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Technology has also managed to solve a lot of what used to be so unattractive about living there - not being a part of the big wide world. Information about the visa process is available on the Immigration New Zealand website. The publication of an opinion piece questioning the efficacy of measles vaccinations at the weekend has drawn a great deal of criticism of The Gisborne Herald, for providing the writer a … Discover a range of job opportunities in the region and find affordable housing. Grocery prices and restaurant prices are also much cheaper. Required fields are marked *. We also spend more time doing things at home or travelling about. But let's just conclude that buying a property in Gisborne is a bargain! Gisborne’s laidback lifestyle has made it an attractive place to live in New Zealand. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad66d08317059b272b39ed8d608762e6" );document.getElementById("c5a779847a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. The city has a fairly youthful population, with a median age of 37 years. If a laid-back beach lifestyle is what you're after, then Gizzy is hard to beat. With natural beauty everywhere you go, it’s the perfect place for an outdoor adventure. The materialistic attitude of the UK is just too much for me. Im pretty sure I'm going to love it , diving huntng and fishing , ill be living the dream, more worried about my partner and kids. Good old Gizzy. Gisborne has a temperate oceanic climate. Housing in Gisborne is affordable compared to other New Zealand cities. ... Popular Questions in Gisborne. It's flat! These low house prices have made Gisborne a popular place for families to settle down. The current minimum wage in New Zealand is 16.50 NZD (13.20 NZD after tax). rubbish. More Experiences of Living in New Zealand. THE MAIN DRAG: It's not a bustling metropolis, but this beach-side city still has a lot going for it. 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Yes it needs a little bit of work in the bathroom, and some of that wood panelling painted, but there really shouldn't be any complaining at this price. An empty ice cream container is definitely required for those who get car sick. Employment is a little lacklustre so it is probably better to either run your own business or have one of those jobs where you can work from anywhere. There are some cool little cafes and pubs around the place - there is definitely good coffee and beer available! healthcare is not subsidised for children, Fuel, food and utilities are much more expensive. The average house price in Gisborne is less than 270,000, compared to over $1 million in Auckland. At around six hours driving time from Auckland, and just over that to Wellington, the place can feel a little isolated. Like most small towns in New Zealand, it does have a few problems here and there. Many facilities and attractions are within walking or biking range from the suburbs. For keen surfers Wainui Beach is probably the place to be - the beach is right on the doorstep (although you'll be paying a lot more out there). These industries are currently experiencing huge growth. Children going to school in Gisborne can choose from a range of after-school activities. There are a number of primary, intermediate and secondary schools in Gisborne, including single sex high schools. Once we settled in Gisborne, Neil had found work within 24 hours and within 48 hours had his work visa! • Hawkes Bay – Ruth • North Shore, Auckland – Alison • Franklin District, Auckland – Alison and Matt • Christchurch – James • Invercargill – The Hart Family • Invercargill – Kat and Bob • Tauranga – Kymberley • Tauranga – Dianne and Paul • Wellington – Stephen. This historic city was the first and largest settlement in the Gisborne District. There are no traffic snarl ups, the air is clean and our children have an outside life they would never have in the UK. The city also has a lower wind speed than other coastal areas of New Zealand. No matter where you settle down in Gisborne, you’ll enjoy a great quality of life. For $205,000 you really can't go wrong! Hi guys and girls, I have a job opportunity in gizzy. It’s what we care about the most! Find out where to live and work in Gisborne on Working In today. We also hate what the UK is becoming with its immigration policies and P.C. Family and friends – though after being here for five years, I miss the thought of them more than the reality at times!!!!! You don't have to feel shut off in small town New Zealand anymore, yes you can have it all. Gisborne has also built a reputation for its world-class food and wine. We chose the Central North Island for the weather, as Neil cannot bear the cold and didn’t see the sense in moving half way around the world to weather the same as in England!! Gisborne rainfall varies throughout the year. Sometimes people lose focus of why they moved and end up recreating what they had, but if you avoid this, life is very fulfilling here and much more relaxed – Kiwi culture is all about living life not just watching it! For views, there are quite a few new homes going up on the hill behind Gisborne, but it is still only a five or so minute drive away. Fuel, food and utilities are much more expensive in comparison to the UK when you stop converting everything! If Gisborne town centre needed a new shop, what would it be? Gisborne is a great place to work and do business. I don’t like the fact that healthcare is not subsidised for children. The beaches, the ranges, the