nematodes for grubs

Now just walk around your lawn and water! These subspecies of nematodes are different than human parasites. Michael – I have a hunch you meant to send that to someone else as opposed to leaving a comment. All your time and efforts into it are much appreciated.

That’s what comes up first when you google ‘nematodes’, Hi Kris – There are several different types of nematodes. Grubs are icky. It should be noted that we have a very robust bee population in our garden of many species, including honey bees, bumblebees, and native solitary bees. I’ve been gardening the last few days and have found many, many grubs in my gardens….I’ll be getting this. Just like Bt, there are different varieties or species of nematodes. Hmmmm…I thought our lawn damage was due to moles, but maybe it’s grubs. So not only will the nematodes get rid of the grubs, but the moles too!

Visit our Shop menu for more details. Yuck! Always water or irrigate the soil prior to application. I’m feeling nappy today. Past October the grubs burrow deeper into the soil where they’re harder for the nematodes to find and kill them. Nematodes for Grub Control, Conclusion Beneficial nematodes for grubs are effective when used appropriately.

Thank you for the useful information! Thanks for the timely reminder! When you order beneficial nematodes for grub control, they are shipped in the infective (infectious) juvenile stage of their life cycle. We’re talking GRUBS. A grub infestation in lawn creates dead patches of grass that stay yellow and sad-looking, no matter how much water or care the area receives. You can use beneficial nematodes to kill grubs in garden soil and lawns alike.

Mix your newly acquired infective nematodes in cool, distilled water. Ha! How are Beneficial Nematodes for Grub Control Applied?

When applied correctly, beneficial nematodes should not negatively impact beneficial insects such as ladybugs, who have very different above-ground life cycles. Yup. I swear I saw him out there with scissors one day. The soil also needs to be at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Helps me make a decision for my needs rather than just being told one solution. I really would love to see how the nematodes did their work. Nematodes can live for months when stored under appropriate conditions. They’re called cruisers, because they move throughout the soil, locating sedentary pests like white grubs to infect. I’m all about simple living, real food, and everything plants. I must admit, being so curious can be very tiring. These wormies killed a few of our plants last year. Beneficial nematodes for grubs are effective when used appropriately. 2. I have a question: what happens after the grubs are gone? Nematodes for grub control are specific, and as suggested, infect insects. ~ karen. If yes, will they cling to my veggies if they are sprayed on the plant too? Garlic Aphid Spray: 3 DIY Options for Garden Use. Yes, some nematodes are harmful to humans. I can tell! The nematodes were in a package to be mixed with water and applied with a hose end sprayer. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; And I also have skunks now digging up my flower beds. Dismiss. Yup. They will eat them so fast their heads spin. And there was my lawn looking fabulous and I never do a damn thing to it! And are these the same as roundworms? We struggled with pesky white grubs in our soil for years. They can be used against a wide range of insect pests. It might be too late for me to try the nematodes this spring, because I don’t think we’ll get temperatures below 70F now.

Got to get some nematodes. control. (It’s almost 100% effective.).

Perhaps applying them yourself might give a bit more control but it doesn’t take much to kill off the little buggers. Where is the best place to purchase these nematodes? But I cannot plant any seeds lest they be eaten and destroyed by these buggers. Nematodes may also harm the larvae of burrowing bee species. Great info on the nemotodes, I don’t have a grub problem in the lawn, just occasional ones in the garden, but will go and pick some up anyways.

Around here it’s racoons and skunks digging up the lawns for the grubs.

Only apply your beneficial nematodes when you’ve confirmed the presence and activity of grubs. I dug them up from flower beds around the perimeter of the yard, but couldn’t find any in the raised garden beds where we previously introduced beneficial nematodes. Thank you for bringing this up. I did the applications of the milky spore which involved using a shaker since the product is like powder.
Right now they’re burrowed down deep. This is another one of those things .. You’re welcome. One natural and organic substance you can apply to garden soil or lawns to kill grubs is called Milky Spore. In small amounts they are harmless. These tiny creatures actively seek them out and similar soil-dwelling pests as their favorite treat. I have been following your insta for a couple years now and have learned SO much! ~ karen, I want a follow up on this post!! Little birdies need their extra protein too! Written by Karen. Once these nematodes encounter their hosts, they seek an entrance, which is oftentimes body openings such as the mouth or breathing tubes. Once they penetrate and enter the host (like a curl grub), they release a specialized bacteria that kills the grub – so that they can feed on it, and reproduce! You can either apply them with a Nematode sprayer that gets attached to your hose, or … if you have a smaller lawn, just water them in with a watering can. I linked the ones we used several times throughout the article, but I apologize if that wasn’t clear or hard to catch! Will be treating with this product asap. This process is known as cryptobiosis. About six months ago, we treated our raised bed garden soil with beneficial nematodes in high hopes to get rid of the grubs. 3. Thank you for your website. Home » Tips » Gardening » How and when to Get Rid of Grubs.Naturally Nematodes! The front berm was eaten a few years ago & is now home to sedum, chicks & hens, violets, hostas & whatever else I think to stick out there. Nematodes. 4. I’m working very hard to keep the soil moist. Please leave your valid email address below. Live beneficial nematodes that affect over 200 species of soil-dwelling species, including white grubs. I dug a bunch of these guys out of my garden while I was working it a few months ago, not really knowing what they were, except that they were disgusting!

