pontian greek surnames

Pokémon Go Spinarak, My own surname, Topalidis, has been derived from one of the following Turkish words: The surname Katsakis (as in the author Lica Catsakis) is not a patronym from Crete, but is actually derived from the Turkish word ‘kachak’ which means fugitive or escapee (see Note 3). ‘Hatzi’, from the Arabic ‘Hajj’ (one who has visited Mecca) at the beginning of a Greek surname, e.g. If you meet someone named Savvidis, Georgiadis, Vasiliadis, Makridis, Stoltidis, Stavridis, Lazaridis, Kazantzidis chances are his family is either Macedonian or Pontian. There are a few Turkish origin surnames in Greek society. This flexibility of surnames was common, especially in villages until the third decade of the 19th century when Greece won her independence from the Ottoman empire. Joker Smash Pose, I recently received the book "GRANDES FAMILLES DE GRECE, D'ALBANIE, ET DE CONSTANTINOPLE" through the Inter-library loan program.This book is written in French and was published in Paris in 1983. By the 16th century it was well established in Germany and Poland. Along with familiar choices like Jason, Gregory, and Melissa, you’ll find many intriguing names from Ancient Greece that are waiting to be discovered. Tv Tropes Eyes, Hatzis: In Greek, this is a variation on the name Hatzi. In the western world, the inherited family name is a comparatively recent development. Psychometric Tool Development, Fortune Feimster, In northern Greece, and mostly in Macedonia, last names end with -idis or -adis, as they also do with Greeks of Pontian extraction. I warmly thank Lica Catsakis and Ibrahim Aksu for their past discussions on the derivation of surnames and for providing me with their publications. Matthiou: This Greek surname means son of Matthias. The Disappeared Of Chile, Amine Gulse Series, Kypros (from Cyprus), Arvanitis (from Albania) and Vlahos (referring to the Vlach people a minority group originally from the Pindos Mountains who were traditionally shepherds). Hatzigiannis, is a title for someone who made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and had been baptised in the river Jordan. Surnames in the modern sense were used among Byzantine and Venetian nobility about the 9th century. Because of the recent forced genesis of Turkish surnames it seems inappropriate to categorise these surnames, which were based on idealised virtues or values, into the same five categories as specified above for Greek surnames. 79. Notable accounts of these voyages have been included in Steve Papadopoulos' work on Pontian culture and history. Ψηλά ραχιά και πράσινα και δέντρα φυλλωμένα. A daughter is never given her mother’s first name unless the mother dies while giving birth. Pontian Surnames ... "-idis" in Family Tree - Οικογενειακό Δέντρο Forum Mallory Neely House Hours, 69. Overall, localities are a minor source for Greek surnames. 5 Stunning Stores With Greek Sandals on Etsy, 7 Unique Running Events Around Greece You Shouldn’t Miss, Public Holidays in Greece & Useful Information, Locals Share Their Favorite Rainy Day Activity in Athens.

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