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Your job is to bring honor to the family. A warrior. For my father, who the emperor killed. Politics graduate, freelance writer and all around film geek. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Learn your place. [Mushu sneaking over the tent, as Chi Fu humming pass through the tent with a towel and uses long handle bath brush, as Mushu inside the tent with Cri-Kee; as Cri-Kee are writing on the conscription in the tent] Okay, let me see what you got.
I mean, how do you even begin to know how to talk to a woman, let alone be married to one? We are the same.Xianniang: With one difference. Dishonor on you!”, “Got breakfast for ya!

Comment. Polite. That is why my mother says I’m a good luck charm. Xianniang: [to Mulan] You can never go home. [he embraces Mulan], Zhou: I am honored to receive you and the Emperor’s Guard.   Yet physical force need not be met with equal force. The live-action adaptation of one of Disney’s beloved animated movies, Mulan, has been released to a mixed reception. You’ve betrayed the regiment. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aa54e7d5b6f5dd7cf530c9a8014b8743" );document.getElementById("f35098b79d").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Honghui: [to Mulan] You should really consider skipping guard duty and taking a shower. Mulan: You follow a coward. Mulan’s father offered himself to participate in defending their country against the northern invaders despite his illness because he has no son to offer and was “blessed with two daughters.” The guard finally handed him the invitation, and although he was limping and in pain, his decision was final. I am the slave.Böri Khan: And you would do well to remember it.

She skipped taking a bath and she had to wake up very early to put on her chest bandage. Perhaps this shadow falls heavy on your shoulders.

It’s too late for me.Mulan: You can still take the noble path. Four ounces can move a thousand pounds. Please. Sergeant Qiang: As befits a great warrior, the sword is marked with the pillars of virtue. The girl became a soldier.

In fact, it’s a testament to your honesty that you confess such doubt.Mulan: Yes, Commander. The Emperor has some fantastic quotes throughout the film that demonstrate why he is the much-respected ruler of China. We all do love Disney princesses, don’t we? We may never see each other again. You’ve already made many great sacrifices.Zhou: Are you suggesting our family not comply with the Imperial edict?Mulan: But how can you fight…[Zhou slams the table]Zhou: I am the father. You need both to reach the arrow.” – Shang, “I’ll get that arrow, pretty boy, and I’ll do it with my shirt on.” – Yao, “I let them slip through my fingers!” – Yao, “Let’s hear it for Ping, the bravest of us all!” – Ling, “The little girl will be missing her doll.

Zhou: And Hua Jun did die. Emperor: Here’s my decree. Proof that there is a place for people like us.Xianniang: No.

Mulan finally said these lines when she figured out she wanted to fight as her true self and that she is no longer Hua Jun. Mulan: I know my place. Scared?Cricket: No.Ling: Who knows who will live past tomorrow?

And the sword, I lost it. Once Mulan starts to feel like she's fake for trying to become something she isn't, Mushu steps in with some wisdom. To silence its voice. The beautiful line about devotion to family touched me the most…, Devotion to family is an essential virtue…, “If employed correctly 4 ounces can move 1000 pounds”, Your email address will not be published. She was a perfect balance of badass and sweet and so is her quotes. Mulan: Forgive me, Father. We’ll hold them back.Mulan: Till next we meet, Honghui. Man. We are the same.Mulan: We’re not.Xianniang: We are. Because Mulan was interrupted, she was not able to reveal the truth. She is still learning how to control herself.Li: You make excuses for her. Cri-Kee, get the bags.”, “The truth is, we’re both frauds. However, this is not quite true as his personal attachments to Mulan become clear towards the end of the film. Yet here I stand. [the soldiers draw their swords]Commander Tung: Loyal.Soldiers: Loyal!Commander Tung: Brave.Soldiers: Brave!Commander Tung: True.Soldiers: True! A woman leads the army.

It was Mulan.Li: You must stop her. Please. [Honghui joins her in the lake]Honghui: What was that today? Mulan: Forgive me, Father. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The problem is, Mulan isn't a man. “Your chi is strong, Mulan. They are ruthless and unpredictable.

I will tell you.

Cricket: I’m Cricket. [to his men referring to Xianniang, under her guise as a hawk]Böri Khan: Make no mistake, the witch serves me and therefore, all of us.
It is my duty to fight. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father. Emotional Mulan Quotes.

When the Emperor learned about the upcoming attack from the Huns, he ordered the palace to release a decree mandating every family should contribute one man to join the Imperial Army and train for the imminent war. Who will come to save you, Son of Heaven? Perhaps this shadow falls heavy on your shoulders. We’ll build a mighty army. Poised. You are a mighty warrior. And one such princess was Mulan. Why do you hide it?Mulan: I don’t know. She knows who her master is. Böri Khan: [to the Emperor] They tell me this palace is being built in honor of your father. Including Mulan.Li: I ask you, what man will want to marry a girl who flits around rooftops, chasing chickens? Her story was also adapted into a play by Xu Wei a thousand years after the folk song was written. We are the same.Xianniang: With one difference. But first, listen. But with humble apologies, I cannot accept it. Dishonesty. I stole your armor.

We ride to the site, immediately.Chancellor: Your Majesty, it is far too dangerous.Emperor: Silence! She’s braver than any man here.

Proof that there is a place for people like us.Xianniang: No. Böri Khan: [to Mulan] The girl who has come to save the dynasty. Zhou: You must be courageous, Mulan. Mulan: Kill me if you must. One line in particular sets up the whole song, with Mulan contemplating when her reflection will ever truly show who she is. You are the daughter! The re-imagining of Mulan is more than worth a watch thanks to all the amazing quotes.

Mulan: Listen to me, all of you. like I killed his father. You don’t think I longed for a noble path? Mulan lived. Zhou: There were men gathering from all over the kingdom. Mulan 2020 Quotes. Top 50 Best Mulan Quotes 2020 (Heroic Quotes From Mulan) We all do love Disney princesses, don’t we? The commander immediately dismissed this by assuming Mulan was feeling afraid so he tried to console her by saying that feeling scared was a normal response. [after congratulating Mulan on her spear duel with Honghui]Yao: You reek, soldier. Honghui: You can’t leave.Mulan: The emperor gives his permission, but you do not?Honghui: We’ve not yet said goodbye.Mulan: Goodbye, Honghui. Disadvantage can be turned into an advantage. What’s your ideal woman?Mulan: My ideal woman is courageous.Po: A courageous woman?Mulan: Yes. All right. Xianniang: Böri Khan did not run from battle. Because I will protect you.

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