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In the late stages of the game, above all else, it won’t be enough to simply choose your strongest characters to overcome the challenges that the game will throw at you. The latter is important because, if you don’t choose the correct units for the terrain of the scenario, you will have problems moving around and positioning your units throughout the stage, and could find yourself surrounded by the enemy before getting a chance to cover your most fragile units. She has decent skills which increase damage, reduces enemy defense, reduces damage taken. In today’s post, we have covered the Langrisser Mobile reroll guide and shared Langrisser Mobile Tier list. Follow the same steps mentioned in above point to earn trinity vouchers and spend on 10x summon. - PokeAMon. He has AoE damage skill, Battlefield Mastery talent that increases ATK/DEF. Every map containing a Hidden Treasure is repeatable so it is not strictly necessary to collect each one during one's first clear of a map. Her teleport skill lets you teleport ally to any block within range. Tap the player avatar at the top-left corner -> bind Facebook or Bind Google(N/A in Parallel Space). Vargas -> Vargas is an SR unit, Holy Element. Advance it to the final class for further skills like reduction in damage taken, an increment in damage power.
Clone App -> If you are on Android, use Parallel Space app for rerolling. All these are SSR rank heroes, except Vargas who is an SR unit. Bernhardt -> SSR unit, Infantry element. There are multiple ways to reroll in Langrisser Mobile; create an account on each server, use clone app, use emulator, use multiple Facebook accounts(that’s too annoying though). Both are the best healers in the game. These strategies are enough to help you progress from the beginning, up until you reach level 35. Skills – Increases Crit, damage and has mobility passive skill. This tier list ranks the best heroes from Langrisser in tiers based on how useful they are on a team. Facebook Account -> Use a new FB account for rerolling. Chris -> SR Unit, Holy. Skills(Including class skills) – HP recovery, AoE, Resurrect, and more. Note – As per the current event reward, you get the first SSR unit Dieharte for free. Furthermore, this list is heavily influenced by the Chinese Langrisser community. Your main force will always including at least 3 characters for each position, since most times … So before level 10, you will have to play each battle manually; that’s time-consuming and does not guarantee a good SSR unit. If you want more information about each character and skills, you can visit the Langrisser Mobile wiki page(Link – Here). Jessica is one of the best rare units in Langrisser Mobile game. Furthermore, this list is heavily influenced by the […] In order to receive the best performance from each of your units, you must take into consideration the synergy between the different factions in the game. The said roles, similar to those of MMORPGs, fall into the classic trinity: It’s important to note that, in contrast to other games, unit roles in Langrisser are not explicit. Best Units Tier List Ranking Criteria This tier list ranks the best heroes from Langrisser in tiers based on how useful they are on a team. However, despite the significance of these elements, they are not the only aspects that you must consider when looking to create a team for a specific scenario. Factors such as power, value on a team, place in the meta are taken into consideration when putting together this list.

Furthermore, the most advanced levels in the game will usually have many obstacles and opponents that you’ll need to defeat if you wish to claim the victory. By level 11, you can easily earn more than 10 trinity vouchers and spend in 10x summon. Select a new server and create a new account. However, if there are many archers on the opposing team, we recommend that you bench the flier and deploy more melee units. It’s not difficult to find that, in strategy games such as Langrisser, you are forced to choose between many different characters to create a feasible team.
Increases ATK, reduces enemy mobility. Leon -> OP unit, one of the best attackers in the game. Tiaris – She is another Holy element SSR unit. Langrisser Mobile Tier List ... Freya is another good unit you can build and put it on the team.

This will be your general-purpose team, which you’ll use on most occasions, except for those that require a different composition. You can get it for free by completing the 60 Points in the path of the light event. You must have Windows 7 or higher. Catch you on the battlefield! Lance -> You get this hero for free in the first phase of the game. On the login screen, you get the option to change the server. BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. Also, she has ATK/DEF/INT buffs. Each unit belongs to one or two factions that define their loyalty within Langrisser’s narrative.

After that, you can spend trinity vouchers for more heroes. Dieharte -> SSR Unit, Cavalry. At the top-left corner of the game screen, tap the player avatar -> switch account -> use another FB account to login. Check Out – Top New Android Games Today. In other words, you won’t find any text nor indicators that suggest a unit belongs to a certain class. His initial talent increases the INT stats for a few turns. You can claim each Treasure by having a unit under your control end their turn on the tile which contains the Treasure. Although I'd love to go all girl team with Princess Alliance but heard thats not F2P friendly at all ... Marcus is the answer for anything except "best unit who isn't Marcus," but even then he is a strong contender. Lewin -> R Unit, Infantry. Both are the best healers in the game. For the video tutorial, click here(It takes you to the YouTube). After that, open the Parallel space app again -> clone LM -> login as a guest -> repeat the steps until you get the desired units. Since the SSR rate is only 2%, rerolling would not be quite useful because the auto-battle mode unlocks at level 10 and it takes up to an hour to reach that milestone. However, collecting the necessary materials to summon new heroes is a long and arduous process, which can sometimes become tedious since you’ll be repeating the same stages over and over. Let’s take a look at Langrisser Mobile Tier List: –. Kirkikaze -> SR, Infantry. Increases attack power, reduces enemy mobility, reduces damage taken. She has decent skills which increase damage, reduces enemy defense, reduces damage taken. In this sense, it’s necessary to analyze the skills and talents of every new unit that you unlock to gauge their potential utility in your team. And, click here to see the picture of below Langrisser Mobile tier list. Advance her to further classes for ATK/DEF/HP buffs. Should you reroll? This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteGot it! It’s not difficult to find that, in strategy games such as Langrisser, you are forced to choose between many different characters to create a feasible team.

Another good tank type character with high damage and many good skills(including classes) – increases damage, reduces enemy ATK/DEF of enemies, increases defense, reduces damage taken. You may consult the faction of each character in the Hero menu by clicking on the symbols that are located above the attributes of each character. Leticia -> R unit, Cavalary. Increases ATK/DEF(Max 9%), upon CRIT Hit, steals 1 buff from the enemy, reduces damage taken, increases CRIT damage. No, it does not worth! Have You Any Suggestions? 1 Min-Max Summoning Suggestions 1.1 Best Tanks: 1.2 Best Healers: 1.3 Best DPS: 1.4 Special Forces: 1.5 Core of Factions: 1.6 Conclusion: 1.7 But What about Origin Faction? Increases damage/ATK, recovers HP. To this end, every time you want to perform a summoning, we suggest always going for the bulk summoning—which requires 10 Trinity Vouchers—as you’re guaranteed at least 1 SR hero. Can I bind the account after choosing the guest as login option -> Yes! However, as we mentioned before, it’s important that you begin to collect the strongest units from day one so that you have more options to tinker with once you reach the advanced stages of the game. Below is a list of what we believe to be the best characters in the game. Cherie -> Cherie is a flier unit. Luna -> SSR unit, Holy Element. On the contrary, relying on brute force or high attributes will not be enough to eliminate your enemies. Buffer, can remove the debuff, increases defense, damage. Repeat the same steps in all the accounts and continue with the best one.

Imelda -> SR Unit, Infantry. If you want to play as those characters, Leon, Egbert, Imelda, Vargas, Rougha and Sonya can be played on the Imperial route when you join the Empire after stage 7. In a game like Langrisser, you have to consider more than individual potential when choosing which characters to bring on your adventure. Narm -> SR, Archer.

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