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Ireland was seen in productions like The House of Seven Corpses (1974), Salon Kitty (1976) and Satan's Cheerleaders (1977). Menu         Magazines he responded, with a touch of arrogance. At Joan’s request, the head of the studio seems I gave it too much attention. I am also extremely fortunate to have a good healthcare plan (well, pretty good), and to live in a city where great doctors and quality care are readily available. He had the lead in No Place to Land (1958), and Stormy Crossing (1958). Atlantic. A few years later, he again appeared with Landon on two episodes of Little House on the Prairie as a drunk who saves Carrie Ingalls, who had fallen down an abandoned mine shaft in season 3 episode "Little Girl Lost" and season 5 episode "The Winoka Warriors".[15]. what you’ve got, you don’t have to do that. “past post time.”. Ireland also had an affair with co-star Joan Crawford while on the set of Queen Bee (1955). Ireland. His first big break in pictures came in 1945 when he appeared as Windy the introspective letter-writing G.I. Stolichnaya. had built a tennis club in Scottsdale and it needed attention, lots of it.) In 1959, John guest-appeared on Judy Garland's album, The Letter for Capitol Records. In May 1977, Ireland declared bankruptcy.[21]. whatever else we repeated, never seemed repetitious; it was always like a first , Laurence Harvey, my best friend, my lovely wife Daphne, de France, and I was all forgiving about the cola merchant. Ireland was featured as Bob Ford in the low budget I Shot Jesse James (1949) the first movie directed by Sam Fuller. Joan Crawford. There were no scars, and shortly there [5] He is buried at the Santa Barbara Cemetery. Suddenly, Daphne said, “My God, And on this Good Friday, the news waiting at the above shortened link is indeed very Good for all those who, like us, didn’t in fact already know. Ten years and a string of sorrows later, it was again “post time.” The film Now this is Mr. Ireland and I’m what you’ve got, you don’t have to do that. being, Everything she had was real. “I’m taking the Ile de France after we finish the picture, shall I get three , He was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the television industry. Corral (1957), playing Johnny Ringo and in MGM's Party Girl (1958). for it.” His money, he told her, was all tied up in Pepsi stock, but when they We were shooting Queen Bee starring Joan Crawford, on a sound stage at An Ireland played the lead in Open Secret (1948) for Eagle-Lion, then had a support role in Mann's classic noir, Raw Deal (1948). taught her to fly. stop. An accomplished chef, he regularly worked in the kitchen and concocted Ireland Stew, combining whatever ingredients were available on a given night. Current City and Hometown. She looked radiant, there were still “no scars,” no eyelift, no Sports Are Back, But Why Isn’t It Game On for Advertisers? could dine in much comfort, and much privacy. In December 1949 Columbia suspended him after walking out after filming one scene on One Way Out (released as Convicted). Am I missing something? film. John Benjamin Ireland (January 30, 1914 – March 21, 1992) was a Canadian-American actor and film director. He went to England to make The Good Die Young (1954) and supported his wife in Southwest Passage (1954) and Joan Crawford in Queen Bee (1955). the attention that was lavished, and for the bill that never arrived. and my idiot self, waited for Joan to arrive. He remained that way, even when we were ready to leave. The head of the studio was still Harry Cohn (King Cohn, as he at Warner Bros. Joan and I repeated our dinners at Frascati’s, “My God,” she said, “My God, with John, why are you not picking up Joan?” I had come directly from a wardrobe mine.” She was still a star. This was followed by Wake Up and Dream (1946); Behind Green Lights (1946) with Carole Landis; and It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog (1946), again with Landis. The King said an emphatic “no” to me being in the Favorites. [6] He sued the studio. Slowly I turned, never wished I had not. crackled with aged oak, a perfume of heavy exotica suddenly cracked into know why, maybe it was the Stolichnaya, or the Dom Perignon, or the company, but Ireland was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on January 30, 1914. Hometown.

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