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CryptidCreations by CrazyMathNerd. They are usually seen out of the corner of peoples eyes. log in sign up. As Frederick stood there wide-mouthed in bewilderment, the mysterious being purportedly suddenly lashed out with one of its stalk-like arms with blinding speed to wrap him in an iron grip. There in the brush stood a 7-foot tall, semi-humanoid entity, with an exceedingly thin, almost skeletal frame, long ears, and stalk-like arms that were almost like tendrils and which ended in slender, 7-inch long fingers tipped with some sort of needles or thorns, as well as suction cups. Continuing road oddities is another case reported to Cryptozoology News by a taxi cab dispatcher named Edgar Zayas, who on the evening June 3, 2018 says one of his drivers had been driving a passenger home and had his bizarre encounter as he had been driving through Elizabethton, Tennessee. The road they were on went straight on through a vast expanse of cornfields, and while the swaying stalks would have been eerie enough already, it was when they went up over a low hill that things would get truly bizarre.

However, it is now called a gorilla and known to be a vegetarian. I come in peace. Copyright © Mysterious Universe. The unsettling eyes which peered out of the darkness from deep sockets were described as being bright orange and slanted, and to make the whole ordeal even more horrific, Ernest reported that the creature actually spoke to him. Okay, I admit this animal is obviously no longer a cryptid. It disappeared into a bush after we turned the corner. Springheel Jack has been reported in London, New Mexico, Massachusetts, and Argentina, from 1837 to our time. He would say of the odd events: I saw a living nightmare that I’ll never forget. It said, ‘Go away, go away,’ in a hissing voice. As they went over the hill, they saw something go crawling or slithering across the road in front of them. We may never know.

Champ is also described as being about 20 feet long (lengths vary) with a serpentine body. I was shaking with fear. So what was it then? She said the creature was running towards the woods. The whole of the anomalous creature was described as green and very plant-like in nature, as if it were part animal and part plant. He claims that he penetrated around 10 feet into the murk and suddenly came across a creature that looked somewhat like a long and thin monkey around 3-feet in height, with large teeth and covered in grey fur. When he looked up to see what was causing it, he says he saw what he describes as “a dragon.” It was purportedly 22 feet long, with a wingspan of about 18 feet wide, with smooth, reflective brownish red skin and topped by a reptilian head ringed by a cone-like structure and with visible fangs. 0:00. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This is where things would get intense very quickly. THE STRANGERS IN LIFE AND I'M ONE OF THEM... 10 Most Horrifying Creatures in Philippine Folklore, 10 More Terrifying and Mysterious Creatures, Top 10 Legendary Creatures, Monsters, & Mythological Species,, Tips on How to Speak in an Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, Top 10 Legendary Creatures, Monsters, & Mythological Species.

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