I hate those grubs so very much. In my lawn and garden now.

It’s not earthworms we’re talking. Beyond garden soil, grubs are commonly found in grass lawns. If it’s too cold, they just tunnel down deep and don’t stop to eat on the way, and it’s wasted. They’re called cruisers, because they move throughout the soil, locating sedentary pests like white grubs to infect. I’ve had grubs for years and every year my lawn gets worse and worse. Now i know how to get rid of these nasty things.Check out my site If I was one of your neighbors ….I woud definitely ….ummm NOT sign up! Glad to know it’s just the grubs, who, though natural, are more harm than good in this case. Beneficial Nematodes.

John A. Weidhass, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,  I have seen grubs from time to time but never thought they may do this .

3. That’s not even the full list and you can already start to see what makes nematodes … Later, as I kept thinking about my garden, I remembered how my garden just fizzled last year… Almost everything seemed to die off suddenly.

Great information! I can’t find any info on it. They are often applied to moist dirt/soil to control caterpillars or grubs. Adult beetles lay eggs in the soil, the eggs hatch into larvae, and the larvae (grubs) grow and feed in the soil. Grubs devoured our garden last year and really put the kaButz to our output. My first thought was to hold a “Survivor-style” contest on the street and see who could eat the most amount of them, but even though I put out a signup sheet on a clipboard with a pen attached to it all professional like, no one signed up.

Right to the point, simple and easy to follow. Oh my goodness… Thank God for wonderful people like you! pest. What are nematodes?

I appreciate that they include enough of a well rounded education, various options as well as what they e used and currently recommend. LeeAnne – Yes, that’s exactly what I”m talking about … grubs that kill your grass. The Bug Agenda ( is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You can apply nematodes to get rid of grubs in the lawn naturally and within a few days. THIS POST WAS LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2020. griffith. I used Grub Busters Nematodes which can be purchased at and with free shipping. Heterorhabditis bacteriophora also has a “special tooth” that makes it easier to penetrate grubs. Maksim – There are a variety of nematodes.

I’m happy you like my site.

Your email address will not be published. That is, until we found an easy and organic way to kill grubs in garden soil – which is what I want to share with you today. First, I would like to say that I enjoyed my short stint as a friend. The manufacturer says it is safe for bees, but…. I didn’t know nemotodes were so easy, thought you needed a special sprayer, maybe I will save the grass for my daughter to play on. After your initial application, a second one should follow in about 2 weeks. take that grubs! Apply nematodes in the evening hours when bees are not active.

We’d come home a week later to a old notice saying water your lawn or lose your application.

Needless to say, they have not eaten them again. They will not harm mammals, aquatic life, birds, reptiles or amphibians. The weather’s been jumping about here. Also, feel free to look around and check out a few other articles of interest.

How about some hints to get rid of mealybugs, pillbugs, or whatever you call them. I hand picked several from a few beds a couple of weeks ago.

I have gardened for awhile and fought these grubs and June Bugs for awhile. After all, grub-free soil leads to happy roots and healthy plants – exactly what we’re all after, right?

Resist the urge to apply your beneficial nematodes if the soil temperature is below 600F.

Nematodes can be bred on artificial media, which makes them readily available for commercial use. Killing Aphids with Soapy Water: Is It Safe & Effective? As we organic gardeners know, roots are the foundation of plant health!

In fall they will get the larvae for root weevils that eat the roots of pretty plants like heucheras and take big fat notches out of rhododendron leaves once they’re all grown up.

They should look red or yellow-brown. Although my cats are taking care of 1 or 2 a week. Infectious juvenile nematodes can be stored in your refrigerator for about 2 to 3 weeks. The soil should be irrigated after you’ve applied your nematodes. Bt galleriae in particular is effective at killing curl grubs or beetle larvae. Turns out …. I was excited to try some beneficial nematodes in my garden after reading your blog post, especially the prospect of fighting fireants here in Central Florida! Those are pest nematodes that infect and feed on the root system of plants (commonly tomatoes). Best. These nematodes search out for and infect white grubs.

However, like milky spore, Bt needs to be applied carefully and correctly in order to work.

There are several kinds of nematodes. I do stress to treat target areas only. Still haven’t read anything to say these nematodes don’t kill the earthworms…does it harm those? Ev – The moles are damaging your lawn too, but digging around looking for the grubs. I’m looking forward to digging around in a couple of days to see if there’s been much effect. Then, the beetles begin to feed on surrounding landscape plants. The image below is Pinterest ready, so if you do have a Pinterest account, don’t forget to pin the image.

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