sapphire french bulldogs

The dilution gene affects the coat and eye color and affects the “D-Locus”, turning a black-haired dog into a diluted version of black, which is gray. That means we only choose the best dogs to breed. Website by FVR Web design for Breeders, am/can ch. . #bulldogpuppies. CURLYS SAPPHIRE TREASURE FROM KRISS, HTML code for website with titles dogs - Example: It’s the greed and poor breeding behind this color that causes issues. The blue French Bulldog is not a weaker variation, it’s the bad breeding/inbreeding that causes poor health. Is the puppy skinny and does it look underweight or is it healthy and chunky? She is outdoors for the first time with her brother, Magnum. It is a thrill for us to see Noble compete in the show ring 16 Reasons To Never Adopt An English Bulldog - Dog Red Line. SHORE TRES BON CHIEN BETTY BOOP, BIS BISS Am/Can CH. -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7- -8- -9- -10- -11- -12- -13- -14- -15- -16- -17- -18- -19- -20- -21- -22- -23- -24- -25- -26- -27- -28- -29- -30- -31- -32- -33- -34- […], Can you guess how old I am? Follow @mycutestfrenchie for more Tag your friends ❤️ by @lea_und_wilson Tag #mycutestfrenchie in your…, Frenchies Of Instagram on Instagram: “Monday got me like…⠀ @bellathebullie_ . She didn't know what to think at first, but she soon was exploring her surroundings. Like puppies, bunnies, babies, and so on... A place for really cute pictures and videos!. Chocolate is also a dilution of the black coat, and lilac is a double dilution (dd,bb). Located in Nashville, TN. All French Bulldog colors are equally susceptible to issues that occur frequently within the breed. We are Stephen Miller and Robert Smith. There’s no mistaking a Bulldog for any other breed, and Bulldog lovers wouldn’t have it any other way. Puppy-proofing the house is also highly recommended as you don't want your pup getting ahold of any electrical cords or poisonous house plants. His engaging personality and non stop antics make him much loved by our family. Every reputable breeder will inform you that Blue French Bulldogs possess the sapphire blue eyes only as babies. Don’t trust any one-sided debate or you can fall into the hype for a budget French pup. Shore Lookin' Good Quality AKC Blue French Bulldog puppies. We are here for you and your new puppy ALWAYS! In the modern day the bad breeding seems to be less severe. When it comes to breeding blues, we are aware of the risks behind poor breeding. Whether the french bulldog puppies were bred by us or not, you can rest assured that your relationship will continue with the actual breeder. Don’t let the breeder play the angle of increasing the price due to the fact that the Frenchie Puppy has “Blue Eyes”. beautifully presented by Marcelo Chagas, Noble has garnered many Best of Breed wins and is a Group - Cystinuria: Clear When puppies, French Bulldogs are big time chewers so make sure you have plenty of toys and bones. She has a little bit of brindle but is mostly black. Dec 7, 2019 - Explore Sapphire Goldstraw-Leigh's board "French bulldog puppies" on Pinterest. I am a small in home Breeder of French Bulldogs. All of our french bulldogs are healthy, happy little dogs that live close to us and participate on our everyday life. Things that make you go AWW! Frenchies are bred to be companion dogs, and get along well with people and other pets (except cats in most situations, but that is dog nature). In 1911 the demand for blue French Bulldog puppies peaked and many irresponsible breeders started producing blue Frenchies for profit. Are the Frenchie pups ears clean/nails trimmed? She is likes to cuddle and eats up love. The blue Frenchie is no different from a lilac or chocolate colored French bulldog. boy. Always We guess the combination of responsible breeding plus affection is the perfect formula for creating a healthy and well temperament companion. Standard AKC approved colors are brindle, fawn, cream, pied with a standard color combo and white. The light ocean blue eyes are only occasionally present in the Extreme Pied (albino) French Bulldogs and the Merle French Bulldogs in which the merle gene creates a streak over the iris of the pup, making it lose pigment. That’s when the disqualifications were spread. | Kennel Names EN, HPJ, MKSZ HPJ, MKSZ, HFGY, MKSZ Kölyök BIS, 5x CAC, CACIB 3x R.CAC. - HUU: Clear But why not blue? -Noble won Best Of Breed and was awarded Group Placements all four days of the Vermont Cluster and FBDCA supported entry in July 2018 They give us comfort when we are sad, and they give us company when we are alone. winning, multiple Group placing Silver Grand Champion. There has been no proven fact that confirms that the dilution gene is in any way connected to the overall health of the dog. If we’re putting our brand on the line, its more important than ever for us to pick and choose the healthiest and best french bulldog puppies from the most responsible breeders, and match them with only the best families. QUALITY and then COLOR. Most people looking to turn a quick buck don’t take any responsibility when crossbreeding Frenchies with unhealthy dogs, their mind is set solely on profit. Research the breeder and make sure they have their heart in the right place. If she was completely black she would be disqualified from AKC registration, but since she has a little brindle, she is AKC certified. See more ideas about Bulldog puppies, French bulldog puppies, Puppies. Noble started his show career at seven months of age and was Winners Dog at his first show. - CURLYS SAPPHIRE TREASURE FROM KRISS She also likes to play and is pretty spunky! She has a little bit of brindle but is mostly black. Before you decide to bring a North West Mastiff into your family whether it be the frenchie or cane corso, please think very honestly about the amount of time, commitment and resources you have to dedicate to a new four legged FAMILY MEMBER for the next … As a result, our “blue lines” are healthy and not more prone to issues, skin problems and other complications. John A. Reeve-Newson. They are health tested and shown to their conformation championships as well. Other things you should pay attention to is the health and demeanor of the puppy, as well as it’s physical appearance. Here is The 100 Cutest Animals Of All Time for you to enjoy.

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