PAVN run into the tree line. A helicopter is a celebration of human powers of mobility. As part of the May Offensive, PAVN General Chu Huy Mân Commander of Military Region 5 ordered the 3rd Division to attack the 1/50th Infantry in Bình Định Province with a series of large-scale ambushes. VC/NVA Operational Areas : 9. list of US Army Vietnam artillery units][home]  Dust Offs are a special breed to ride in to danger with no armament and pluck wounded/KIA in tight quarters. Turned over to ARVN troops, then lost by ARVN forces and re-taken by US troops several times. This was an on/off switch located between us at the top of the pedestal beneath the instrument panel. These movements should have made the aircraft spin in circles. It was a daily thing, part of the way they lived. and later used by the Army during Oper. 0820 hours. Attention 15th Field Artillery veterans! 1/46 Inf left 22 Aug 70 and base was closed. (Photo courtesy of the author.). Landing Zone Lowboy Tam Quan Quang Ngai. Sent to relieve the besieged Marine base at Khe Sanh, the 1st Cavalry faced a tough fight of its own at Landing Zone Wharton.

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