remington 770 243 review

So I went back to fill in the blanks and ended up re-writing the article as despite its homely looks the 710 had some serious potential. Generally a bit homely but not a bad looking piece, with the exception of that hideous trigger guard. Let's find out. Extra hold is provided by a textured panel at the front of the pistol grip and a rather fanciful if efficient design along the forend. Those who are actually expecting to get their money’s worth, and who purchase the 770 with a more open mind and less prejudice, will be pleasantly surprised. Simply firing a LOT of rounds through it and using quality grease on the contact points of the bolt really helped with the smoothness of the action. I hope this helps because I heard a lot of people loading one round at a time and when you are deer hunting that stinks. The Remington Model 770 is the company’s latest foray into the first-time hunter rifle market. It needs a new stock. The Bolt is strong and the Mag is a tight sung fit. It was introduced as a hunting cartridge, but it has many uses in civilian markets, military, and law-enforcement. Here the box locks at the front by a single latch and at the rear by a lug in a cut-out. The trigger is also good with the mid-width, grooved blade breaking at around 5 lbs, but in a predictable manner. I have about 1100 rounds downrange and still love this rifle. Initially, I had problems with clambering a shell. I kid you not, as a friend was with me who also knows a few things about accurate rifles and his initial comments matched mine. Over the years I have looked at possibly thousands of guns, and you start to get a feeling for what’s good and what’s not. The action was rough at first but with some cleaning and Rem oil it cycled like a champ. Yes, it does. I could not get the rounds to go into the chamber from the clip so I called a guy from cabela's and he could not tell me the answer so I figured the bullets were to long , so I ground one eight inch of the end and smoothed them up and it now works perfectly never hangs. (Photo credit: Gun Auction). It is what it is. In the hands, the 770 feels like a nice solid piece of equipment, but upon closer inspection you’ll notice where it’s lacking. Before buying my first gun, I did a lot of research to narrow down what exactly I wanted. Some might say that the bore sighting can be trusted to be good enough, but in reality a little bit of diligence and practice never hurts. It is a 243 Win. Followup to previous post. Oh, I was using Hornady 165 gr GMX rounds. Guess I'll keep the gun and save the $2000 i was about to spend on a "better" one. Dating with sexy girls - @46** #41807. (Photo credit: Gun Auction). Can't wait to go back to the hunting club. The practice and break in where well rewarded though. On the side of the barrel of the gun it says in abbreviation 270 win. Meaning if you want to fit a bipod; buy the screw and do it yourself. don't waste your time with this gun......or your money. American Tactical Imports Replacement Barrel For Glock 43 110 Right Hand Twist Threaded With Threaded Protector Silver ATIBG43T" Check price and Read more Detail At OpticsPlanet, "Master Cutlery Knives Fixed Blade 42in Carbon Steel Blade Black Wood Handle SW351B Model: SW-351B. Get offers and news, Need Help?service@guns.comCall (866)582-4867, PO Box 1131 13800 Nicollet Blvd Burnsville, MN 55337 ©2019 A cheap beater rifle, but first time out, what I needed. I, for one, had an issue the very first time I attempted to load and fire my rifle. Im looking for a .270 bolt action rifle because i just started going deer hunting in south Texas and was looking at the remington 770 and the mossberg 100 ATR and to tell you the truth I really want the remington because of the history but cannot find any good reviews on the 770 and yes I only go ones a year and i put it away until the following year, but i want the best that I can afford and let me tell you the mossberg is far from perfect but its looking better than the remington, eventually i will get the $3,500 rifle but until then i have to settle for a $300 to $400 rifle. Does it kill every deer I squeeze one off at because it is just as accurate as my $ 5000.00 c Do Not Sell My Personal Information -. Remington 770 Video Review. The butt shows a low comb and cheek piece with a thick rubber recoil pad. Though still a cheap rifle I now feel Remington are aiming it more at serious shooters who want a good gun at a fair price. In your test you failed to say why the Remington 710 was replaced by the 770 the 710 had bad flaws - the magazine release button snapped off and the bolts was hard to close and open and some bolts have broke off, the bolt is very sloppy in the action and shave,s filings off when closed. I was very impressed with the finish and quality of the steel. Remington repaired my bolt for free and I've put around 40 rounds through it since without issues. Remington 770 certainly does the job and fires like it should. I'm glad you like them. Shot a deer with fusion ammo. If they do, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done, except call Remington and get a new stock in. I love the way the gun feels and the way it fires. i have a remington 770 in 30-06 caliber and it has the factory scope and is literally a tack driver.i shoot 135 grain berger hollow points and can get 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards no problem.i love this gun.hunting season i dropped 2 deer with 2 shots dead in their tracks.i had the remington model 710 in same caliber and did the same thing.i guess i got 2 great rifles from issues at all!!

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