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She noticed as she moved around the side. "I could understand Ares, but why make a deal with a demon?" He and Percy had come very close over their time together. "Parasite food aside, it'd be amazing to have one of those.". "Noooooooo! Hazel said. Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to Friend. "Will you be joining us?". Wiz proclaims before the episode shifts to Kratos's analysis. Annabeth cried, searching her pockets for ambrosia but finding nothing. "He has TWO ways to heal?" Wiz said. As he was trained in Special Forces for so long, Spawn is most comfortable using a gun. "How about this?" She kept his son in check. He is nearly invulnerable and can use his own powers to heal and regenerate." "And that wasn't even enough for you! The two land safely at the bottom, Kratos pulling out the Bow of Apollo and shooting arrows at Spawn, who hides behind the defense of his cape. Hypnos just shook his head and stood. Annabeth won't ever be the same. He raised a hand and stroked her cheek. Frank reminded him. "However, Leetha feeds off necroplasm energy when using the suit's powers, a hellish matter which Spawn is entirely composed of. "My dad is Mars, not Ares." "Well, I guess it could be. "Blade of Olympus for the win!". Annabeth said. "Either way, he should totally use that appearance more." Boomstick decided. "Spawn killed all sorts of powerful enemies: assassins, cyborgs, vampires, ghosts, angels, demons, other Hellspawn, rampaging deities, even Satan and God. "Kratos is just fighting with his rage, while Spawn's keeping a cool head.". Can Summon Souls (Hazel: Nico would like these things.). People from other apartments started to look out their doors to see what the sounds were about. "Thanks." His chest stopped moving. Cuz you're DEFINITELY the right size for that sort of weapon." They headed for Percy's cabin, where the other five were already gathered. Jason, Chiron, and Will ran over. The Council was silent, letting the demigod attack them. rated for Gore and language. "I haven't seen you in a while. "He seems pretty powerful for a demigod." Rated T just in case. I'll send Frank and Hazel an Iris Message." "Wait, seriously?" "They're not really hellish or holy materials.". "And Spawn, who managed to dethrone both Satan and God." Jason reached her and put his hands on her shoulders. Then this prophecy. "He…Apollo tried," he croaked out. "It has a god's power inside it. This series was inspired by several other Death Battle reaction fanfics on this site (I was sad to see epicvictory2025 discontinue the original, but glad to see multiple other authors continuing with the idea). He had grown quite fond of Annabeth over the months. Probably not my style." ", "Percy. Percy eyes were glazed and unfocused and the spark in them had dulled. "He'd get to see his wife again if he became captain of Hell's armies. Tears fell from his eyes. Sally had tried to pull herself together in the morning but she was still a wreck. Leo said. However, like Spawn, Leetha can also feed off the evil and sin of others." "That is some major toughness." "Yeah, that's the first reason you shouldn't destroy the gods." "Have you been kicked out of school multiple times?" "Yeah, Kratos still wouldn't know that he has to cut off Spawn's head to kill him." "But there's a whole lot more to this guy's arsenal, like the Bow of Apollo, which can shoot a rapid stream of arrows or charge up deadly fire arrows." Eventually, the gods and Chiron made the lined-up-demigods go back to Camp Half-Blood. Boomstick continued. Frank couldn't help but cringe at watching his dad's Greek side die. The next fighter is covered in a black and white patterned costume with glowing green eyes. Then he stomped out of the room. "Sally," he managed out, "Percy…" he trailed off. I'm not leaving you. He says, holding a gun in each hand. But you can destroy their essence so badly they'll never reform." Her hand was clasped over her mouth, trying to stifle her sobs. "What is it this time?". "Ares is just bad news. The Seven all stared as they saw Kratos stabbing himself with the Blade of Olympus. And of course, Spawn swore revenge." If non-canon sources are used for one combatant, they will also be used for the other. "Just imagine how many monsters that kind of power would attract. Wiz continued. "Where does he keep all this stuff?" "I only hope that it will stay in that universe and not come here. Don't leave me! Piper said. She was finally able to support herself but if Percy was mentioned…but Annabeth had to be there to tell Sally. The Seven were also impressed by Spawn's abilities. "I'm sorry. His skin crackled with electricity. "T-This is my good-bye. ", "I think Spawn has this." Artemis finds herself in desperate need of his helps but she also notices just how much he's changed through his time away. They looked at the gods with anger. He decided. ", "You want a PARASITIC suit?" They see Ares and Kratos on the screen. Annabeth was carried away by Hypnos, who had granted her with nightmare-less sleep. But when his morality got the better of him, his boss terminated his contract...permanently." Blood was pooling from the wound onto the ground. "Alright, fine. Piper pulled it out and read it aloud. The heart and soul of Camp Half-Blood had been ripped away without a warning. Jason raged. Everyone fell asleep within an hour of arrival. She didn't want it to be true. ", "That was amazing!" ", Poseidon just shook his head and sighed. Thunder and lightning was heard. It was Poseidon and this made her cry harder. "Please no. The rest of the demigods nodded in agreement. "The suit has a mind of its own and can operate while Spawn focuses on other parts of the battle. Piper couldn't move or speak. Don't go to Recruit-the-Demigod Mode." Percy Jackson and his friends find themselves mysteriously summoned to Olympus, there they alongside the gods are forced to watch the journey of the lost God, Kratos as he and his son venture the cold and unforgiving lands of Midgard. "Depends. Jason paced until the god of sleep came back. "Really? Annabeth asked. It was silent, no one knowing what to do next. "Nice intro." "Still, would've been cool.". Sally sobbed. "No wonder he can fight the gods.". The opening for the show was a quick shot of an arena full of bloody spikes, with the words "Death Battle" emblazoned among them. And that's was they were doing for Annabeth. Boomstick put in. "In addition, Spawn can feed off the evil auras of others for the same effect. "Kratos is a very difficult one to beat, but Spawn's magical prowess and near-indestructible body proved too much for him." "Me picking wrong aside, the fight was awesome. Annabeth broke into sobs and fell into Paul's arms.

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