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Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it is thought that another metro system exists below some of the regular lines; created to evacuate a limited group of important people in case of emergencies such as the nuclear attack during the Cold War. ���#X[(�'�4⎥� eB��/쓐�k��>��� [`�����˅F�57�U5{��$:�^��+$�Jj�����ب{���/��ƀ���c˭��B�B�1ݠ�����)M�R�)�|,�r�e@�V��A%2u� �(D��p꠺���^;Z�����c馔�>eO!iF��G����Kq�lW�>�r"�"���Xs���Ν�-(Uҳ7�� y�.�j��u��@� �+d_/�*��d,h㘦�G�c���F��bh��wMb��.TJgoȩ�K��:b�Մ��s'zV^��~�wdX��] QA���3|)}�q�G�f,�WƳ�n��p=�����Ͻ}������Gj�\��MDЕ�����X��{���w��^J�#���+UXKT�wE$��g����}�1X�J]ro1������B��aց># ��,L:.�}��Ӎ��^��U8�B�F$(�‚|׷[��o�����&u.�Իy@�)��:`�*�%ꃌ��͐�;׻{A�A�]D�"�� >> A 90 minute ticket that includes a bus trip, admittance to the metro and unlimited connections during the 90 minutes cost 50 rubles. Moscow’s metro system doesn’t have a clearly defined logo, but the stations are labeled with an uppercase “M”. Moscow Monorail Key to symbols 1 Terminus Metro station 1 2 Interchanges separate stations with pedestrian connections between platforms Cross-platform interchange Monorail station Out-of-station interchange Main railway terminal Aeroexpress International airport Although most lines pass through Moscow from one end to another, this line leaves from the center of Moscow and connects with the Dorogomilovo and Fili districts to the west. Gm}�8(u��Q+h ă��9��K��R��9��c/�>��V�;7�H�%t���"��A��Qon��y�ZI�(�S�BJ�Y"aBÙ�a��E3�g�O�_{O!�y��*�OL��ޮ�i��l. The Troika card is valid for 5 years and can be used on the metro as well as any of the other transportation systems. x��}K�m���|��=����FH#@7б�(��>�׆-��ׇU_U��y�^�B,A:EnV��#�,��p����r����˿�t����|������������\ɱ\:Q��|g�������w���Y������=/�|�˯/>t����s�%��'?���K�G�[�\�L�R���t��S'|�_&��{����gI=apD��X��K���O�GO]���(>�B�'�ds$���}���:s�[���y�N�FY��å���H��DR)UI�t-�"JD��T:X.��[���ͮS)^��o��B�4��J�u�����x\J.�~��U �=���Z�����R�N��R�N�[�ԓ��\������.�d���H�j9_r�f:{JK[ѩ.���zq���"�T ���� f2�����W4�۫����A�'*��ѽ�s'��j'����.��\7�z����^�H�/D�܉. If you have money loaded on your Troika card and you are going to leave the country, you can go to any one of the metro’s main offices and request a refund for as much money that is available on the card including the deposit. Its stations are so beautiful that they have been converted into one of Moscow’s tourist attractions including tours that explain the art and history of these stations. Politica de privacidad|Privacy|Confidencialité  ||  Cookies  ||  **Credits, Politica de privacidad|Privacy|Confidencialité, A trip on the metro and monorail: 36 rubles (US$0.63), A trip on other modes of transportations: 36 rubles (US$0.63), 90 minute unlimited connections between metro and other modes of transportation: 56 rubles (US$0.99), 1 trip (valid for 5 days from the day of purchase): 55 rubles (US$0.97), 2 trips (valid for 5 days from the day of purchase): 110 rubles (US$1.94), 20 trips (valid for 90 days from the day of purchase): 747 rubles (US$13.17), 40 trips (valid for 90 days from the day of purchase): 1494 rubles (US$26.34), 40 trips (valid for 90 days from the day of purchase and only available for purchase with the Troika card): 1765 rubles (US$31.12). It is not an underground line, but an elevated one. Being one of the deepest stations in the world, the Park Pobedy station also has one of the longest escalators in Europe. Moscow Monorail Moscow Central Circle / MCC Nekrasovskaya line (rosy) Kommunarskaya line Key to symbols 1 Terminus Metro station 1 2 Interchanges separate stations with pedestrian connections between platforms Cross-platform interchange 1 Future line and stations 6 Monorail or Central Circle station Out-of-station interchange (OSI) for metro within It is Moscow’s oldest metro line and runs from Bulvar Rokossovskogo to Salaryevo cutting halfway across the city on the northeast – southwest axis. This system’s stations are famous for being some of the most beautiful in the world. They feature murals, mosaics, candelabras and other artistic motifs that show the evolution of Russian ideas throughout time. Some of the most famous and beautiful include: Tretyakov Gallery (Galería Tretiakov): It is one of Moscow’s most famous art museums. Presently, various lines are planned to be extended to a total of 93 miles (150 kilometers) by 2020. With more than nine million passengers daily, the Moscow metro is one of the busiest metro systems in the world. From Vnukovo airport: You can take the 308 bus to Domodedovskaya station from the green line (line 2) and from there continue your route to your final destination using various metro lines. Although Moscow’s metro system can seem complicated with its 14 lines, planning a trip is easy thanks to the interactive map on its official web page and app. If you do not wish to use a Troika card, you can purchase a single ticket or a ticket package that comes in the form of a red card. Despite being a complex and extensive system, these three things together make it easier to identify each line and to transfer from one line to another. The specified period will begin counting down from the first time the passes are used. Some of the stations from line 1, the first line to operate, are the oldest in the system and must be upgraded. Once your ticket has been validated, you can change between lines 1-12 without a time limit and without paying extra. This line can be considered as an extension of line 6. Purchasing single tickets costs less than buying a Troika card. It contains the largest quantity of Russian works in the world. In spite of being a monorail and not a metro, it is part of the metro system and the connection between the metro and monorail is free within 90 minutes. Only 2.1 mi (3.3 km) long, this is the shortest line in Moscow’s metro system. Stations ofthecapital Metro arethemonuments ofarchitecture inseparably linked with history ofMoscow Going forward, the 30 day passes can only be purchased through a Troika card and they are ready for use from the time of purchase. The Moscow metro was one of the first metro systems in the Soviet Union. Avoid visiting them at peak hours. You can reload it at ticket windows in the stations, on machines or through the app.

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