nike is using ________ to perpetuate its organizational culture when employees reminisce

I question whether these political trends will stand the test of time, or whether a two-party system (at least in the top office of the US) will always have enough turnover that any forceful isolationist legislation will be overturned within 2-4 years (and vice versa). A major component of gaining an advantage over competitors could be in terms of human resource management and [...]. [5] Haberman, M. (2016). [ontest]Which of the following types of socialization involves putting the new employee directly into the job, with little or no special attention? In addition, as the company’s business shifts increasingly towards emerging markets such as China and Southeast Asia (around 40% of Nike’s business is from North America, and this will decline over time), production will naturally shift towards those high growth markets. Thus, this service offers high-quality essays at the optimal price. Globalization vs. Isolationism: Finding Nike’s New Competitive Advantage? Morgan Stanley, pp.7. I support option “Lobbying 2.0,” and it seems as though Nike is already making strides in this area. Stop Picking the "Best"​ Person and Start…, Why I No Longer Use Goals as a Measure of…. A positive organizational culture emphasizes ________. [ontest] Which of the following can act as a common denominator to unite members of a given culture or subculture?

In recent years it looks like that they have succeeded what they planned or actually as a completely diversified work force under a single platform. The process of socialization consists of three stages.
The company has a collectivist culture with a culturally diverse workforce and several policies to support the minorities.

Regardless of US protectionism, Nike knows that it will eventually face higher labor costs in the developing world and then automation will also play a key role there.
This led them to go into international market and they look towards the Asian countries for cheap labor.

I am fascinated by the idea that companies are responding to isolationist political trends with increased automation, which drives their costs down and makes the tariff more bearable. I like the fact that they are trying to combat the labor cost issue through automation rather than moving its workforce as this is a strategy that can be successful regardless of regulation or new tariffs.

Nike adopted the same practices in the big sports market of Pakistan, Sialkot. Under such circumstances the challenge is to be able to respond to changes in such a way that it will satisfy the change as well as your performance targets. ☞☞☞, Customer Code: Creating a Company Customers Love, No public clipboards found for this slide. In soccer realm Nike has already had a big success over their German Competitors Adidas b signing a $506 million contract with La Blues French National team, who had been with Addidas for approximately last 30 years. I worry about making any serious, capital-intensive decisions in response to Trump’s isolationist posture.

Good leaders often naturally understand the advantage of a diversification. He was the founder of Enron and served as the Chairman and CEO until its collapse. The leadership at Enron cared more about enriching themselves than the demands of its followers. The space is essentially made up of cubicles, common areas, and meeting rooms. [ontest]Which of the following steps could your supervisor take to best help you develop a commitment to your new company? But still there are many problems in this mega diversification. Same story happens with HR strategy. To create a clearer understand what diversity and inclusion means to Nike Company and to their employees, they ask them about their approaches towards diversity. Greed is right, greed works.

Trump actually did this early on in his tenure with United Technologies, brokering a deal that had Indiana offer ridiculous tax benefits to keep a modest number of jobs from being sent elsewhere ( The diversity and inclusion team at Nike develops their global strategy and policy, to plan, assess, measure, communicate and integrate with other departments to increase diversity and inclusion and adopt it as a competitive advantage. Isolationism will clearly be a difficult trend for Nike to combat. By the end of the ________ stage of socialization, the new members internalize and accept the norms of the organization and their work group, are confident in their competence, and feel trusted and valued by their peers. 70% of all quality soccer balls are produced in Sialkot for well recognized sport companies such as Nike, Reebok and Adidas (Locke, 1999). [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Nov. 2017]. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Nov. 2017].

This scandal led the company to file for bankruptcy in late 2001. All of the above said, I think a lot of the decision comes down to whether you think this isolationist position is going to be pretty sticky in American politics for the medium term. The Vise president of Nike, Maria Eitel told that, “This represented a critical event for the company in terms of its understanding of globalization, international labor standards and corporate responsibility.” After that Nike also respect the Atlanta agreement and insists the contractors that if any of them caught employing child workers, there contract will be void. Many of the strategies you’re discussing that Nike is either already doing or will do are based on assumptions that these trends will continue. By building good images due to diversified talents and with the help of employees from various groups you can get an added benefit for marketing you product in those markets where dominant buyers are related to these group. As the name quotes, diversity management is part of strategic management. A) encounter, metamorphosis, post-encounter. With the impacts of globalization, there are few more classes added to this law listed as ‘protected classes’.


Our writers will create an original "Diversity Management Strategies for Nike" essay for you, Customers are no becoming inconsistent when it comes to loyalty. They have also admitted that they have a very large array of workers and this brings many diverse cultures and points of views together. The selection process helps sustain the organization's culture by ________. There are two reasons for this: (1) it’s unclear how ideologically com mitted Trump truly is to isolationism (versus it being a policy he will support insofar as his base feels like he’s ‘protecting’ them) and therefore how persistent and comprehensive his opposition to free trade policies will be, (2) there is a significant chance that he will lose the 2020 election and be replaced by someone more open to free trade. Often employees, bosses, and hourly workers alike come into the store "off the clock" and spend time training the animals.

To address your questions, I can see Protectionism as a double edged sword for US jobs. And the employees know that outstanding teams are composed of people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and skill sets.

Today, Nike’s contracted factories employ 1.02 million workers in 42 countries to produce all its products, with 29% of product made in China and 44% in Vietnam . First, employees are attracted to organizations where they will fit in. With Kenneth Lay lying to them and giving them false hope, he made them to keep their stocks while selling his own. Your supervisor provides you a mentor to help you with your work and guide you. The ultimate source of an organization's culture is ________.

1. (2007). Hence, it plans to merge with QueenAir, a British aircraft manufacturer. Diversification helps in building good relation with public by creating a good image on minorities. The Enron Corporation was a U.S. energy, services and commodities company with headquarters in Houston, Texas.

An example of how a culture that was cultivate with the ethical misgivings and a skewed moral compass is the energy giant, Enron. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Ignite change and inspire critical conversations around diversity, inclusion and innovation Create venues and environments for open dialogue, diverse opinions and a multitude of perspectives. Nike is an interesting company in the context of isolationism. (2017). Human Resource Department and managers in various departments needs to play a very vital role in it. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Nov. 2017].

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