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Current highest serial seen: U856-S1 (on April 7, 2020). 316 0 obj <> endobj Current highest serial seen: OYB6059 (on June 28, 2020). ��O� "����EBA$�XDN2�?�Z���/�/m�ǃH�D�*�"宁U� �?��001202�mѣ$���L�� ��@] Current serial format began 2012; serials became screened at approximately CG-1AYA. The New Jersey sports plates were introduced in the fall of 2010. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. You can personalize any license by selecting your own plate number. Embossed black serial on reflective yellow to gradient white plate; "New Jersey" screened in black centered at top; black outlines for registration stickers at top corners, "Garden State" screened in black centered at bottom. Issued to full-size school buses (seating 17 or more passengers). CANNOT transfer standard license plates to another person. 2 license plates: a plate on the front, and another on the back. Registrants provided their own license plates for display until 1908, when the state began to issue plates.[1]. It will serve as proof that the plates were surrendered; in the event that charges are wrongfully acquired on them. Scenarios include: Among other requirements that are situation-dependent, you will need to complete and return a Refund Application (Form RU9). Embossed white serial on light blue plate; "N.J.−1928" centered at top, Embossed white serial on black plate; "N.J.−29." $1.00. 10 ALABAMA Yellow 1975 LOT. Something went wrong. Discontinued sometime after 1938. $44.00. For example, personalized license plates allow you to create your own plate number. $52.50. letters, numbers, and up to 1 space), Does not have profanity or indecent suggestions (i.e. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program, Vintage 90's Blue New Jersey License Plate (1) Plate NJ "407 VYA", 1910 NEW YORK License Plate (48023) - metal / not leather, 1962 New York license plate pair TX 1 YOM DMV clear 1963 Texas low number Ford. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. All you need is the license plate number and the state to find any information for a license plate registered to a vehicle or find an available plate number to personalize your vehicle. Vanity and Courtesy variants also issued, with serial preceded by stacked Q/Q prefix. Returning plates that were never used/attached to a vehicle. Front and rear plates are required for most classes of vehicles, while only rear plates are required for motorcycles and trailers. Temporary license plates allow you to drive legally and remain valid for 10 days after purchasing from a licensed provider. The current serial formats on these plates consist of three letters followed or preceded by a number between 1 and 20. If you purchase a vehicle from a dealership, the dealer may process your vehicle’s registration. First use of the full state name on passenger plates. 'T' series reserved for Trailer plates. Courtesy plates may also be personalized, with all three letters making up the owner's initials. Serials began at OL1000D and became screened at OL1000K. Visit the MVC's guide to registration refunds to identify your specific circumstances and learn how to proceed. Series DLA through DSZ and DUA through DZZ used on these plates. Plates usually feature state seals either side of the number. Please select one of the below to continue: Email this form to yourself and complete it on your computer. 463 0 obj <>stream Get it as soon as Fri, Oct 23. endstream endobj startxref Your vehicle dealer can issue a Series DAA through DKZ used on these plates. If you have purchased a new vehicle or became a resident of New Jersey, you are required to go to a Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) for license plates. There are various types of license plates available in New Jersey. They may be able to issue you temporary plates until your registration is completed. Replaced by Motor Fuel Dealer in 1932 (below). Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). This application must be completed and signed by the vehicle owner. You can also replace your plates if they're lost or stolen. Issued to airport vans and ride-share vehicles. Sell your vehicle and do not transfer the license plates. Personalized license plates allow you to design a custom plate number for your vehicle. $19.99 $ 19. Registration Renewal page for more information. The first two letters are a code signifying the municipality, and the last two letters are the mayor's initials. Most people are eligible to renew online, by mail, or in person. Supplementary plates. Absent this regulation, motorists would no longer be required to drill into their bumpers and would ultimately save the state money on production costs -- even factoring in the $100 fine currently in place for those who do not follow the law. Motorcycle-sized from 1936. temporary tag so that you can operate your vehicle while waiting for your NJ license plates from the MVC to arrive. Essex County used E in the second position following E99999; this practice continued through 