weather – between 28-35 degrees from Nov to April, winter time if we get 10 degrees in the day we are in a major cold snap! If you are lucky and come over with lots of GBP then it is much easier, but once you have to live on an NZ wage money can get pretty tight, especially if you have only one wage coming in. You don’t always have to spend money to have fun in Gisborne – some of the best things to do in Gisborne can be done for free (beaches, walks). Some people like it, but some don't. Get started today. Also the volume of people – here in Gisborne we have a population of around 42,000 and we can get from one side of town to the other in less than 10 minutes. Any trades are so desperately sought after that if you have this experience you will be snapped up. Gisborne district lies on the northeastern corner of the central North Island. Gisborne’s education sector is award-winning and is considered as one of the best in New Zealand. Thinking about uprooting and moving to gisbourne, any pros or cons? The city is home to an array of sports facilities, museums and art galleries. This will save you the hassle of driving yourself. Gisborne is a small city, so it’s fairly easy to get around. And let's not forget its pretty awesome history - it was where Captain Cook first stepped ashore New Zealand in 1769. Or you can read more views about life in NZ. If you’re planning to move to Gisborne, you’ll have a wide choice of accommodation options. Payment for jobs in Gisborne depends on the role and your level of experience. As said before, we live as a family unit now. Most after-school facilities are located only a few minutes’ drive from each other. Bike to your mate's house - tick. Gisborne is a stunning coastal city on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island. However, Gisborne is much more than just a beach haven. There are also quite a few boutique shops that can be discovered on an easy stroll through town. Gisborne is famous for its sunny climate, friendly community and gorgeous beaches. Gisborne’s population (37,200) is made up of various ethnicities. Financially, we are far more worse off in NZ than we were in the UK. We wanted to move somewhere English speaking but where there were good opportunities and no poisonous creepy crawlies or reptiles! Plus, there are issues with the government and some reforms they wish to make that I do not agree with. Public transport in Gisborne is less developed compared to other New Zealand cities. All foreigners hoping to find work in Gisborne must have a relevant visa. Here are some of the pros and cons of country living vs. city living in New Zealand: Auckland. For leisure activities there is plenty on offer from cultural attractions to outdoor adventure, fishing and diving and scenic walks. About 1.5 million people live here. During the summer, it’s the first city in the world to see the sun. One of the most popular things to do in Gisborne is going on a wine trail. You’ll find great shopping in Gisborne, including local boutiques selling arts & crafts. Pretty much the same really. The key industries in Gisborne include horticulture, forestry, agriculture and tourism. While more expensive than taking the bus, taxis in Gisborne are quick and reliable. This may not seem like much of a big deal for some people, but when you have lived in Wellington or Auckland for any length of time, you will understand that no hills equals a lot of benefits! Here is a further selection of living in New Zealand experiences submitted by our readers. If you need transport to a specific location, taxis are a viable option. Gisborne The first city in the world to see the sun, this easternmost tip of the country is famous for its beautiful coastline, densely forested mountain parks, surfing and fishing, and is also a centre for wine and agriculture. The Eastern Institute of Technology is the city’s main tertiary institute. Was wondering if anybody down there could give me the gossip, pros and cons of living down there. 'Nuff said. And for down on the flat, close to town, anywhere by the Taruheru or Waimata Rivers would be nice. Gisborne is best known for its stunning surf beaches, which have some of the country’s best surf breaks. Saying that, though, we have never lived so richly as a family. Plus, get useful information on Gisborne entertainment and things to do. Plus, housing is cheap: for the price of a garage in Auckland's Herne Bay, you can get yourself a complete family home. Grocery prices and restaurant prices are also much cheaper. There are low-cost options and luxurious options available in various suburbs. Your email address will not be published. All the usual big guns are in town here - The Warehouse, Briscoes, Countdown, Pak'n'Save, and Farmers. Gisborne also has a public pool, mini golf, a speedway and a movie theatre. This includes beachfront homes, riverfront homes, lifestyle blocks, city apartments, and cheap townhouses. These low house prices have made Gisborne a popular place for families to settle down. It does have a bit of a rough stereotype, and it has definitely had its fair share of struggles, but if you strip all of that back, underneath is a sweet little town with quite a bit going for it. 7 Answers. Neil has taken up fishing off the beach and spear fishing, so weekends are spent as a unit at the beach where we all hang out together! The capital of the East Coast, the first city on earth to see the dawn of each new day and home to some of the best surf breaks in the country.

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