1930. DO NOT need expiration decals. Current highest serial seen: 4F5X8 (on October 7, 2018). The standard license plate provided by the state of New Jersey has a yellow background with black lettering. V s:� �T �e`� �C�8,� Ȱ� ��,? Has up to 7 characters (i.e. Serials became screened at around NF36600. embossed at bottom. Issued to small school buses (seating under 17 passengers). Plates feature the number and signature of one of the following eight drivers: Plates feature a graphic of the helmet of either the, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 21:05. You can look up available license plate numbers in New Jersey online. Vanity variants also issued, with serial of owner's choice preceded by stacked O/L prefix. Current highest serial seen: V615899 (on October 24, 2020). standard NJ license plate is yellow and features the state outline in the center. Contact the MVC for complete details. You must On standard courtesy plates the first letter is a county code, the second letter is the first initial of the vehicle owner's name, and the third letter is the initial of the last name of the vehicle owner. �0�2�7�! As above but changed to 6" x 12" size, and with stacked "NJ" embossed at right. Issued to small buses transporting passengers to and from hotels. Current highest serial seen: A350-S2 (on April 7, 2020). Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). Vintage Antique 1948 NEW JERSEY License Plates- NT96C NJ '48. Issued to vehicles transporting handicapped individuals. renewal notice before your tags expire. You should receive a To transfer your tags from your old car to your new car as long as the new car is in your name. Vintage 1956 New Jersey N.J Black and Yellow License Plate Set Pair. 'X' series reserved for Commercial plates. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. As above, but with "NEW JERSEY" centered at top. h�bbd```b``�"W�H�� �a!X�0�&��#�g Qbq�z�P����H��*$�U_C��#�ً�I%�9����I�d��D���l`ײ��]�� $50.00 + shipping . Vanity and Courtesy variants also issued. In 1999 the state tried re-validating plates with stickers, but that scheme ended in 2004 with stickers issued to expire in 2005. 2-Wire Double Contact Side Marker/Corner and License Plate Light Socket Pigtail by JT&T®. See our Types of Special NJ Plates and Special Plates Application pages for details. 1 or 2 (depending on seniority), flanked by state seals, Farmer plates begin with XYA and end with XZZ. Taxicabs used Omnibus plates prior to July 2014. To renew your tags in New Jersey, simply renew your vehicle registration. Issued annually through 1962. Serifs added to letters in serials for better readability. Current serial format began c. 2004; serials became screened at approximately TD17000. Wondering if the plate number you want is available in New Jersey? 10 NEW YORK Empire State LOT. All passenger plates from 1959 until present are still valid, provided they have been continuously registered. Issued to vehicles that are at least 25 years old and are used for exhibition purposes. 'D', 'H', 'T' and 'X' series reserved for Dealer, Handicapped, Trailer and Commercial plates respectively, and 'S' series for optional Shore to Please plate. centered at top, Embossed white serial on gray plate; "N.J.−1930" centered at top, Embossed white serial on red plate; "N.J.−31." 10 ALABAMA Yellow 1975 LOT. Before your license plates expire, you must renew your registration with the MVC. Serials became screened at K100-S1. The older 1952 plates (by now dated "56") were also validated with windshield stickers. Motorcycle-sized plates issued to tanker trucks hauling gasoline or other motor fuel. The Motor Vehicle Commission of New Jersey handles vehicle registration and renewals. All Rights Reserved. %%EOF Issued to new vehicles being transported from manufacturers to dealers. You'll pay: You The state of New Jersey requires you to pay for property taxes, service fees and other registration fees when registering your vehicle with the MVC. Last issued 1962; stickers used for boat registration since at least 1973. Alternatively, you can go to your county’s MVC office to pick up temporary plates if you’re purchasing a vehicle from a private seller. Vanity and Courtesy variants also issued. 10 MIXED STATES AL GA MN CA MT AL AL OH MS AZ … centered at top, Embossed bright orange serial on black plate; "N.J.−1936" centered at top, Embossed light green serial on black plate; "N.J.−'37." [8], XY123AA (farmer) ONE NEW YORK EMPIRE STATE LICENSE PLATE RANDOM LETTERS/NUMBERS FREE SHIPPING!!! Vehicles such as motorcycles and trailers have a rear license plate only. shipping: + $8.99 shipping . Issued to buses owned by private transportation companies. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. 'Z' series initially reserved for Commercial plates; issued 1985 on blue base (below). %%EOF XA123AA (commercial) OR . shipping: + $9.99 shipping . 10 MIXED STATES AZ AL GA MN CA MT AL AL OH MS LOT. NJ currently requires two license plates on each registered vehicle.

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